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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols:

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time;

  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published;

  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business;

  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support;

  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

A full list of current motions is available on the Scottish Parliament web site at

A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk, for which contact details are provided at the end of the Bulletin.

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-6744 Stuart McMillan: Paisley Pipe Band Championship 2010—That the Parliament welcomes the Paisley Pipe Band Championship 2010, which takes place on Saturday 24 July at the County Square, Paisley; notes that this is the first time that Paisley will host a pipe band championship and that two competitions will take place, the main competition and a street competition, which will be judged on the performance of bands as they walk down High Street and leave via Gilmour Street; believes that this is a fantastic showcase for the area, and wishes everyone involved every success.

*S3M-6743 Brian Adam: No to EU intervention in North Sea Oil and Gas Industry—That the Parliament regrets the comments from EU Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger, calling for a drilling moratorium across the EU, including the North Sea, and a European system of regulatory control following the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico; believes that the oil and gas industry in Scotland, in cooperation with the UK Government and trade unions, has developed strong health and safety regulations, which put it in a better position than counterparts from elsewhere in the world, and believes that an EU body to provide regulatory control would be an unnecessary expense that would offer little or no benefit to national government, oil companies or the taxpayer and that the European Commission should stop any idea of such a power grab immediately.

*S3M-6742 Stuart McMillan: Inverclyde School Wins UNICEF Award—That the Parliament congratulates Glenburn School in Inverclyde on becoming the first secondary school in Scotland to be given the Level 2 Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) by UNICEF; considers that the RRSA provides a coherent values framework that enhances school leadership and shapes the ethos of the school; notes that the award comes 10 months after the school became the first in Scotland to be recognised by the Rights Respecting Schools scheme, which aims to help pupils learn about respecting others’ rights both in school and in the wider community; acknowledges this tremendous achievement, and passes on best wishes to head teacher Eileen McGeer and all the pupils at Glenburn School.

*S3M-6741 John Scott: Supporting National Allotments Week—That the Parliament supports National Allotments Week, taking place between 9 and 15 August 2010, which has the aim of promoting the awareness and availability of allotments both locally and nationally and showing the strength of support and interest for the heritage of allotment culture; encourages as many gardeners as possible to support the initiative and to promote the social benefits of allotment gardening, which include benefits to health, education and community wellbeing, and congratulates the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society on its ongoing support of allotment holders and community gardens in Scotland.

*S3M-6740 Bob Doris: Committing to Subway Modernisation—That the Parliament believes that Glasgow’s subway system is a well-loved and key asset to both Glasgow and the wider west of Scotland region and that it provides a vital service that effectively transports locals, workers and tourists across large parts of the city and eases congestion on Glasgow’s roads; further believes that, over 30 years since the last modernisation programme for the subway was initiated, it is now time for a new modernisation programme that will significantly improve, among other things, ticketing, stations, track and rolling stock as well as the frequency and reliability of trains and enhance the commuter experience; considers that, without such investment, both the operating deficit and public subsidy will significantly increase and the reliability of the subway will suffer, and calls on Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) to provide the Scottish Government with a robust, detailed and affordable business plan for subway modernisation to allow it to scrutinise the plan in detail with a view to working with SPT to identify how subway modernisation can be supported, whether by guaranteeing, under strict conditions, future interest payments on loans taken by the subway operating body in order to enable the significant capital expenditure needed or by any other effective method.

*S3M-6739 Stuart McMillan: World Swamp Soccer Champions—That the Parliament congratulates the team, Buddy Mollox, and the team sponsor, AK Van Rentals in Paisley, on winning the 2010 FRijj Swamp Soccer World Championship, which took place at Strachur, Dunoon; considers that the event, in its fifth year, attracted talented teams from all over the world; further notes that the winning team was made up of players from Port Glasgow and Paisley; acknowledges the success of the winning team, and wishes it all the best for 2011 when it will defend its title at the championship that will be held in Edinburgh.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Aileen Campbell*, Mike Pringle*, Rob Gibson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*, Bob Doris*

*S3M-6738 Bill Wilson: United Kingdom A Key Player in £250 Billion Tax Losses in the Developing World—That the Parliament notes the comments by the Deputy General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union that the public services of developing countries are suffering because of an estimated £250 billion lost to what he described as corporate tax dodging; further notes that he claimed that the United Kingdom is a key player in this because many of the world’s tax havens are based in the British Isles and that the City of London supported what he described as an army of lawyers and accountants dedicated to helping people dodge tax; considers that the issue of aid is trivial in comparison; calls on the UK Government to take urgent measures to stop what is considered to be the effective plundering of the poorest countries to benefit some of the richest individuals on the planet, and is of the view that UK Government should be aware that ending tax evasion and avoidance would also benefit most citizens of the UK.

Supported by: Dave Thompson*, Bill Kidd*, Elaine Smith*

*S3M-6737 Jim Hume: An Uncertain Future for the Users of Leuchie House—That the Parliament is greatly saddened by news that the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society intends to withdraw support from the Leuchie House respite care home in North Berwick in November 2010 following a review of its respite services; considers that Leuchie House, which hosts people with MS from all over the United Kingdom, provides a unique service and a high quality of care; expresses concern for the welfare of users of the service and that of their families and carers who will be unable to access similar respite care anywhere in Scotland after November; believes that the MS Society has a duty of care to its service users and their families to prevent a break in the service provision, and calls on the MS Society to reconsider its decision.

*S3M-6736 Helen Eadie: Congratulations to North Queensferry Primary School—That the Parliament congratulates North Queensferry Primary School for its success in securing £18,885 from the Climate Change Fund for its Kitchen Garden Project; praises the initiative that allows the children of the school to learn about environmental issues, including self-sufficiency, sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and recycling through growing their own fruit and vegetables; hopes that other communities will be inspired by the project to start their own project to reduce carbon emissions, and wishes North Queensferry Primary School every success with it’s project.

*S3M-6735 Bill Wilson: HMRC Staff Needed to Recoup £95 Billion Lost to Tax Evasion and Avoidance—That the Parliament welcomes the report, Tax Justice and Jobs: The business case for investing in staff at HM Revenue & Customs, by Richard Murphy FCA; notes the detailed calculations that it contains suggesting that it is likely that £70 billion are lost annually to tax evasion in the United Kingdom, which adds to a previously calculated £25 billion lost to tax avoidance; further notes, at a time of high unemployment, the report’s suggested low average real cost to government of employing new HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) staff of £3,700 a year per head, which for 200,000 new employees would amount to vastly less than the interest paid on the tax debt that could be recovered by them even at current low rates, and calls on the UK Government to cancel the rise in VAT and the nuclear weapons programme, suspend its public services cuts agenda and implement the report’s recommendations, including reversing the last UK administration’s dismissal of HMRC staff.

Supported by: Christine Grahame*, Bill Kidd*, Elaine Smith*, Dave Thompson*

*S3M-6734 Jackson Carlaw: Councillor Pat McPhee, Provost of North Ayrshire Council—That the Parliament congratulates Councillor Pat McPhee on having been elected as the new Provost of North Ayrshire Council and wishes her every success in this new role.

Supported by: Shona Robison*, Derek Brownlee*, Jamie McGrigor*, David McLetchie*, Nanette Milne*, Elizabeth Smith*, Mary Scanlon*, Bill Aitken*, John Lamont*, Gavin Brown*

*S3M-6733 Alasdair Allan: 15th Hebridean Celtic Festival—That the Parliament welcomes the 15th Hebridean Celtic Festival, running from 14 to 17 July 2010 on the Isle of Lewis; recognises that the festival celebrates the Outer Hebrides’ thriving traditions of language, culture and music; notes that the festival was named event of the year at the 2010 Scots Trad Music Awards; believes that, with thousands of locals and tourists attending the Hebridean Celtic Festival, it is an event not to be missed; notes that it is estimated that the festival brings in over £1.5 million to the local economy annually and considers that it showcases the beauty of the Western Isles through an unforgettable experience; congratulates the organisers of the festival and all of the acts that have made it such a success over the last 15 years, and looks forward to a long and successful future for the festival.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Jamie McGrigor*, Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Bill Wilson*, Aileen Campbell*, Kenneth Gibson*, Willie Coffey*, Mary Scanlon*, Maureen Watt*, Sandra White*

*S3M-6732♦ Linda Fabiani: Richard Demarco, 80 Years Young—That the Parliament notes and celebrates the 80th birthday of Richard Demarco, one of Scotland’s leading figures in art promotion and an advocate for contemporary art for decades; further notes that he has promoted cross-cultural links, taking Scottish artists abroad and bringing other European artists here, making a particular contribution to the understanding of Eastern European art between 1968 and 1989 with his journeys behind the Iron Curtain, that he was a co-founder of the Traverse Theatre in 1963 before going on to found his own gallery and the Demarco European Art Foundation, that he has been involved with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in one way or another since its inception and that he has made a contribution to the academic understanding of Scottish and European culture through his lecture work, including his professorship at Kingston University in London; also notes that his drawings, paintings and prints are held in more than 1,200 collections and that his 80th birthday will be marked by a major exhibition in the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) from 28 November 2010 to 17 January 2011, highlighting Mr Demarco’s collaboration with other artists and featuring works from Magdalena Abakanowicz, Marina Abramovicz, David Mach, Alistair Maclennan, Gunther Uecker, Ainslie Yule, Joseph Beuys, Tadeusz Kantor, Mario Merz and Paul Neagu; further notes that this honour afforded by the RSA comes on top of other honours bestowed on Richard Demarco, including the Polish Gold Order of Merit, the Cavaliere della Republica d’Italia, the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres de France and a CBE; congratulates him on his achievements to date; looks forward to more to come, and wishes him many happy returns on his 80th birthday.

*S3M-6731 Kenneth Gibson: Scotland v Catalonia—That the Parliament congratulates the Spanish football team on what is considered its deserved World Cup victory in South Africa; applauds the five Catalonia team members who played a vital role in Spain’s first World Cup win; regrets the Scotland national football team’s apparent refusal to play the Catalonia national football team because of unsubstantiated fears of repercussions from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA); considers that the Catalonia national team has had a proud and successful history since its debut in 1904 and in recent years has enjoyed friendly matches with international teams such as Brazil and Argentina; considers that, due to the Scottish Football Association’s (SFA) apparent hesitancy, Scottish football and Scotland itself missed out on a huge opportunity, including television rights and ticket sales generated by such a game, which would have provided the SFA with a considerable financial boost considering the attention that players such as Carlos Puyol, Xavi Hernández and Cesc Fàbregas would attract; agrees that playing Catalonia would give Scotland an idea of what to expect in the European Championship qualifiers, and believes that the SFA should invite the Catalan national team to play in Scotland.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Rob Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*

*S3M-6730 Kenneth Gibson: Self-Determination for Catalonia—That the Parliament notes that more than one million people marched in Barcelona on Saturday 10 July 2010 todemand the right to self-determination for Catalonia after the Spanish constitutional courtrejected articles from the Catalan statute of autonomy, whichhad beenapproved by Catalan voters in a 2006 referendum; considers that this decision is a slap in the face to the right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter; is of the view that there is no reason why a people should not decide how they are governed, and looks forward to a time when both Catalonia and Scotland will, through independence, be permitted to engage fully in the community of nations as independent sovereign states.

Supported by: Brian Adam*, Christine Grahame*, Bill Wilson*, Bob Doris*, Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Rob Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Stewart Maxwell*

*S3M-6729 Hugh O’Donnell: Team Lanarkshire Success in International Children’s Games 2010—That the Parliament congratulates Team Lanarkshire on its recent success at the International Children’s Games 2010 in Bahrain; commends the 20 members, the support team and organisers for winning the team’s best-ever medal haul, with 9 team medals; recognises the fact that the team not only represented their local community, but attended as representatives of Scotland, and believes that their achievement bodes well for future success in the next International Children’s Games which will take place in Lanarkshire in 2011.

*S3M-6728 Helen Eadie: Care Commission—That the Parliament is concerned that, after almost six months of attempting to secure a response from the Care Commission, Helen Eadie MSP has not yet received a response and hopes that the Scottish Government will undertake appropriate investigations.

*S3M-6727 Mike Pringle: Tim Hawarden, Recipient of a 2010 NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Award—That the Parliament applauds the posthumous award to Tim Hawarden, now sadly deceased former constituent of Edinburgh South, by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of a 2010 NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal, this being NASA’s highest award; notes that Tim Hawarden’s wife, Frances, will accept the NASA medal on his behalf on Thursday 15 July at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, and notes the immense prestige that this award confers on both the late Tim Hawarden and his colleagues at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Jim Hume*, Kenneth Gibson*, Aileen Campbell*, Robert Brown*, Gil Paterson*, Ross Finnie*, Alison McInnes*, Jim Tolson*, Hugh O’Donnell*

*S3M-6726 Kenneth Gibson: Highland Games on Arran—That the Parliament welcomes the Brodick Highland Games, which is scheduled to take place on 7 August 2010 at Ormidale Park on the Isle of Arran; notes that a range of activities will be taking place including field events, solo piping and tug-of-war; recognises the hard work of all those involved in organising the games; encourages people to experience Scotland’s culture and heritage on the beautiful Isle of Arran, and wishes the Brodick Highland Games continued success in years to come.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor*, Ross Finnie*, Stuart McMillan*, Bob Doris*, Rob Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Stewart Maxwell*

*S3M-6725 Aileen Campbell: Callum and Gillian’s Great Big Walk—That the Parliament welcomes Callum and Gillian’s Great Big Walk, a fantastic event taking place throughout August with the aim of raising money and awareness for Capability Scotland; notes that musicians Callum Dewar and Gillian Maitland will walk from John o’ Groats to Gretna and give a series of concerts and master classes; further notes that the concerts will include world premieres of works by a number of renowned Scottish composers specially written for the event; recognises that the event was inspired by Gillian’s struggle with a hidden disability; congratulates Callum and Gillian on their initiative, and encourages people to get involved by sponsoring the walk or attending the concerts.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Rob Gibson*, Elaine Smith*, Alasdair Allan*, Bob Doris*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*

*S3M-6724 Kenneth Gibson: World Laser Championships in Largs—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Sailing Institute at Largs Sailing Club for playing host to the largest and what is considered the most significant sailing championships ever staged in Scotland, the Laser Radial World Championships, being held between 6 July and 25 July 2010; considers that this event, with 58 different countries competing, will raise Scotland’s global profile as a world-leading sailing and watersports destination; acknowledges the dedication of local organisers and more than 120 volunteers in ensuring that the event runs smoothly; considers Largs to be the perfect backdrop for competitive sailing, and invites everyone to discover what this picturesque seaside town has to offer.

Supported by: Angela Constance*, Ross Finnie*, Gil Paterson*, Rob Gibson*, John Scott*, Stuart McMillan*, Jim Tolson*, Willie Coffey*, Bill Kidd*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-6723 Gaelic Business of the Year (lodged on 9 July 2010) Gil Paterson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Aileen Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Jamie McGrigor*, Rob Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Angela Constance*, Willie Coffey*, Michael Matheson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6722 Congratulations to Cranhill Community Project (lodged on 9 July 2010) Jackie Baillie*, Bill Kidd*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Karen Whitefield*, Pauline McNeill*, Anne McLaughlin*, Des McNulty*

S3M-6721 Congratulations to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Supporter of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (lodged on 9 July 2010) Hugh O’Donnell*, Rob Gibson*, Gil Paterson*, Christine Grahame*, Brian Adam*, Angela Constance*, Linda Fabiani*, Michael Matheson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6720 Scotland’s Festival of History (lodged on 8 July 2010) Maureen Watt*, Angela Constance*, Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6719 British Veterans National Defence Medal (lodged on 8 July 2010) Stewart Maxwell*, Aileen Campbell*, Linda Fabiani*, Mike Pringle*, Dave Thompson*, Hugh O’Donnell*

S3M-6718 2010 Scottish School Magazine Awards (lodged on 8 July 2010) Nicol Stephen*, Des McNulty*

S3M-6717 Congratulations to SchoolBuild 2010 Participants (lodged on 8 July 2010) Mary Scanlon*, Angela Constance*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-6716 Best Ever Medal Haul for Team Lanarkshire (lodged on 7 July 2010) Linda Fabiani*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-6715 Musical Excellence in Dingwall (lodged on 7 July 2010) Jamie McGrigor*, Rhoda Grant*, Rob Gibson*, Gil Paterson*, Willie Coffey*, Karen Whitefield*, Stuart McMillan*, Aileen Campbell*, Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-6714 Scottish Veterans’ Residences, Centenary Year (lodged on 7 July 2010) Maureen Watt*, Mike Pringle*, Angela Constance*, Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*, Des McNulty*

S3M-6713 Congratulations to the Three Chimneys Restaurant, Colbost, Isle of Skye (lodged on 6 July 2010) John Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Bill Kidd*, Bill Aitken*, Aileen Campbell*, Jackson Carlaw*, Karen Whitefield*, Nanette Milne*, Maureen Watt*, Willie Coffey*, Gil Paterson*, Jamie McGrigor*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6712 Congratulations to Milton Youth FC (lodged on 5 July 2010) Maureen Watt*

S3M-6711 Congratulations to the Auchrannie House Hotel and Spa (lodged on 5 July 2010) David McLetchie*, Ross Finnie*

S3M-6710 Older Veterans (lodged on 2 July 2010) Hugh O’Donnell*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6707 Brucehill Nursery Wins Scottish Learning Award (lodged on 2 July 2010) Bill Butler*, Kenneth Gibson*, Trish Godman*

S3M-6706 Congratulations to Mrs Larking (lodged on 2 July 2010) Trish Godman*

S3M-6705 See Me Campaign (lodged on 2 July 2010) Marlyn Glen*, Pauline McNeill*, Elaine Smith*, Bill Butler*, Kenneth Gibson*, David Whitton*, Patricia Ferguson*, Elaine Murray*, Dr Richard Simpson*, George Foulkes*, Trish Godman*, Des McNulty*

S3M-6704 Drop-Off Rip-Off at Edinburgh Airport (lodged on 2 July 2010) Pauline McNeill*

S3M-6703 It’s Scotland’s Oil (lodged on 2 July 2010) Stewart Maxwell*, Linda Fabiani*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-6703.1 It’s Scotland’s Oil (lodged on 7 July 2010) Ms Wendy Alexander*, Helen Eadie*, Rhona Brankin*

S3M-6699# Retain Fort George (lodged on 1 July 2010) Dave Thompson*

S3M-6698 BT Rewards (lodged on 1 July 2010) Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6697# Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association (lodged on 1 July 2010) Michael Matheson*

S3M-6696 Make Poverty History, Keep the Promises Made in 2005 (lodged on 1 July 2010) Ross Finnie*, Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6695 Redburn School, Generation Green (lodged on 1 July 2010) Hugh O’Donnell*, Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6692 North Lanarkshire Schools’ Pipe Band is British Champion (lodged on 30 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6688 UK Immigration Control (lodged on 29 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6685 Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre Voted Voluntary Group/Organisation of the Year 2010 (lodged on 29 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6662 Ship-to-Ship Transfer (lodged on 25 June 2010) Elaine Smith*, Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6661 Congratulations to Caledonia Clubhouse, Falkirk (lodged on 25 June 2010) Angela Constance*, Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6660 Closure of Applications to the Independent Living Fund (lodged on 24 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6658 Running from Oppression into the Record Books (lodged on 24 June 2010) Angela Constance*

S3M-6657 Preventing Domestic Abuse in Scotland’s Muslim Communities (lodged on 24 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6656 Safety Concerns with the Nuclear Programme in Faslane (lodged on 24 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6655 1GOAL Campaign (lodged on 24 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6653 Congratulations to the Scottish Book Trust (lodged on 24 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6651 Live-N-Learn (lodged on 24 June 2010) Ross Finnie*

S3M-6643 Privatisation of Air Traffic Control (lodged on 23 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6641 Co-operatives Fortnight (lodged on 23 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6640 International Status for Scottish Human Rights Commission (lodged on 23 June 2010) Ross Finnie*, Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6627 Computer Games Tax Relief (lodged on 22 June 2010) Angela Constance*, Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6626 Taxation on Lifeline Air Routes (lodged on 22 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6621 Scottish Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (lodged on 21 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-6619 Learning for Life Values Poster Programme (lodged on 21 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6618 Inverclyde Academy Young Engineers Club (lodged on 18 June 2010) Ross Finnie*

S3M-6617 Keep the Moratorium on Whaling (lodged on 18 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6616 Retirement of Colin Cameron, Honorary Consul of Malawi in Scotland (lodged on 18 June 2010) Linda Fabiani*

S3M-6615 Keep Leuchie House (lodged on 17 June 2010) Mary Scanlon*

S3M-6596# Caring for Carers (lodged on 30 June 2010) David Whitton*

S3M-6596.1# Caring for Carers (lodged on 30 June 2010) Elaine Murray*, Trish Godman*

S3M-6554 Big Fit Walk (lodged on 11 June 2010) Gil Paterson*, Pauline McNeill*, Elaine Smith*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Des McNulty*

S3M-6550 Success for Marcus Crawford Guy and the Dance School of Scotland (lodged on 10 June 2010) Maureen Watt*

S3M-6542# 25th Anniversary of the Scottish Cot Death Trust (lodged on 10 June 2010) Angela Constance*

S3M-6444 RMT Industrial Dispute (lodged on 1 June 2010) Elaine Murray*

S3M-6300 Happy Birthday Drumchapel Community Credit Union (lodged on 13 May 2010) Dave Thompson*

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