Vol. 3, No. 1 Session 1

Meeting of the Parliament

Wednesday 16 May 2001


Note: (DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm.

1. Time for Reflection: Sister Maire Gallagher, Convener of Action of Churches Together in Scotland, led Time for Reflection.

2. Architecture and the Built Environment: The Deputy Minister for Sport and Culture moved S1M-1929—That the Parliament acknowledges the social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits that good architecture and a well designed built environment can bring to Scotland and further acknowledges the benefits of a national policy on architecture.

After debate, the motion was agreed to (DT).

3. Suspension of Standing Orders: Mr Tom McCabe, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, moved S1M-1936—That the Parliament agrees that Rule 9.5.3B is suspended for the purpose of taking Stage 3 of the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Bill.

The motion was agreed to (DT).

4. Decision Time: The Parliament took decisions on items 2 and 3 as noted above.

5. Rural and Islands GPs: The Parliament debated S1M-1897 in the name of Tavish Scott—That the Parliament notes the particular pressures relating to the delivery of primary health care in rural, remote and island areas of Scotland; supports the work of the Remote and Rural Resource Centre based at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, encourages consideration of the particular challenges of recruitment and retention of GPs in areas such as Shetland given the high on-call commitment made by GPs in small rural practices, recognises the importance of equity in the remuneration of GPs and encourages the further development of proposals to assist in their recruitment and retention in rural, remote and island areas.

The meeting closed at 5.52 pm.

P E Grice
Clerk of the Parliament
16 May 2001



(Note: this Appendix does not form part of the Minutes)

Subordinate Legislation

Affirmative Instruments

The following instrument was laid in draft before the Parliament on 15 May 2001 for approval by resolution

The draft Graduate Endowment (Scotland) Regulations 2001

laid under the Education (Graduate Endowment and Student Support) (Scotland) Act 2001 and the Education (Scotland) Act 1980

Negative Instruments

The following instrument was laid before the Parliament on 14 May 2001 and is subject to annulment

The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Scotland) Amendment (No.5) Regulations 2001 (SSI 2001/178)

laid under the European Communities Act 1972

Other Documents

The following document was laid before the Parliament on 16 May 2001 and is not subject to any Parliamentary procedure

Scottish Law Commission Report on Diligence (SE/2001/107)

laid under the Law Commissions Act 1965

Committee Reports

The following Reports were published on 11 May 2001—

Justice 2 Committee, 5th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 328)

Subordinate Legislation Committee, 19th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 329)

The following Report was published on 14 May 2001

Local Government Committee, 7th Report 2001: Stage 1 Report on the Scottish Local Authorities (Tendering) Bill (SP Paper 324)

The following Report was published on 16 May 2001

Justice 2 Committee, 6th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 333)