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Meeting of the Parliament

Thursday 24 May 2007

Note: (DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 9.15 am.

1. Election of Members to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body: The following members were nominated as candidates for appointment to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body—

Alex Johnstone
Tom McCabe
Tricia Marwick
Mike Pringle

The Parliament voted to elect the four Members for appointment to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body.

2. Law Officers: The First Minister (Alex Salmond) moved S3M-67—That the Parliament notes that Elish Angiolini QC holds the office of the Lord Advocate on the recommendation of the Parliament agreed to on 5 October 2006 (S2M-4924) and agrees that it be recommended to Her Majesty that Frank Mulholland QC be appointed as Solicitor General for Scotland.

After debate, the motion was agreed to.

3. Ministerial Statement: The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment (Richard Lochhead) made a statement and answered questions on Ship-to-Ship Oil Transfer.

4. The Approach to Government: The Parliament debated the Approach to Government.

5. Motion without Notice: Bruce Crawford moved, without notice, a motion under Rule 11.2.4 of Standing Orders that Decision Time on Thursday 24 May 2007 be taken at 4.56 pm.

6. Decision Time: The Parliament took no decisions on any of the items above.

The meeting closed at 4.56 pm.

P E Grice
Clerk of the Parliament
24 May 2007