Vol. 3, No. 12 Session 1

Meeting of the Parliament

Wednesday 27 June 2001


Note: (DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm.

1. Time for Reflection: Sister Isabel Smyth, Secretary of the Scottish Inter Faith Council, led Time for Reflection.

2. Ministerial Statement: The Minister for Education, Europe and External Affairs made a statement on National Qualifications and the 2001 Exam Diet.

3. Serious Violent and Sexual Offenders: The Deputy First Minister and Minister for Justice moved S1M-2041—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the Executive’s White Paper on serious violent and sexual offenders, fulfilling the Programme for Government commitment to "review the law by 2001 in relation to sexual and violent offenders, including harassment and in particular stalking"; agrees that the public deserves to be protected from the highest risk offenders, and commends the Executive’s proposals for a new sentencing, management and treatment regime for this small group of offenders as an important step in building a Scotland where people are safer and feel safer.

Phil Gallie moved amendment S1M-2041.1 to motion S1M-2041—

Leave out from "fulfilling" to end and insert—

"but regrets the fact that the Labour Government in 1997 repealed a number of sections and did not bring into effect others in the Crime and Punishment (Scotland) Act 1997 which would have ensured honesty in sentencing and reassured the general public that serious sexual and violent offenders were dealt with justly.".

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 14, Against 90, Abstentions 1).

The motion was then agreed to (DT).

4. Designation of Lead Committee: Mr Tom McCabe, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, moved S1M-2047—That the Parliament agrees the following designation of Lead Committee—

the Justice 2 Committee to consider the draft International Criminal Court (Immunities and Privileges) Order 2001.

The motion was agreed to (DT).

5. Decision Time: The Parliament took decisions on items 3 and 4 as noted above.

6. Lung Disease in Scotland: The Parliament debated S1M-1740 in the name of Michael Matheson—That the Parliament notes the increased incidence of lung disease, in particular the rising number of women suffering from lung cancer; further notes the inconsistent way in which services are provided within the NHSiS for those who suffer from lung disease; recognises the need for greater research into lung disease in Scotland, much of which is presently funded by the British Lung Foundation; congratulates the British Lung Foundation on the work of its Breatheasy groups in providing support to those in local communities who suffer from lung disease, and acknowledges the need to give consideration to the formation of a national strategy to tackle lung disease in Scotland.

The meeting closed at 5.40 pm.

P E Grice

Clerk of the Parliament

27 June 2001



(Note: this Appendix does not form part of the Minutes)


Subordinate Legislation

Negative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the Parliament on 25 June 2001 and are subject to annulment—

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2001 (SSI 2001/244)—

The Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2001 (SSI 2001/245)—

laid under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997

The following instrument was laid before the Parliament on 27 June 2001 and is subject to annulment

The Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2001 (SSI 2001/248)

laid under the Control of Pollution Act 1974

Other Documents

The following document was laid before the Parliament on 25 June 2001 for approval by resolution

Special Grant Report No.4 and Guidance for Local Authorities: The Domestic Water and Sewerage Charges (Reduction) (Scotland) Regulations 2001 (SE/2001/132)

laid under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 as inserted by the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994

The following documents were laid before the Parliament on 27 June 2001 and are not subject to any Parliamentary procedure—

Crofters Commission Annual Report 2000-01 (SE/2001/115)

laid under the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993

Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman Annual Report 2000-01 (SE/2001/123)

laid under the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1990

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park: Consultation on draft Designation Order (SE/2001/135)

laid under the National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000

Governance and Financial Management at Moray College: Report by the Auditor General for Scotland (AGS/2001/4)

laid under the Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Act 2000

Committee Reports

The following Reports were published on 25 June 2001—

Finance Committee, 9th Report 2001: Report on Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Bill (SP Paper 363)

Finance Committee, 10th Report 2001: Report on Stage 1 of the 2002-03 Budget Process (SP Paper 364)

The following Report was published on 26 June 2001

Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee, 7th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 368)

The following Reports were published on 27 June 2001—

Equal Opportunities Committee, 1st Report 2001: Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies (SP Paper 356)

Subordinate Legislation Committee 29th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 371)