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No. 50 Wednesday 9 February 2000

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm .

1. Time for Reflection: The Reverend Susan Brown, Minister of Dornoch Cathedral, led Time for Reflection.

2. Ministerial Statement: The Minister for Finance made a statement on public appointments.

3. The Knowledge Economy: The Deputy Minister for Lifelong Learning moved S1M-508—That the Parliament recognises that our future prosperity depends upon success in taking up the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge economy and that the building of a knowledge economy, which has as its hallmarks lifelong learning, knowledge, skills, innovation, enterprise and social justice for all, is essential to a modern and more prosperous Scotland.

Mr John Swinney moved amendment S1M-508.2 to motion S1M-508—

Insert at end—

“and calls upon the Scottish Executive to put in place a coherent strategy to ensure that areas of common interest between separate taskforces and Scottish Executive Departments are properly co-ordinated and focused, to introduce a framework to measure effectively the performance of the Scottish economy in adapting to the challenges of the Knowledge Economy and to ensure that the Knowledge Economy is not placed at any competitive disadvantage.”

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 46, Against 58, Abstentions 1).

David Mundell moved amendment S1M-508.1 to motion S1M-508—

Insert at end—

“and that this will only be achieved by the urgent establishment of a clear vision for the Scottish economy and a strategy to achieve it.”

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 43, Against 58, Abstentions 2).

The motion was then agreed to (DT).

4. Decision Time: The Parliament took decisions on item 3 as noted above.

5. Immigration and Asylum Act 1999: The Parliament debated S1M-304 in the name of Cathy Jamieson—That the Parliament is concerned that aspects of the Asylum and Immigration Act will effectively amend Scottish legislation pertaining to social work, the health service, mental health, children's rights and housing; considers that the Scottish Parliament should, therefore, be consulted on this matter; believes that the cash payments to asylum seekers should continue in Scotland, and believes that the Scottish Parliament should consider supplementing financial resources provided to local authorities by the Home Office in relation to the Act's provisions and that the timetable for the Act's implementation in Scotland should be extended to April 2001 to allow time to address the specific problems which the Act poses for Scotland.

The meeting closed at 5.42 pm.

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