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No. 22 Wednesday 29 September 1999

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm .

1. Manufacturing and Industrial Strategy for Scotland: The Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning moved S1M-171—That the Parliament believes that a vibrant manufacturing sector will continue to play an important part in Scotland's knowledge driven economy.

Mr John Swinney moved amendment S1M-171.2 to motion S1M-171—

Insert at end—

“but notes that a properly informed manufacturing strategy requires a greater understanding of Scotland's relative economic performance in comparison with our competitors and notes that the Executive do not currently provide this information; calls upon the Scottish Executive to bring forward, in consultation with the Parliament, business/industrial organisations and economic analysts, a full and regular benchmarking exercise assessing the performance of the Scottish economy across the widest possible range of indicators in comparison with our main competitors and notes that in doing so, the Scottish Executive's manufacturing and industrial strategy will be open to more effective scrutiny.”

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 29, Against 76, Abstentions 1).

The motion was then agreed to (DT).

2. Decision Time: The Parliament took decisions on item 1 as noted above.

3. Football Clubs: The Parliament debated motion S1M-153 in the name of Donald Gorrie—That the Parliament notes the financial difficulties faced by some clubs in the Scottish Football Leagues and supports the clubs having a greater role in youth and community development.

The meeting closed at 5.37 pm.

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