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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-4937 Ms Wendy Alexander: The Power of Scotland Renewed Report Publication—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the report, The Power of Scotland Renewed commissioned by Friends of the Earth Scotland, WWF, RSPB Scotland and the World Development Movement; believes that rapid decarbonisation of the energy supply is central to the challenge of meeting the emissions reduction target of at least 42% set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009; further believes that achieving this decarbonisation will require an economic environment that drives investment in energy conservation, deferrable demand and low-carbon technology; considers new unabated coal plants, such as that proposed for Hunterston in the National Planning Framework, to be incompatible with this environment; understands that, as a developed nation, Scotland should be demonstrating to the southern countries that we are prepared to introduce policies that encourage investment in clean green energy; recognises that our investment in developing these new clean technologies can result in expertise being shared and exported, thereby encouraging clean energy development in the southern countries and increasing inward investment, and calls on the Scottish Government to introduce policy for consenting to new thermal power plants under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989, which supersedes the National Planning Framework, to prevent any new coal power stations from being granted planning consent unless they incorporate carbon capture and storage technology from the start.

*S3M-4936 Karen Whitefield: New Fast Train Service Between Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Via Shotts—That the Parliament welcomes the launch by First ScotRail of its new winter railway timetable, including details of the new fast train service between Glasgow Central and Edinburgh via Shotts; notes that the new hourly service more than doubles the number of services available on this line; further notes that the new service will significantly reduce journey times from Shotts to Edinburgh to just over 30 minutes; believes that this new service will bring huge benefits to Shotts and surrounding villages, and looks forward to the launch of the new service in December.

*S3M-4935 John Wilson: Agricultural Wages Order—That the Parliament welcomes the Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order (No 56) 2008 that came into effect on 1 October 2008, setting the minimum rates of pay and conditions to which workers in the agricultural sector are entitled by law, and notes that the order offers vital protection from gang masters, especially to workers who work long hours often on low pay and conditions.

*S3M-4934 Jamie Hepburn: Cumbernauld Restaurant Digs Deep for Malawi—That the Parliament congratulates Anwar Miah and Ibrar Ali, owners of the Bombay Dreams Restaurant in Cumbernauld, and their staff on raising the magnificent sum of £2,300 for Islamic Relief; notes that these funds will be used to build a water well in Malawi; further notes the ambition of the restaurant staff to expand their fundraising efforts into the wider community, and believes that this helps to build the strong partnership between Scotland and Malawi and serves as an inspiring example of how local communities can provide practical assistance to those most in need in developing countries.

*S3M-4933 Marilyn Livingstone: The Scotland-Malawi College Partnership—That the Parliament supports the Scotland-Malawi Partnership project; commends Adam Smith College for taking the lead in the Scotlands Colleges International consortium in hosting the recent study tour of twelve Malawian college principals to Scotland as part of the partnership between the vocational colleges in the two countries; recognises that the aim of the study tour was to provide the Malawian principals with a greater insight into the Scottish approach to vocational educational training development and delivery; acknowledges that experienced practitioners from Scotlands Colleges have actively engaged in sharing their experience and expertise with Malawian staff while undertaking essential learning for their own professional development; congratulates Adam Smith College for hosting events throughout the study tour to raise funds to assist young people in Malawi to attend their local vocational college, to gain skills that will equip them for employment and to help support themselves, their families and their local communities, and looks forward to further supportive links with Malawi such as through the Kofi Annan Adam Smith Scholarship Fund.

*S3M-4932 Jackie Baillie: Congratulations to West Dunbartonshire Kayak Team—That the Parliament warmly congratulates the West Dunbartonshire Kayak Team of Jamie OMalley, Arran Smith and Craig Parlane who swept the board with gold, silver and bronze medals in the 200 metres and 500 metres kayaking events at the Special Olympics 2009 in Leicester; recognises all their hard work and effort, with training every week at Loch Lomond; commends their coaches for their dedication and inspiration to the team, and looks forward to the teams success at the next Special Olympics.

*S3M-4931 John Park: Scottish Banknotes Hit the Jackpot—That the Parliament welcomes the recent charity auction held by the Clydesdale Bank at its head office in Glasgow, that raised a total of £112,830; notes that, as part of the auction, a single £1 note from 1836 raised £9,000, beating the previous record of £7,000 that was set in 2001; further notes that the auction, which included new World Heritage notes featuring famous Scots and the nations UNESCO sites and attracted bidders from around the world, will benefit over 70 charities, and wishes the second auction of historic banknotes, being held in London later this month for the charity Help the Hospices, every success.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Claire Baker*, Mike Pringle*, Hugh O’Donnell*, George Foulkes*, Charlie Gordon*, Hugh Henry*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Liam McArthur*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Jackie Baillie*, Ken Macintosh*, Mary Mulligan*, Des McNulty*

*S3M-4930 Shirley-Anne Somerville: UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen—That the Parliament notes with concern the UK Governments refusal to allow Scottish Ministers to form part of the official delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009; reaffirms its support for the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, which includes many world-leading pledges; considers it important to have the opportunity to use this legislation as an example to other countries at the conference, and calls on the UK Government to put aside political differences in order that both governments can play their part in ensuring a successful outcome to the Copenhagen negotiations.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Maureen Watt*, Bob Doris*, Jamie Hepburn*, Alasdair Allan*, Joe FitzPatrick*, John Wilson*, Bill Kidd*, Brian Adam*, Stuart McMillan*

*S3M-4929♦ Christine Grahame: Call for UN Public Inquiry into the Conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi—That the Parliament notes and endorses the letter sent by a number of prominent individuals, such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ian Hislop, Professor Robert Black QC and Professor Noam Chomsky, calling on the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) to establish a full public inquiry, under the provisions of Article 22 of its charter, into the investigation of the destruction of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie on 21 December 1988, the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the event conducted in 1991, the subsequent trial of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Lamin Khalifa Fhimah at Camp van Zeist, both of Mr Al Megrahi’s appeals and the circumstances surrounding the dropping of his second appeal; notes that the signatories have urged any UN public inquiry to have the powers to call witnesses who have been both directly and indirectly involved to give testimony and account for their actions, decisions and opinions relating to the events that resulted in PA103 being bombed, and would welcome the cooperation of all relevant Scottish agencies and bodies with such an inquiry once it has been established.

Supported by: Christopher Harvie*, Bill Wilson*, Patrick Harvie*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*

*S3M-4928 Karen Gillon: Beautiful Scotland Award Success for Clydesdale—That the Parliament congratulates the communities of Lanark and Forth on their success in the Beautiful Scotland Award 2009; notes that Lanark was awarded a silver medal while Forth won the Jim Murdie Trophy for Sustainability, an award presented to the community entrant that demonstrates the highest commitment to sustainable development action, and commends these communities and all other entrants to the Beautiful Scotland Awards for their effort and dedication to improving the local environment and bringing local people together.

*S3M-4927 Tricia Marwick: Congratulations Glenrothes—That the Parliament congratulates Glenrothes on its success at the Britain in Bloom Awards 2009; notes that the town received a silver gilt award for being rated very good in the Best Large Town/Small City category; recognises that this award follows on from Glenrothes receiving the coveted Rosebowl Trophy at the Beautiful Scotland Awards last year after being judged to be the cleanest, most sustainable and beautiful community in Scotland; congratulates everybody involved in the Glenrothes in Bloom team for their hard work and efforts in securing this award, and believes that the award shows that Glenrothes is a fantastic place in which to live and work.

Supported by: Michael Matheson*, Rob Gibson*, Alasdair Allan*, Sandra White*, Bill Kidd*, Ted Brocklebank*, John Park*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S3M-4926 Jamie Hepburn: David Matthews Diabetes Centre—That the Parliament welcomes the opening of the David Matthews Diabetes Centre at Monklands Hospital, attended by the family, friends and colleagues of the late Dr David Matthews, after whom the unit is named, including his wife, Dr Allyson Matthews; pays tribute to the vital work for people with diabetes sufferers carried out by Dr David Matthews; expresses support for the highly skilled team of specialists, nurses and support staff in place who will provide state-of-the-art care for people with diabetes at the centre, and welcomes the huge difference that the new facility will make in helping improve the lives of people with diabetes in the NHS Lanarkshire area.

Supported by: Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Aileen Campbell*, Alasdair Allan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Michael Matheson*, Bill Kidd*, Jackie Baillie*, Bob Doris*, Stuart McMillan*

*S3M-4925 Aileen Campbell: BBC Four’s This Is Scotland Season—That the Parliament welcomes the BBC Four This Is Scotland season of programmes; notes that the season aims to celebrate and examine aspects of Scottish culture, art, film-making, heritage, landscape and psyche; notes the range of factual programmes broadcast during the season, as well as the opportunity to reshow old favourites such as Rab C Nesbitt and Gregory’s Girl; believes that this wide and imaginative selection reflects Scotland’s diverse and vibrant cultural heritage, and hopes that other broadcasters and media outlets will follow the positive example of BBC Four in its approach to coverage of Scotland.

Supported by: Hugh Henry*, Maureen Watt*, Christine Grahame*, Bill Kidd*, Robin Harper*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Alasdair Allan*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Rob Gibson*, Bob Doris*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-4924 Ya Beauty (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, John Park*, Bill Butler*, Jackie Baillie*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Pauline McNeill*, Sandra White*, Marlyn Glen*, Karen Whitefield*, Bill Kidd*, Mary Mulligan*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-4923 Congratulations to Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Cumbernauld Village, Banton, Croy and Condorrat (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Sarah Boyack*, Karen Gillon*, Bill Butler*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Hugh Henry*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Karen Whitefield*, Elaine Smith*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-4922 Suicide Attempts by Female Asylum Seekers (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Christine Grahame*, Hugh Henry*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Bill Kidd*, Robin Harper*

S3M-4920 Congratulations to Forth and Lanark on Beautiful Scotland Awards Success (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Bob Doris*, Anne McLaughlin*, Rob Gibson*, Sandra White*, Alasdair Allan*, Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-4918 Congratulations to the Forth Valley Disability Sport Team (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Kenneth Gibson*, Gil Paterson*, Bob Doris*, Stewart Maxwell*, Rob Gibson*, Keith Brown*, Jackie Baillie*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Sandra White*, Bill Kidd*, Robin Harper*, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-4917 Gordon Brown’s Gesture to Cut Trident Fleet (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Gil Paterson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Stuart McMillan*, Ian McKee*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, John Wilson*

S3M-4916 Bill Speirs (lodged on 23 September 2009) Mary Scanlon*, Ross Finnie*, Pauline McNeill*, Anne McLaughlin*, Sarah Boyack*, Cathie Craigie*, Stuart McMillan*, Robin Harper*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Willie Coffey*, John Park*, Nicol Stephen*, Gil Paterson*, Paul Martin*, Alison McInnes*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-4915 Industrial Action at Capita (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Duncan McNeil*, Robin Harper*

S3M-4913 Beautiful North Lanarkshire (lodged on 23 September 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Elaine Smith*, Gil Paterson*, Rob Gibson*, Sandra White*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4912 Congratulations to Beautiful Scotland Awards Winners 2009 (lodged on 23 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Rob Gibson*, Sandra White*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Alasdair Allan*, Bob Doris*, Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-4909 Aberdeen City Beautiful Scotland Awards Success (lodged on 22 September 2009) Alison McInnes*

S3M-4905 Time for Scottish Six News (lodged on 22 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4903 Smoking Bans Cut Heart Attacks (lodged on 22 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-4902 Barra Whisky Galore Festival (lodged on 22 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S3M-4900 No to Savage Cut to Child Benefit (lodged on 22 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*, Willie Coffey*

S3M-4899 Scotland’s Students are Overstretched and Overdrawn (lodged on 22 September 2009) Liam McArthur*, Hugh Henry*, Iain Smith*, Alison McInnes*

S3M-4895 Stirling University Named Sunday Times Scottish University of the Year (lodged on 22 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Cathie Craigie*

S3M-4893 Congratulations to Earnhill Primary School (lodged on 21 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4892 Congratulations to Glasgow Schools’ Symphony Orchestra (lodged on 21 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4891 Enterprising Student Awards (lodged on 21 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4890 Gathering Dust? (lodged on 21 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4887 The Hidden Costs of Trident (lodged on 18 September 2009) Dave Thompson*, Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-4886 Congratulating a Bighearted Fundraising Champion (lodged on 18 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Robin Harper*, Mary Scanlon*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4885 GTC Scotland Teaching Awards (lodged on 18 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-4884 US Administration Reviews Missile Defence Plans (lodged on 18 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-4881 Retrospective Adjustments to the Terms and Conditions of Employees of the Scottish Government and Agencies of the Scottish Government (lodged on 18 September 2009) Hugh Henry*

S3M-4880 Rok Apprentice Awards (lodged on 18 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4879 Community Green Initiative Shows the Way (lodged on 18 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4877 Top of the Lollipops (lodged on 17 September 2009) Alison McInnes*

S3M-4870 UN Condemns War Crimes in Gaza (lodged on 16 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4869 Nova Scotia Day (lodged on 16 September 2009) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*, Robin Harper*, Ian McKee*, John Wilson*

S3M-4868 Hamilton Speakers Club (lodged on 16 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4864 Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (lodged on 16 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4851# Kintore Station and Aberdeen Crossrail (lodged on 15 September 2009) Alison McInnes*

S3M-4847 Offshore Europe Exhibition Good for Aberdeen and for Scotland (lodged on 14 September 2009) Alison McInnes*

S3M-4844 Mary’s Last Letter (lodged on 14 September 2009) Gil Paterson*

S3M-4841 Opening of the Small Animal Hospital (lodged on 14 September 2009) Gil Paterson*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-4832 Diageo’s Social Responsibility (lodged on 10 September 2009) Hugh Henry*

S3M-4814# Bausch and Lomb Job losses in Livingston (lodged on 9 September 2009) Margo MacDonald*, George Foulkes*

S3M-4814.1# Bausch and Lomb Job losses in Livingston (lodged on 23 September 2009) Patricia Ferguson*, David Whitton*, Hugh Henry*, John Park*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Mary Mulligan*, Des McNulty*

S3M-4738# Deafblind Scotland (lodged on 27 August 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4696# Concerns over Children’s Beauty Salon (lodged on 26 August 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4646# Tokyo Beer (lodged on 30 July 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4644# Votes for Women (lodged on 30 July 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4641# Celebrating the Scottish-Polish Connection (lodged on 29 July 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4451# ECHR Ruling on Domestic Abuse (lodged on 18 June 2009) Trish Godman*

S3M-4269# Wildlife Week, 6 to 14 June 2009 (lodged on 28 May 2009) Trish Godman*

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