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Today’s Business

Members should note that, subject to the Parliament’s approval of revised Business Motion S3M-7274 today, Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Criminal Procedure (Legal Assistance, Detention, and Appeals) (Scotland) Bill will take place today.

Please note that Decision Time is now scheduled to take place at 6.00 pm today.

Decisions may be taken outwith Decision Time and in such cases the division bell will sound.

Criminal Procedure (Legal Assistance, Detention and Appeals) (Scotland) Bill

Members should be aware of the arrangements for lodging amendments to the Criminal Procedure (Legal Assistance, Detention and Appeals) (Scotland) Bill that will apply if a motion to take the Bill as an Emergency Bill is agreed to this afternoon.

Under Rule 9.21.7, the Presiding Officer has determined that, if the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Bill at Stage 1, amendments at Stage 2 should be formally lodged by 3.45 pm today. Whilst amendments cannot be formally lodged until the completion of Stage 1, members are strongly encouraged to give advance notice of any proposed amendments as early as possible today. This should be done by sending them to the clerks in the Legislation Team in Room T2.60: David McGill (ext 86227; email and Frances Bell (ext 85235; email The clerks will advise on the wording, admissibility and formal lodging of amendments.

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