Vol. 2, No. 28 Session 1

Meeting of the Parliament

Thursday 26 October 2000



Note: (DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm.

First Minister: The following members were nominated as candidates for appointment as First Ministeró

Dennis Canavan
Henry McLeish
David McLetchie
John Swinney

The result of the first round of voting wasó

Dennis Canavan 3
Henry McLeish 68
David McLetchie 19
John Swinney 33

Henry McLeish was duly selected as nominee for appointment as First Minister.

The meeting closed at 3.20 pm.


P E Grice
Clerk of the Parliament
26 October 2000



(Note: this Appendix does not form part of the Minutes)

Other Documents

The following document was laid before the Parliament on 26 October 2000 and is not subject to any Parliamentary procedure

The BSE Inquiry Report (SE/2000/201)