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No. 3 Tuesday 18 May 1999

The meeting opened at 2.29 pm .

1. Law Officers: The First Minister moved S1M-3—That the Parliament agrees that it be recommended to Her Majesty that the Right Honourable the Lord Hardie QC be appointed as the Lord Advocate and that Colin Boyd QC be appointed as Solicitor General for Scotland .

After debate, the motion was agreed to.

2. Prayers: Alex Fergusson moved S1M-1—That the Parliament agrees in principle for prayers to be held on a non-denominational basis at the start of each Plenary session of the Parliament and remits to the Parliamentary Bureau to make arrangements therefor and to come forward to the Parliament with recommendations speedily.

After debate, the motion was agreed to (by division: For 69, Against 37, Abstentions 15).

The meeting closed at 3.36 pm.

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