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Thursday 2 September 1999

Section F - Motions and amendments


The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday

Items or names marked with an asterisk (*) are new. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as Members’ Business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)


*S1M-117 Michael Russell: Act of Settlement—That the Parliament believes that the discrimination contained in the Act of Settlement has no place in our modern society, expresses its wish that those discriminatory aspects of the Act be repealed, and affirms its view that Scottish society must not disbar participation in any aspect of our national life on the grounds of religion.

Supported by: Dennis Canavan*, Donald Gorrie*, Robin Harper*, Pauline McNeill*, Ben Wallace*


*S1M-116 Mr Nick Johnston: Unemployment in Clackmannanshire and West Fife—That the Parliament calls the Scottish Ministers’ attention to the problems of social and economic deprivation caused by escalating unemployment in Clackmannanshire and West Fife.


*S1M-114 Robin Harper: Genetically Modified Crops—That the Parliament recognises the widespread opposition to growing genetically modified crops and calls upon the Scottish Executive to introduce urgently a moratorium on the planting of genetically modified crops in Scotland.


*S1M-107.1 Mr Brian Monteith: National Cultural Strategy—As an amendment to motion (S1M-107) in the name of Mr Sam Galbraith, leave out all from "in all" to end and insert "is the product of our nation’s artistic, political and economic history and the spontaneous and independent contributions of individuals and organisations and that the role of the Scottish Executive should be to preserve and promote our historical record and artistic achievements and to foster an open society where new contributions can be made without requiring political endorsement."


*S1M-107.2 Michael Russell: National Cultural Strategy—As an amendment to motion (S1M-107) in the name of Mr Sam Galbraith, leave out all from "welcomes" to end and insert "expresses the commitment of the Parliament to foster and support excellence, diversity, inclusivity and creativity throughout Scotland and in all the peoples of Scotland, and commends to the Scottish Executive such an open approach."

Supported by: Mr Lloyd Quinan*

S1M-97 Cannabis and the Scottish Criminal Justice System (lodged on 26 August 1999) Dennis Canavan*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*

S1M-70 Upgrading of A77 (lodged on 23 June 1999) Mr Kenneth Macintosh*

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