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Tuesday 15 June 1999

Section E –  Written questions lodged on 14 June 1999


S1W-76 Mr Kenny MacAskill: To ask the Scottish Executive when it intends to announce the findings of the review of trunk road schemes initiated in June 1997 by the Minister then responsible for transport.


S1W-77 Donald Gorrie: To ask the Presiding Officer what account has been taken in decisions about the location of the Scottish Parliament building of the report from Halcrow Fox which stated that the Calton Hill site was better than the Holyrood site for urban setting, ease of access and public transport.


S1W-78 Donald Gorrie: To ask the Presiding Officer when it was first announced (a) that the cost of the proposed Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood would be 50 million plus VAT, fees etc. and (b) that the total financial provision for the Parliament building will be 90 million excluding landscaping.


S1W-79 Donald Gorrie: To ask the Presiding Officer for an explanation of why no Traffic Impact Assessment has been submitted in respect of the Holyrood Parliament building planning application.


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