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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-5362 Iain Smith: Toward a Royal Bank of Sustainability—That the Parliament notes that, for more than a year, the British taxpayer via UK Financial Investments Limited (UKFI) has been the largest shareholder in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS); welcomes the Royal Bank of Sustainability report, published by Friends of the Earth Scotland, Platform, World Development Movement, People and Planet and BankTrack, as an important contribution to the debate on the future of RBS and other bailed-out banks; believes that HM Treasury could play a key role in guiding RBS and the other bailed-out banks away from investments considered environmentally damaging and socially destructive, such as tar-sands, and toward more ethical investments urgently needed by Scotland and the United Kingdom; considers the business case for reorienting RBS’s strategy to be strong and sound; believes that, by acting as responsible owners, HM Treasury and UKFI can begin turning the bank into a powerhouse for renewables and decarbonisation, which would be good for the economy as well as the climate; encourages the Chancellor of the Exchequer to require UKFI to incorporate the highest social and environmental standards into its investment mandate, ownership policies and practices, and calls on the UKFI to demand full disclosure by publicly supported banks on the impacts of their investments on communities, workers and the environment.

*S3M-5361 Claire Baker: 11 December 2009, Day of Action on Student Hardship—That the Parliament supports the National Union of Students in its efforts to highlight student hardship through a national day of action on the 11 December 2009; notes the events and action organised by student associations at universities and colleges across Scotland, including associations at Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Edinburgh, Inverness UHI College, James Watt College, Glasgow Metropolitan College, the Univeristy of Aberdeen and Aberdeen College, undertaking such activities as writing letters and petitions at the University of Stirling and a petition to Alex Salmond MSP from Banff and Buchan College; believes that this action signals that hardship remains a significant issue for students in Scotland; considers that the Scottish Government has broken its promise to dump the debt; believes that student hardship is a key factor in forcing students from lower-income backgrounds into commercial debt, to spend more than the guideline number of hours in part-time work recommended by the Cubie report or to drop out of their studies altogether; considers that opposition parties have been successful in directing the £30 million made available by the Scottish Government for student support toward putting more pounds in student pockets; remains concerned that, despite these efforts, poorer students still receive less financial support than those in the rest of the UK, and urges the Scottish Government to address this inequality.

*S3M-5360 Ian McKee: Berlusconi Ignores Political Reality in Belarus—That the Parliament expresses deep concern at the remarks of the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, during an official visit to Belarus on 30 November 2009 during which he stated that President Alyaksandr Lukashenka was loved by his own people, as outlined by his clear successive electoral victories; believes that such statements contradict reality in a country branded the last dictatorship in Europe; notes that the political situation in Belarus has been condemned by the European Union for its poor record on human rights and respect for minorities, lack of freedom of the press and for failing to organise transparent elections; further notes that Silvio Berlusconi is the first EU leader in over a decade to visit Belarus, and believes that the Italian leader has failed to promote EU values of democracy, liberty and freedom in a country suppressed by dictatorship.

Supported by: Bill Wilson*

*S3M-5359 Ian McKee: The Bike Station Makes Climate Change a Local Challenge—That the Parliament congratulates The Bike Station, Edinburgh’s bicycle recycling and cycling promotion charity, for its continued work in championing active travel; notes that the charity promotes cycling as a healthy and sustainable means of transport across Edinburgh and the Lothians and works to support people to start and keep cycling while assisting other organisations to promote cycling and bike maintenance skills; further notes that the charity has recently been awarded funding from the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund to take on the 80-40-20 challenge, aimed at encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home and use public transport or take up cycling; considers that the project will help reduce carbon gas emissions as well as improving the general health of people in the region; congratulates the charity’s manager, Mark Sydenham, for taking on the challenge, and wishes the project every success in getting the people of Edinburgh to take local and concrete action to fight climate change.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Robin Harper*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Rob Gibson*

*S3M-5358 Liam McArthur: Orcadian Beauty Therapist Shortlisted for Skills Development Award—That the Parliament notes that Amanda Mainland from Orkney has been shortlisted for a Skills Development Scotland Modern Apprentice of the Year award after studying for two years for her modern apprenticeship in beauty therapy at Thurso’s North Highland College; further notes that she now owns and runs the Solveig Health and Beauty salon in Kirkwall, where she encourages two of her own employees to follow her example and do a modern apprenticeship; congratulates Amanda and the other shortlisted finalists for their success, and wishes them all the best for the awards ceremony to be held on 9 December 2009 in Glasgow, at which the winner will be announced.

*S3M-5357 Nanette Milne: Young Carers—That the Parliament congratulates the Aberdeen Young Carers Project on its 10th anniversary; notes that the Chill Out Zone opened in 2002 provides clubs, such as a Homework Club, which enables young carers to be in an environment where they have space to do their homework away from their caring responsibilities; further notes that the Aberdeen Young Carers Project also enables young carers to realise that they are not alone in their caring role; congratulates Mary Drever, Aberdeen Young Carers Project Leader, for her unstinting efforts to support Aberdeen’s young carers, and commends the many young carers in Aberdeen and across Scotland for the selfless care and support that they give to their loved ones all year round.

S3M-5356 Bill Wilson: Kurdish Language Rights in Turkey—That the Parliament, noting the devastating effect of the loss of language and culture on the wellbeing of indigenous peoples the world over, urges the Turkish Government to commit to reforming the ideologies that impede progress toward the respect, protection and fulfilment of the full range of cultural and linguistic rights guaranteed to the Kurdish population in ways that are appropriate to the needs of that population, to honour the provisions of international and regional instruments that guarantee these rights to the Kurds, both as individuals and members of an ethnic and linguistic minority, to consider giving the Kurdish language de facto joint official status in the Kurdish provinces, not to criminalise the peaceful expression of Kurdish cultural and linguistic identity, to maximise the availability of education in Kurdish appropriate to the needs of the Kurdish population by allowing and assisting it to establish and operate Kurdish-medium schools and to implement all legal reforms made pursuant to the Copenhagen political criteria for accession to the European Union in the area of minority rights and also calls on EU institutions to grant accession to Turkey only following an accurate assessment of its fulfilment of these criteria.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Brian Adam*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-5355# Bill Kidd: The Best of the West—That the Parliament congratulates all those honoured in the Evening Times Community Champion Awards, which recognise individuals and teams that are committed to doing outstanding work improving the lives of those in their local communities; congratulates this year’s winners for Glasgow’s west end, including Jimmy Young, who received the Senior award for his service founding a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, the West End Diversionary Project, which won the Best Team award for its organisation of volunteer-run football and dancing lessons for youngsters, the Dumbarton Road Corridor Peer Education Programme, winner in the Youth Category for its work providing support to fellow students with addiction issues, Allan Hamilton, who won the Individual Public Service award for his work organising fundraising events, refereeing sports matches and acting as chef at Yoker Primary School barbecues, Donald Hewitson, who won an Individual award for his development of the We Step Together group, which supports adults with learning disabilities and the Drumchapel Citizens Advice Bureau, which won the Best Public Service Team award, and commends all those nominated for their commitment and dedication to making a meaningful investment in the communities of Glasgow.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Anne McLaughlin, Alasdair Allan, Kenneth Gibson, Rob Gibson, Gil Paterson, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-5354 Bill Butler: Congratulations to the West End’s Community Champions—That the Parliament congratulates all those from Glasgow’s west end who took part in this year’s Evening Times Community Champion Awards at Drumchapel Community Centre; commends the Drumchapel Citizens Advice Bureau, Allan Hamilton, the West End Diversionary Project, the Dumbarton Road Corridor Peer Education Programme, Donald Hewitson and Jimmy Young on their awards; recognises the outstanding achievements of all those who were nominated, and thanks The Evening Times and its partner organisations, Strathclyde Police, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and Glasgow City Council, for organising the awards to recognise the outstanding efforts of those who work throughout the year to make Glasgow such a fine city.

Supported by: Pauline McNeill, Patricia Ferguson, Bob Doris, Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, Mr Frank McAveety, Cathy Jamieson, Karen Whitefield, Cathy Peattie, Helen Eadie, Robert Brown, Gil Paterson, George Foulkes, Sandra White, Robin Harper*, Trish Godman*, David Whitton*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-5353 Robert Brown: Success of Scottish Scouting—That the Parliament congratulates the Scout movement on another successful year delivering an exciting and adventurous programme to young people in almost 600 local Scout groups across Scotland; commends the dedication and hard work of the volunteers who support the movement; is greatly encouraged by the increase in membership numbers for a third consecutive year, including a 12% rise in female youth members, and believes that, with almost 37,000 members across the country, Scottish Scouting makes a huge contribution not only to the young people involved but also to communities around Scotland as a whole.

Supported by: Aileen Campbell*, Des McNulty*, Bill Wilson*, John Wilson*, Sandra White*, Cathy Jamieson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Ken Macintosh*, Bill Kidd*, Ross Finnie*, Mike Pringle*, Elaine Smith*, Stuart McMillan*, Bill Butler*

S3M-5352♦ Joe FitzPatrick: The Need for Nuclear Power—That the Parliament welcomes the intervention in the Dundee-based The Courier by Bailie George Regan, Chair of Nuclear Free Local Authorities, to the debate on the future of Scotland’s energy needs; considers that his opinion reflects the will of the people and the Parliament that Scotland’s future energy needs lie in renewables rather than nuclear power, and believes that the massive government subsidies that are earmarked for new nuclear power stations in the UK would be of greater benefit to the research and development of renewable technologies.

S3M-5351♦ Linda Fabiani: South Lanarkshire College Unveils Aurora House, a First in Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the official opening by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth of Scotland’s first affordable, low-energy, low-carbon house at South Lanarkshire College in East Kilbride; notes that the Aurora house has an A-rated energy certificate, a heat recovery system, thermal energy pumps and the capacity to create more electricity than it uses; congratulates South Lanarkshire College, the Scottish construction company, Dawn Homes, and the other project partners for conceiving and building the Aurora; notes that the house will be used as a training facility for students and apprentices aiming to work in the construction industry, and believes that this flagship project gives Scotland the potential to become a world-leader in building a new generation of affordable low-carbon homes, helping to both combat climate change and address fuel poverty.

S3M-5350 Margaret Curran: Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Alliance—That the Parliament notes the formation of the Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Alliance; congratulates it on the launch of the document, Strengthening Fragile Communities: Community Based Housing Associations in Easterhouse; notes the success of the community-based housing movement in the Greater Easterhouse area in providing good-quality housing stock as well as assistance with broader community regeneration, and further notes the key elements of its success, including the promotion of safe, attractive and sustainable communities in which to live.

Supported by: Rhona Brankin, Mr Frank McAveety, Robert Brown, Robin Harper, Karen Whitefield, Claire Baker, David Stewart, Patricia Ferguson, Cathy Jamieson, Jackie Baillie, Pauline McNeill, Marilyn Livingstone, Paul Martin*, Trish Godman*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-5349 Margaret Curran: Barry Linning Recognised at Glasgow Community Champion Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Barry Linning for winning the Senior award for voluntary work in the community of Garrowhill at the Glasgow Community Champion Awards, held at the Bridge in Easterhouse; recognises that Mr Linning, aged 64, has dedicated the last 39 years of his life to the community of Garrowhill as a committed volunteer in roles such as president of Garrowhill Horticultural Association and roads convenor for Garrowhill Community Council; acknowledges that his most recent community project involved a team working together, gardening and landscaping five streets in Garrowhill as well as an area in Garrowhill Park, and notes that this responsibility was officially handed over to Mr Linning and his team by Glasgow City Council as formal acknowledgement of the commitment and dedication that Mr Linning has for the local community.

Supported by: Hugh Henry, Cathy Jamieson, Helen Eadie, Karen Gillon, Jackie Baillie, Claire Baker, Bill Kidd, Mr Frank McAveety, Bob Doris, Pauline McNeill, Marilyn Livingstone, Trish Godman*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-5348 Shirley-Anne Somerville: Congratulations to Forbes Nursery—That the Parliament congratulates Forbes Nursery on its recent award-winning success; notes that Sara Breignan won Nursery Nurse of the Year at the Nursery World Magazine Awards and Sonya Stewart was a finalist in the Food of the Year category; further notes that Forbes Nursery was a finalist for Green Nursery of the Year and Kirsty Simpson won Personality of the Year at the New Management Today Nursery Awards 2009; recognises that Forbes is a family-run nursery, now in its 14th year, based in Leith Links and Bruntsfield, and highlights that these awards are a tribute to the staff, children and parents of the nursery and their achievements of the last year, including raising £1,000 to be divided between Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children and a children’s home in Nepal.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Kenneth Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Aileen Campbell*

S3M-5347 Joe FitzPatrick: Student Funding—That the Parliament notes with caution the work of Universities UK and its report, Changing Landscapes: future scenarios for variable tuition fees, in particular its model that tuition fees in England should be increased further; notes that this has been met with concern by some student groups, and reiterates a commitment to free education in Scotland.

S3M-5346 Murdo Fraser: ProjectScotland Voscars 2009—That the Parliament congratulates all of the winners of the 2009 Voscars, ProjectScotland’s annual awards ceremony that showcases and celebrates young volunteers who have made a real contribution to their communities across Scotland; congratulates Ryan Glen on becoming ProjectScotland Volunteer of the Year, Kimby Tosh for her ProjectScotland Outstanding Achievement Award and Elizabeth Baillie, Jason Douglas, Zoe Jones, Jenna MacGregor, Laura Meikle, Euan Reid, Andy Sloss, James Wallace and Toni Walton on their respective awards and commendations, as well as Frank Miller on becoming ProjectScotland Mentor of the Year and Denise Millan for being a Commended Mentor; believes that it is important that our young people have the opportunity to volunteer and develop real skills through their experience as well as giving something back to the community; commends ProjectScotland on its work to connect young people with volunteer organisations, and praises the organisation for holding the Voscars awards to highlight the good work that young volunteers carry out in Scotland’s communities.

Supported by: Jack McConnell, Hugh Henry, Bill Butler, Nanette Milne, Jackie Baillie, Bill Aitken, Claire Baker, Patricia Ferguson, Elaine Smith, Alex Johnstone, Jackson Carlaw, Robin Harper, Mary Scanlon, Mr Frank McAveety, Ms Wendy Alexander, John Park, Gil Paterson, Marlyn Glen, Helen Eadie, Trish Godman*, Mary Mulligan*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Sarah Boyack*, Jamie McGrigor*, Ted Brocklebank*

S3M-5345 Cathy Peattie: Carers Rights Day—That the Parliament notes and welcomes Carers Rights Day, which falls on Friday 4 December, and acknowledges and values the substantial contribution made by over 600,000 unpaid carers and young carers across Scotland; welcomes the practical and emotional support provided by the Falkirk Carers Centre and the network of Princess Royal Trust for Carers Centres across Scotland that have worked with over 50,000 carers in 2008-09; notes that the Carers Centres are critical to the implementation of the Scottish Government’s carers strategy, but are facing significant funding challenges; is concerned that there is no commitment to additional resources to support the implementation of the new carers strategy; believes that the work being done to develop the new strategy should take forward the action highlighted in the Care 21 report relating to respite and short breaks, training for carers, access to information for carers and the specific needs of young carers, and believes that the strategy should lead to real action that benefits Scotland’s unpaid carers, ensuring clear accountability for service delivery and improvements that enable carers to continue caring with confidence and to have a quality life outside of that caring role.

Supported by: Jack McConnell, Elaine Murray, Charlie Gordon, Johann Lamont, Bill Butler, Jackie Baillie, Marlyn Glen, David Stewart, Patricia Ferguson, Pauline McNeill, Cathie Craigie, John Park, Mr Frank McAveety, Gil Paterson, Ms Wendy Alexander, Claire Baker, Robin Harper*, Trish Godman*, Mary Mulligan*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Liam McArthur*, Ken Macintosh*, Irene Oldfather*, Ross Finnie*

S3M-5344 John Farquhar Munro: Landowners Preventing Crofters’ Right to Buy—That the Parliament notes with concern increasing reports of landowners preventing crofters from buying their land by escalating the cost of the legal process through the Scottish Land Court and asks the Scottish Government to investigate this as a matter of urgency with a view to introducing measures to stop this practice by simplifying the right-to-buy process in the upcoming crofting legislation.

S3M-5343 John Farquhar Munro: Landowners Forcing Unreasonable Rent Demands on Tenant Farmers—That the Parliament is concerned that the high cost of the legal process that has to be followed to challenge large rent increases imposed by landowners and land agents is forcing agricultural tenants to accept intolerable rent increases that they can ill afford and calls on the Scottish Government to investigate changing the law to provide an affordable and practical system that allows rent disputes to be handled without excessive legal costs.

S3M-5342 John Farquhar Munro: Landowners Preventing Tenant Farmers’ Right to Buy:—That the Parliament notes with concern reports that landowners and land agents are using protracted and expensive legal devices to make it very difficult for agricultural tenants to exercise their right to buy their farms; believes that in doing so landowners and land agents are subverting the will of the Parliament as expressed in the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 2003, and calls on the Scottish Government to investigate the possibility of introducing measures to stop the use of protracted devices by landowners and land agents to hamper tenants’ right to buy their farms.

S3M-5341 Murdo Fraser: Protest at Celtic Park—That the Parliament is shocked and appalled by the actions of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in calling on Celtic supporters attending the match against Hapoel Tel Aviv at Celtic Park on 2 December 2009 to wave Palestinian flags; welcomes the comments of Celtic Football Club that the safety of supporters may be compromised and that "a crowded football match is not the place for a public demonstration"; condemns the STUC for attempting to politicise a sporting event in this way, which is likely to fuel division, sectarianism and, potentially, violence, and calls on the STUC to issue an apology to Celtic Football Club and Hapoel Tel Aviv for its disgraceful behaviour.

Supported by: Ted Brocklebank, David McLetchie, Jamie McGrigor, John Lamont, Mary Scanlon, Jackson Carlaw

S3M-5340 Robert Brown: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery—That the Parliament recognises the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery on 2 December 2009, which recalls the date of the adoption in 1949 by the United Nations General Assembly of the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others; notes with sadness that, on the 60th anniversary of the adoption, women and children are still being trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation across the world; welcomes the ratification by the United Kingdom of the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings but regrets that there is still only limited involvement of key voluntary sector agencies in identification and support of such women; further notes the potential conflict between the UK Border Agency asylum processes and the 45-day reflection period, and urges the Scottish Government to work with all relevant agencies to identify, support and safeguard those who are trafficked into Scotland for commercial sexual exploitation, particularly given the potential increase in demand for prostitution that could occur in the lead-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Linda Fabiani, Jim Hume, Mr Frank McAveety, Bill Butler, Mike Pringle, Jackie Baillie, Ms Wendy Alexander, Patrick Harvie, Gil Paterson, Marlyn Glen, Hugh O’Donnell, Robin Harper*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Liam McArthur*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Elaine Smith*, Ross Finnie*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-5339 Jim Mather: The Draft Census (Scotland) Order 2010—That the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee recommends that the draft Census (Scotland) Order 2010 be approved.

Supported by: John Swinney

S3M-5338 Shona Robison: The Draft Pharmacy Order 2010—That the Health and Sport Committee recommends that the draft Pharmacy Order 2010 be approved.

Supported by: Nicola Sturgeon

S3M-5337 Tricia Marwick: East Fife Mail and Glenrothes Gazette Shoebox Appeal—That the Parliament congratulates both the East Fife Mail and Glenrothes Gazette on their Shoebox Appeal; notes that, between them, the two newspapers have received more than 1,500 shoeboxes filled with treats for soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan, and praises the people of Glenrothes and Levenmouth for their generosity in supporting such an initiative.

Supported by: Claire Baker, Rob Gibson, Brian Adam, Stewart Maxwell, Elizabeth Smith, Nanette Milne, Aileen Campbell, Christina McKelvie, Kenneth Gibson, Gil Paterson, Alasdair Allan, John Park, Ted Brocklebank, Bill Kidd, Mary Mulligan, Jamie Hepburn, Sandra White

S3M-5336# Des McNulty: St Margaret of Scotland Hospice—That the Parliament notes with deep concern the decision of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to remove the funding for 30 continuing care beds from the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice in Clydebank by 2013, which will impact adversely on the service model provided by the hospice’s dedicated staff as well as on the hospice’s finances; notes that this decision came immediately after an inspection by the Care Commission that rated provision at the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice as being excellent on every indicator, and believes that the approach adopted by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in its dealings with the hospice is unacceptable.

Supported by: Jack McConnell, Gil Paterson

S3M-5333 Des McNulty: Congratulations to Neil Kinnock—That the Parliament welcomes the decision of Glasgow Caledonian University to award an honorary degree to Neil Kinnock, former European Commissioner and leader of the Labour Party, in recognition of Mr Kinnock’s outstanding contribution as a politician, statesman and champion of increased educational opportunities for those previously denied them. R

Supported by: Jack McConnell

S3M-5332♦ Johann Lamont: Big Lottery Fund, Tackling Need in Scotland—That the Parliament notes the announcement by the Big Lottery Fund that it will spend £400 million in Scotland in the next five years; welcomes the fact that the Big Lottery Fund will now have £50 million more to commit to projects next year than expected; recognises that this increased resource, directed to tackle need and disadvantage in the Glasgow Pollok constituency, across Glasgow and throughout Scotland, represents a great opportunity to challenge inequality, and would welcome a clear link between spending decisions on this lottery windfall and the commitment given by Scottish Ministers in Scottish Policy Directions for 2009-2015 to the Big Lottery Fund "to address the priorities of tackling disadvantage, the advancement of well-being and addressing inequalities".

Supported by: Mr Frank McAveety, David Whitton, Helen Eadie, Hugh Henry, Rhoda Grant, Jackie Baillie, Claire Baker, Pauline McNeill, Trish Godman*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-5331♦ Sarah Boyack: National Eligibility Criteria for Adult Social Care—That the Parliament notes with concern the contents of the draft guidelines, National Eligibility for Adult Social Care and Waiting Times for Personal and Nursing Care, which it considers will have an adverse impact on preventative services for disabled adults; notes the problems that have been experienced by disabled adults in accessing support services in Edinburgh; is concerned that the guidelines are based on the current working practices of many local authorities across Scotland, which were themselves based on the UK Government’s Fair Access to Care Services; notes that Fair Access to Care Services was originally devised to decide the eligibility for support of older people with progressive age-related incapacity and loss of independence and not for disabled adults for whom it considers access to care is about the right to independence, and believes that the needs of adults requiring social care would be better served if there was guidance on free personal and nursing care and new guidance dealing with the community care services provided under different legislation.

Supported by: Hugh Henry, Rhona Brankin, Trish Godman, Cathy Jamieson, Ken Macintosh, Marlyn Glen, Elaine Smith, Jackie Baillie, John Park

S3M-5330 Bill Wilson: Mohammad Othman and Israel’s Use of Administrative Detention as a Substitute for Prosecution—That the Parliament, further to motion S3M-05062, notes reports that Israel not only continues to hold Mohammad Othman in administrative detention but has also threatened and pressured him into confessions and that no external evidence was brought to the military court that renewed his detention; understands that international human rights organisations and the United Nations have repeatedly condemned Israel’s recourse to military justice systems that do not meet international standards of due process, and condemns Israel for this and other breaches of human rights, believing that such actions do nothing to make the people of Israel safer in the long term but rather serve to perpetuate that country’s troubles.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Gil Paterson, Malcolm Chisholm, Jackie Baillie, Elaine Smith, Jim Hume, Dave Thompson, Sandra White*

S3M-5329 Elaine Smith: Working towards a Shared Future—That the Parliament notes the publication of the report, "Sectarianism" and the Workplace, by the STUC, which found evidence that sectarianism persists in the Scottish workplace; believes that the report highlights the enduring prevalence of sectarian attitudes in Scotland; acknowledges the importance of challenging attitudes early on by engaging with young people to ensure that they enter the workplace with a better understanding of the issue of sectarianism in Scotland; welcomes projects such as the Community Youth Rugby Initiative in the Coatbridge area, supported by Sense Over Sectarianism, which seeks to challenge sectarianism through rugby by engaging children from seven local secondary schools in composite school teams; notes that the initiative also includes a structured programme that seeks to impact on religious intolerance and racism and recognise and respect diversity within the community; further notes that the initiative currently has 300 participants, with numbers expected to double within a year; commends work by the summer holiday project for primary seven pupils from Coatbridge and Airdrie delivered by Albion Rovers Football Club, Strathclyde Police, beCogent and Sense Over Sectarianism that sought to challenge attitudes among primary school-age children; recognises the potential impact that projects targeted at primary and secondary pupils could have in shaping societal attitudes in the future, thus eroding the persistence of sectarianism in the workplace in the long term; realises that Scotland still faces a number of complex challenges in highlighting sectarianism in communities and workplaces, and considers that these challenges are best met via a vigorous, zero-tolerance approach from the Scottish Government and other relevant stakeholders.

Supported by: Rhona Brankin, Karen Whitefield, Hugh Henry, Patricia Ferguson, Jamie Hepburn, Jack McConnell, Gil Paterson, John Park, Marilyn Livingstone, Liam McArthur*

S3M-5328# Claire Baker: 40 Years of the Open University—That the Parliament congratulates the Open University on its 40th year; recognises the key role that Harold Wilson and Jennie Lee played in developing the Open University; supports the positive work that the university does in Scotland as an accessible and innovative way for people to fulfil their ambitions for lifelong learning and social mobility, providing learning opportunities to the widest possible range of people and contributing to Scotland’s economic development; notes that it is now the United Kingdom’s largest university, teaching almost 200,000 students a year and, since opening in 1969, it has helped over two million people realise their potential; notes the central role that part-time higher education, such as that delivered by the Open University, has to play in supporting upskilling and reskilling in Scotland’s workforce, and considers that appropriately resourced part-time flexible learning has the potential to make an even more significant contribution to supporting Scotland’s skills agenda and to promoting educational opportunity and social justice. 

Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Richard Baker, Rhona Brankin, Marlyn Glen, Patrick Harvie, Elizabeth Smith, Mr Frank McAveety, Bill Butler, David Whitton, Ms Wendy Alexander, Kenneth Gibson, Cathie Craigie, Patricia Ferguson, Karen Whitefield, Hugh Henry, Jamie Hepburn, Liam McArthur, Elaine Smith, Robin Harper, Jack McConnell, Pauline McNeill, Mary Mulligan, John Park, Jim Tolson, Murdo Fraser, Marilyn Livingstone, Sarah Boyack, Gil Paterson, Des McNulty, Trish Godman, Helen Eadie, Jim Hume

S3M-5327 John Park: Shipweld 2009—That the Parliament congratulates the Rosyth-based Babcock apprentices, Ryan Rice and Liam McBride, on winning the 2009 Shipweld best yard competition held at Barrow on 12 November 2009; notes that the competition featured yards from across the United Kingdom, including Portsmouth, the Clyde and Barrow; further notes that entrants faced a series of craft challenges designed to test key welding requirements for the manufacture of surface and subsurface vessels; recognises the skills and techniques demonstrated by all the apprentice welders in the competition; welcomes the Shipweld competition’s contribution to promoting skills development and safe working practices, and looks forward to further success for Scottish apprentices in future competitions.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Sarah Boyack, Elizabeth Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Mary Mulligan*, David Stewart*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, George Foulkes*, Bill Wilson*, Cathy Jamieson*, Des McNulty*, Aileen Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, James Kelly*, David Whitton*

S3M-5320 Michael Matheson: Falkirk Council Cuts Arts Again—That the Parliament regrets the decision by the Labour/Tory-led administration of Falkirk Council to scrap the Big in Falkirk festival; believes that this decision is short-sighted; acknowledges the work of the people of Falkirk in making Big in Falkirk Scotland’s national street festival over the last 10 years, and also considers that this decision, together with the closure of the Park Gallery, does not help Falkirk’s reputation as a friend of the arts.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Bob Doris, Aileen Campbell, Christina McKelvie, Jamie Hepburn, John Wilson, Bill Kidd, Gil Paterson, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Christine Grahame

S3M-5319 Cathy Jamieson: Bill Shankly, Glenbuck’s Most Famous Son—That the Parliament wishes to pay tribute to the late Bill Shankly on the 50th anniversary of his appointment as manager of Liverpool FC, where he took the team from the old second division to win three league championships, two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup; notes that he began his career with the famous Glenbuck Cherrypickers, whose record in producing 50 professional footballers from a mining village with a population of only 1,000 people is unequalled in world football, and commends Bill Shankly’s assertion that "The socialism I believe in is everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. It’s the way I see football, the way I see life."

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jack McConnell

S3M-5318 Rob Gibson: Forres Pies are World’s Best—That the Parliament congratulates Murdoch Brothers Butchers on its success in the 2010 World Scotch Pie Championships; commends the Forres-based butcher shop in beating out 85 other entrants to earn the title of World Scotch Pie Champions while also taking home the bronze medal for its pork pie and gold medal for its steak pie, and recognises the continued excellence of Murdoch Brothers, a family company dating back three generations, and the world-class quality of its 40-year-old original family recipe, still in use today.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Stewart Maxwell, Jamie McGrigor, Patrick Harvie, Brian Adam, Alex Johnstone, Jamie Stone, Bob Doris, Jamie Hepburn, Maureen Watt, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Mary Scanlon, Gil Paterson

S3M-5317 Alasdair Allan: Western Isles Winners from Scottish Traditional Music Awards—That the Parliament congratulates all those who won prizes and who were nominated for prizes in the 2009 Scottish Traditional Music Awards on Saturday 28 November 2009; notes in particular the success of those winners with Western Isles connections, including The Hebridean Celtic Festival, which won the title of Event of the Year, Christine Primrose, originally from Carloway, Lewis, who was voted Gaelic Singer of the Year, Bodega, whose lead singer, Norrie MacIver, is also from Carloway, Lewis, who won Scottish Folk Band of the Year, legendary, and now reformed, Gaelic folk group Na h-Oganaich, who have been inducted into the Hands up for Trad Hall of Fame, and lastly South Uist performer Rona Lightfoot, who was also inducted into the Hall of Fame, and recognises the breadth of talent that currently exists in Scottish traditional music.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Christina McKelvie, Jamie McGrigor, Kenneth Gibson, Rob Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Bill Kidd, Jackie Baillie, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson, Sandra White

S3M-5316 Alasdair Allan: Carloway School, Yellow Pages Recycling Champions for Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates Carloway Primary School from the Isle of Lewis on being named Yellow Pages Recycling Champions for Scotland 2009 after coming first in the small schools category; recognises that the school’s 26 pupils recycled 566 old Yellow Pages directories between them when the new ones were delivered last year; also notes that Shelibost Primary School from the Isle of Harris was runner-up in the small schools category after recycling 17 old Yellow Pages directories per pupil, and welcomes the recognition that was given to the recycling efforts and achievements of all of the schools that took part in this huge environmental competition and challenge.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, Christina McKelvie, Bob Doris, Rob Gibson, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Mary Scanlon, Jackie Baillie, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson

S3M-5315 Gil Paterson: Trading away Human Rights—That the Parliament is concerned that any free trade agreement entered into by the European Union and Colombia would be a step in the wrong direction for those who have suffered or are suffering human rights abuses in Colombia; calls on the European Union to follow the lead of the United States of America by refusing a free trade agreement with Colombia until the human rights record is up to an acceptable standard, and further calls on the European Union to put pressure on Colombia to clean up its act on human rights and refuse any agreement that is not endorsed by Colombian civil society.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Patrick Harvie, Jamie Hepburn, Aileen Campbell, Bill Wilson, Bill Kidd, Sandra White, Des McNulty

S3M-5314 Dave Thompson: Portree High Wins BT Scotland Debate—That the Parliament congratulates Portree High School on its victory in the finals of the 2009 BT Scotland National Gaelic Schools Debate competition held in the Scottish Parliament on 25 November 2009; notes that Portree, represented by Anna MacMullan and Eilidh Robertson, prevailed over Bishopbriggs Academy in a competition that featured impressive efforts and talent by all of the competitors, and, finally, commends all participants in the final and preceding heats for their excellent knowledge of the subject and effective delivery of their case in each debate.

The Member has provided the following translation:

Àrdsgoil Port Rìgh a’ Buannachd Deasbad BT Alba

Gu bheil a’ phàrlamaid a cuir meal an naidheachd dhan Àrdsgoil Port Righ air a’ bhuaidh aca anns a’ chuairt mu dheireadh dhen fairpais deasbad BT Alba 2009 a bha air chumail anns Phàrlamaid na h-Alba air 25mh an t-Samhain 2009; a’ dèan nòta gun do rinn Port Rìgh, a bha air riochachadh leis Anna Nic am Muileann agus Eilidh NicDhonnchaidh, a’ bhuaidh air Acadamaidh Drochaid an Easbaig ann am farpais a bha a’ comharradh oidhirpean drùiteach agus comasach bhon co-fharpaiseachan air fad, agus mu dheireach a’ moladh gach com-pàirtiche anns a’ chuairt mu dheireach agus na cuairtean ron sin airson an sar-eòlas aca air gach cuspair agus airson labhairt comasach dhen cùis aca anns gach deasbad.

Supported by: Gil Paterson, Jamie McGrigor, Alasdair Allan, Rob Gibson, Mary Scanlon, Bill Kidd, Ken Macintosh, Aileen Campbell, Jamie Hepburn

S3M-5312 John Park: Relay for Life in Fife 2009—That the Parliament notes once again the fantastic success of Cancer Research UK in its 24-hour Relay for Life in Dalgety Bay in July 2009; welcomes the third annual fundraising event and congratulates all who took part and helped raise a final amount of over £67,000; further congratulates the efforts of committee members, team captains and all who supported the event from businesses and the local community; is delighted that organisers were able to visit the Parliament to celebrate their achievement, and looks forward to future Relay for Life events to support the progress being made in cancer treatment, diagnosis and prevention across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jack McConnell, Elaine Smith, Bill Kidd, Aileen Campbell, John Lamont, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Christina McKelvie, Paul Martin, Mary Mulligan, Malcolm Chisholm, Gil Paterson, Jamie McGrigor, Hugh Henry, Cathy Jamieson, Jim Tolson, Jackie Baillie, Johann Lamont, Helen Eadie, Bill Butler, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Frank McAveety, Claire Baker, Trish Godman*

S3M-5311 Stuart McMillan: Energy Suppliers Accused of Breaking Rules Designed to Protect Customers—That the Parliament notes with concern recent media reports that suggest that five energy suppliers have been accused of breaking rules that are designed to protect the poorest customers; notes that the National Housing Federation claims that Scottish Power, British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy, npower and E.ON breached new licence conditions, which set a cap on how much more pre-paying customers can be charged than those paying by direct debit; believes that this will affect some of the poorest people in society and hit them hardest in their pockets, and therefore urges Ofgem to investigate this as a matter of urgency and rectify this situation as soon as possible.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Bill Kidd, Bill Wilson, Aileen Campbell, Brian Adam, Jamie Hepburn, Anne McLaughlin, Bob Doris, Gil Paterson, Robin Harper*

S3M-5310 Karen Whitefield: Scotland Old and New at Alexander Peden Primary and Nursery—That the Parliament congratulates Alexander Peden Primary and Nursery in Harthill, North Lanarkshire, on its recent sell-out performance, Scotland Old and New; notes that the show, performed on 26 November 2009, covered a wide spectrum of traditional and modern Scottish music and culture, from Donald, Where’s Your Trousers? and Loch Lomond to songs from KT Tunstall and Paolo Nutini, along with an outstanding highland dancing performance from the teaching staff, The Heilan Lassies; further notes that the performance attracted over 500 parents, friends and relatives; welcomes the involvement of the whole school in the performance, from nursery children to P7; commends the hard work and enthusiasm of all staff and pupils involved in making the show a success, and wishes Alexander Peden Primary and Nursery every success in its future performances.

Supported by: Des McNulty, Cathy Jamieson, Elaine Smith, Claire Baker, James Kelly, Jackie Baillie, Trish Godman, Gil Paterson, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-5309 Hugh Henry: Usdaw Freedom from Fear Campaign—That the Parliament is shocked and horrified that there has been a 78% increase in violence and abuse against Scottish shopworkers over the last three years, according to Retailers Against Crime; believes that further measures need to be taken to deter violence against shopworkers and other workers delivering a service to the public; welcomes the Freedom from Fear campaign organised by the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw), which seeks to make shops and shopping areas safer for staff and customers; recognises that the sale of age-restricted products, especially alcohol, is a frequent flashpoint for verbal abuse, threats and violence against shopworkers; further recognises the difficulties that shopworkers have policing age-restricted sales and how that can leave them vulnerable, isolated and under threat of prosecution when mistakes are made; calls on the Scottish Government to run high-profile campaigns that support the Think 25 policy and highlight to youngsters that it is an offence to attempt to buy alcohol under age, and further calls on the Scottish Government to work with retailers, police and local authorities on strategies to prevent under-age sales and not simply to rely on sting operations, which seek to prosecute shopworkers.

Supported by: Dr Richard Simpson, Jackie Baillie, Elaine Smith, Mr Frank McAveety, Patrick Harvie, Karen Gillon, Pauline McNeill, Ms Wendy Alexander, Elaine Murray, Cathy Peattie, Paul Martin, Johann Lamont, Mary Mulligan, Karen Whitefield, Cathy Jamieson, Des McNulty, James Kelly, John Park, Bill Butler, Patricia Ferguson, George Foulkes, John Wilson, John Scott, Rhona Brankin, Aileen Campbell, Jamie Hepburn, Bill Wilson, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-5308 Robert Brown: 10th Anniversary of the Scottish Youth Parliament—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Youth Parliament on its 10th anniversary, which will be marked at a reception in the Parliament to be hosted by the Presiding Officer on the evening of Wednesday 2 December 2009; recognises all the work that the Scottish Youth Parliament has undertaken over the past 10 years and continues to undertake in raising the voice of young people in Scotland on issues that are important to them and their communities; welcomes the Scottish Youth Parliament’s vision of a stronger, more inclusive Scotland that empowers young people by truly involving them in the decision-making process; commends the Scottish Parliament and successive Scottish administrations since 1999 for the continuing level of support given to the Scottish Youth Parliament and all of its elected members past and present; hopes that this support will be maintained in the future, and is confident that the Scottish Youth Parliament will continue to grow in strength and success as a powerful enabler of young people in the years to come.

Supported by: Margaret Mitchell, Robin Harper, Dr Richard Simpson, Tavish Scott, Elizabeth Smith, Joe FitzPatrick, Patrick Harvie, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Des McNulty, Stuart McMillan, Jim Hume, Ross Finnie, Marlyn Glen, Andrew Welsh, Bill Kidd, Jackie Baillie, Karen Whitefield, Patricia Ferguson, Maureen Watt, Cathy Jamieson, Bill Butler, Hugh Henry, Jamie Hepburn, Elaine Smith, Jack McConnell, Gil Paterson, Claire Baker, Mary Scanlon, Linda Fabiani, John Park*, Liam McArthur*, Nicol Stephen*

S3M-5306 Johann Lamont: Support the Cross Out Child Poverty in Scotland Campaign—That the Parliament welcomes the Cross Out Child Poverty in Scotland campaign organised by Glasgow the Caring City; notes the campaign event at Cathcart Conversations on 29 November 2009, which secured support across parties, across faiths and from across Glasgow’s communities; welcomes the Cathcart Statement on Child Poverty, which reads "We, the undersigned believe that Scotland’s children deserve better. We believe that no society can be truly at ease with itself while significant numbers of children live in poverty. We believe that the elimination of child poverty must be a priority for us all - for politicians, community leaders and every member of society. We believe that poverty should be defined more widely than lack of money, that it encompasses a lack of education, of health, of welfare, of self-esteem and of love. We believe that poverty corrodes children’s health, their happiness, their safety and their aspirations. We recognise that children whose lives are blighted by poverty are at higher risk of educational failure. We recognise that a life lived in poverty can lead to a life of drug abuse and exploitation. We believe that only through the elimination of child poverty can we expect the children of Scotland to live their lives to the full, and to be able to enjoy the opportunities that the rest of society take for granted. We, the undersigned, believe the time for change is here."; supports the aim of the campaign, to end child poverty; believes that this campaign highlights the critical importance at all levels of government of tackling child poverty, which denies too many children the right to a safe and happy childhood and the opportunity to achieve their potential; recognises that a key strength of this campaign is its understanding of the need to reach out beyond government to individuals and families and communities; believes that such unity of purpose can challenge poverty, and believes that signing this statement will show a commitment to the future of all Scotland’s children and a determination to act on their behalf.

Supported by: Margaret Curran, Cathy Jamieson, Malcolm Chisholm, Mary Mulligan, Des McNulty, Stuart McMillan, John Park, Ken Macintosh, Jackie Baillie, Ms Wendy Alexander, Trish Godman, Karen Whitefield, Elaine Smith, Rhona Brankin, Mr Frank McAveety, Karen Gillon, Dr Richard Simpson, Robin Harper, Bob Doris, Robert Brown, Bill Butler, George Foulkes, Patricia Ferguson, Hugh Henry, Jamie Hepburn, Elaine Murray, Gil Paterson, Marilyn Livingstone, Linda Fabiani

S3M-5305 Margaret Mitchell: Happy 10th Anniversary, PCG—That the Parliament congratulates the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) on the success of National Freelancers Day, held on 23 November 2009, which marks the 10th anniversary of the organisation; recognises that the PCG is an independent, not-for-profit, professional association with around 20,000 members from a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, engineering, IT, management consultancy, marketing and telecommunications, many of them living, working and based in Scotland; pays tribute to the estimated £82 billion that the 1.4 million freelance workers contributed to the UK GDP in 2008, which represents an enormous contribution to the Scottish and UK economies; considers that freelancers provide a flexible and expert resource to businesses across a range of sectors, and calls on policymakers at all levels of government to ensure that the interests of Scotland’s freelancers are supported.

Supported by: Jackson Carlaw, Mary Scanlon, Nanette Milne, Bill Aitken, Jamie McGrigor, Michael McMahon, Bill Kidd, Murdo Fraser, Gil Paterson

S3M-5304 Sarah Boyack: Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of the Year 2009—That the Parliament congratulates the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce on being named UK Chamber of the Year at the British Chambers of Commerce Awards 2009; notes that the judges praised the chamber for the way in which it represents its members, its response to the recession and its management style; further notes that the chamber also came second in the Excellence in International Trade Services category; further notes that two Scottish firms won individual awards for Business of the Year and Excellence in Customer Service; further notes that the awards recognise and celebrate business excellence through the successes and achievements of Accredited Chambers of Commerce and their members, and further congratulates all award winners and runners-up.

Supported by: Mr Frank McAveety, Rhona Brankin, David McLetchie, David Stewart, Gavin Brown, Jackie Baillie, Robin Harper, Dr Richard Simpson, Cathy Jamieson, Karen Whitefield, George Foulkes, Trish Godman, Malcolm Chisholm, Mary Mulligan, Murdo Fraser, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Gil Paterson, John Park*

S3M-5303 Margaret Mitchell: 25th Anniversary of the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, November 2009—That the Parliament congratulates the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation on reaching its 25th anniversary; notes that the foundation aims to increase the health, fitness and wellbeing of women and girls by making physical activity an integral part of their lives; further notes that the foundation seeks to do this through its campaign to make sport as appealing to women and girls as it is to men and boys, make women aware of the importance of being active and encourage women who are fit and healthy to be social and cultural role models, and therefore hopes that initiatives such as the MSP and MP health and fitness programme will raise awareness of this important work.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, Jackson Carlaw, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Aitken, Bob Doris, Nanette Milne, Mike Pringle, Ken Macintosh, John Lamont, Christina McKelvie, Bill Kidd, Trish Godman, Murdo Fraser, Mr Frank McAveety, Jackie Baillie, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson

S3M-5302 Jamie Hepburn: Cumbernauld Company’s Success in VIBES Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Cumbernauld-based CMS Enviro Systems on winning the Best Management prize for a medium-sized company at the 2009 Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES) Awards; notes that the awards recognise best practice among businesses aiming to improve or reduce their impact on the environment while saving money in the process; believes that this award will inspire other businesses in Cumbernauld and across the Central Scotland region to take such steps, and wishes CMS Enviro Systems every success in the future.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Alasdair Allan, Bob Doris, Aileen Campbell, Christina McKelvie, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Linda Fabiani, Gil Paterson, Michael Matheson*

S3M-5301 Anne McLaughlin: Detention of Children at Eid Al Adha—That the Parliament condemns the deeply insensitive decision to take five Muslim children and their parents into Dungavel Detention Centre two days before Eid Al Adha; considers that it is an outrageous act to detain any asylum-seeker child in such centres; believes that it adds insult to injury to demonstrate such a lack of cultural sensitivity, and urges all political parties in Scotland to continue working together toward cultural harmony and to end the detention of children at Dungavel.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Linda Fabiani, Michael Matheson*

S3M-5300 Christopher Harvie: New President of the Council of the European Union—That the Parliament congratulates Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister of Belgium, on having been selected as the first permanent President of the Council of the European Union; believes that his was the correct appointment; notes his personal interest in the writings of Scottish novelist and politician John Buchan, and expresses the hope that the European Union will become more effective, less bureaucratic and closer to the European people and that Scotland will, in due course, take its place among the other European nations as an independent member state.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Dave Thompson, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Michael Matheson*

S3M-5269.1 Jackie Baillie: Arrival of HMS Astute (S119) at HMNB Clyde—As an amendment to motion (S3M-5269) in the name of Bill Kidd, leave out from "notes" to end and insert "welcomes the arrival of HMS Astute at HMNB Clyde; considers that the submarine’s arrival at Faslane is good news for the base and good news for the local economy, and understands that this investment from the UK Government will protect existing jobs and will also create hundreds of new employment opportunities in the area and provide a vital boost at a time when the local community needs it most."

S3M-5210# Bill Kidd: World March for Peace and Nonviolence—That the Parliament endorses the ideals of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, which set off from New Zealand on UN International Day of Non-Violence on 2 October 2009 and ends in the Andes mountains on 2 January 2010, that call for an end to war, the dismantling of nuclear weapons and an end to all forms of violence including physical, economic, racial, religious, cultural, sexual and psychological; notes that the Peace Torch, which has passed across continents and been greeted by thousands of supporters including Pope Benedict XVI, who offered his blessings to the delegation, will visit the Scottish Parliament on 17 November 2009, and would welcome support for this important endeavour from all those who share these ideals.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Aileen Campbell, Alasdair Allan, Mike Pringle, Rob Gibson, Bill Butler, Bob Doris, Christine Grahame, Marlyn Glen, Hugh O’Donnell, Joe FitzPatrick, Anne McLaughlin, Christina McKelvie, Sandra White, Gil Paterson, Dave Thompson, Stuart McMillan, Michael Matheson, Jamie Hepburn

S3M-5149# Murdo Fraser: Broadband for Rural Scotland—That the Parliament notes the vital importance of good quality broadband to households and businesses in remote and rural parts of Scotland; is concerned that there is now a two-tier communication system in Scotland that is holding back business growth in rural and remote areas; notes that many rural areas of Scotland are not receiving an improved broadband service, while its cities are continually able to access a faster and better service; further notes that there are a number of telephone exchanges that are full or near to full capacity in Tayside, such as Strathardle, Fern and Menmuir; understands that there are growing concerns about the quality, speed and cost of the Scottish Government-supported Avanti service to remote and rural areas, and believes that more should be done to ensure that all parts of the country have access to good quality broadband at affordable rates.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, John Lamont, Bill Aitken, Jackson Carlaw, Nanette Milne, Gavin Brown, Robin Harper, Mary Scanlon, Ted Brocklebank, John Park

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-5298 10:10 (lodged on 26 November 2009) Robin Harper*, Nicol Stephen*

S3M-5293 Congratulations to Maria Fyfe (lodged on 26 November 2009) Cathy Peattie*

S3M-5292 Fife Young Carers (lodged on 26 November 2009) Robin Harper*, John Park*, Bob Doris*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-5277 Scottish Women’s Aid Census (lodged on 25 November 2009) Robin Harper*, Ross Finnie*

S3M-5269 Arrival of HMS Astute (S119) at HMNB Clyde (lodged on 24 November 2009) Michael Matheson*

S3M-5253 Lighting up Centenary Park in Airdrie (lodged on 23 November 2009) Cathy Peattie*

S3M-5250# Epilepsy Scotland, 55th Anniversary (lodged on 20 November 2009) Cathy Peattie*

S3M-5203 Prevention of Child Abuse (lodged on 16 November 2009) Johann Lamont*

S3M-5034 Lloyds TSB Foundation (lodged on 21 October 2009) Robin Harper*

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