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Section G – Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 5 February 2010

Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Section 2

Mary Mulligan

2 In section 2, page 3, line 19, leave out from <grant> to the end of line 20 and insert <, on an application under subsection (1B) above, continue the proceedings or make any other order that it thinks fit; but it may not grant the application unless it is satisfied that—

(a) the creditor has complied with subsection (1C) above; and

(b) it is reasonable in the circumstances of the case to do so.>

Section 3

Mary Mulligan

3 In section 3, page 4, line 40, leave out <all the circumstances> and insert <the circumstances of the case>

Section 10

David McLetchie

4 Leave out section 10

Members’ Bills Proposals

A Member who has lodged a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14.12 of the Standing Orders provided:

  • the proposal has attracted 18 supporters which include members of at least half of the political parties or groups represented on the Parliamentary Bureau; and
  • the Scottish Executive has not given an indication under Rule 9.14.13 that it or Her Majesty’s Government will initiate legislation to give effect to the proposal.

A proposal (whether draft or final) may be withdrawn at any time by the member who lodged it under Rule 9.14.16 of the Standing Orders.

The Bills page of the parliamentary website shows the current status in this regard.

Names marked with an (*) are new names of support.

Final Proposal for Members’ Bills

Bill Butler MSP: Proposed Damages (Scotland) Bill - Proposal for a Bill in relation to rights to damages in respect of personal injuries and death and for connected purposes (lodged 13 January 2010).

A summary of responses to consultation on the draft proposal, together with copies of each response, including the conclusions drawn from the responses, are available in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

Supported by: Duncan McNeil, Des McNulty, Patricia Ferguson, Cathie Craigie, Hugh Henry, Richard Baker, Cathy Jamieson, Paul Martin, David Stewart, Malcolm Chisholm; Jackie Baillie; James Kelly; Peter Peacock; Charlie Gordon; Andy Kerr; Marilyn Livingstone; Rt Hon Jack McConnell; Cathy Peattie; Jackie Baillie; Elaine Smith; Marlyn Glen; Patrick Harvie; Robin Harper

Patricia Ferguson: Proposed Property Factors (Scotland) Bill - Proposal for a Bill to create a system of registration for property factors, to provide for dispute resolution between homeowners and property factors and to make consequential amendments to the law on real burdens and the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 (lodged 21 January 2010).

A summary of responses to consultation on the draft proposal together with copies of each response are available in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

Supported by: Mary Mulligan, Cathy Jamieson, Pauline McNeill, Margaret Curran, Paul Martin, Michael McMahon, Richard Baker, David Stewart, James Kelly, Des McNulty, Duncan McNeil, Hugh Henry, Elaine Smith, Marlyn Glen, Rhoda Grant, Claire Baker, Patrick Harvie, Bill Butler, Helen Eadie, Malcolm Chisholm; John Park; Cathy Peattie; Ken Macintosh; Tom McCabe; Jackie Baillie

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