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Section C – Future Committee Meetings

This section includes the agendas of the forthcoming committee meetings and outlines proposed future business, which may be subject to change. Committees have the right to take items in private and this will be notified as far in advance as possible.

Many committees include details of their future business on their webpages, which can be accessed at:

Public Petitions Committee
9 February 2010
3rd Meeting, 2010

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 1

1. Consideration of current petitions: The Committee will consider the following current petitions—

PE504 Publication of criminal memoirs
PE812 Stirling before pylons
PE1087 Underground cabling for new electricity transmission lines
PE1050 Protection of common good sites
PE1095 Protection from windfarm developments
PE1073 Catholics in Scottish prisons
PE1106 Review of the Stewart Committee Report
PE1124 Ban on snares
PE1150 Community prisons
PE1159Healthcare for Gulf war veterans
PE1167 Befriending services
PE1169 Display of sexually graphic magazines and newspapers
PE1179 Acquired brain injury services
PE1185 Inclusion of sewers and drains in road bonds
PE1192 Promotion of independent vehicular ferries
PE1204 Support and promotion of bone marrow services
PE1219 Support for talented athletes
PE1247 Introduction of "McKenzie friend" in Scottish courts
PE1257 Solicitors acting as court reporters
PE1249 Party flats
PE1250 Playing fields
PE1293 Preserving playing fields
PE1256 Funding of primary school sport facilities
PE1252 Convicted police officers
PE1253 Pre-NHS negligence compensation
PE1254 Amendment of Section 51 of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005
PE1259Guidelines on Vitamin D supplements
PE1189 Standards of social housing
PE1261 Regulation of houses in multiple occupation
PE1281 Better regulation of houses in multiple occupation and the distribution of licences
PE1263 Human rights for dairy farmers
PE1276 Retirement of Justices of the Peace
PE1277 Geodiversity duty
PE1278 National youth volunteering policy
PE1279 Physical disability: an end to ignoring national reports
PE1280 Requirement for FAI
PE1282 Cessation of overseas aid and donations
PE1283 Misleading postal codes
PE1285 Free calls to NHS 24 for mobile phones
PE1286 Display of Tobacco Products
PE1287 Information within patient medical records
PE1289 Disclosure Scotland
PE1291 Why 17? Saving babies lives in scotland
PE1292 Fairtrade food in schools
PE1290 Save our sweets

Proposed future business

At its next meeting on 2 March, it is expected that the Committee will consider new petitions on support for amateur coaches and amendment of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. The Committee is also expected to further consider current petitions on the availability of cancer treatment drugs; national and regional transport strategies; A92 upgrade; improving NHS translation and interpretation services; NHS availability of low dose Naltrexone; class sizes and parental choice; safe guardian law; the planning system and the protection of national scenic areas; review of the Stewart Committee report; mandatory sentencing for knife crime; permitted development rights of port authorities; A90/A937; same sex marriage; asbestos management plan for schools; right to same sex marriaage and mixed civil partnership and fair access to the community for all.

For further details, contact the Clerk to the Committee, whose details are provided at the end of the Bulletin.

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