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1. To consider and report in respect of a report submitted by the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner;
In particular as to –
(a) whether a member’s conduct is in accordance with the Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct for MSPs, matters relating to members’ interests, and any other matters relating to the conduct of members in carrying out their Parliamentary duties; and
(b) the application of the Code of Conduct for MSPs.
2. Where the Committee considers it appropriate, to recommend by motion that a member’s rights and privileges are withdrawn to such extent and for such period as are specified in the motion.

Trish Godman (Lab) (9 June 2005-20 June 2005)

Deputy Convener:
Alasdair Morgan (SNP) (9 June 2005-20 June 2005)

Scott Barrie (Lab) (2 June 2005-20 June 2005)
Lord James Douglas-Hamilton (Con) (2 June 2005-20 June 2005)
Trish Godman (Lab) (2 June 2005-20 June 2005)
George Lyon (LD) (2 June 2005-20 June 2005)
Alasdair Morgan (SNP) (2 June 2005-20 June 2005)

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