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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-4468 David Whitton: East Dunbartonshire Mini Water Polo—That the Parliament congratulates the six schools in East Dunbartonshire, Balmuildy, Wester Cleddens, Lenzie Moss, Meadowburn, St Joseph’s and Torrance Primary, on reaching the finals of the Scottish Swimming and Kellogg’s Swim Active mini-polo finals; notes that Balmuildy Primary 5 and Meadowburn Primary 6 won the gold medals; also notes that the Kellogg’s Swim Active initiative has been a great success in East Dunbartonshire, introducing mini-polo to over 2,500 children in the course of this academic year, and hopes that it can be rolled out across other local authorities.

*S3M-4467 John Swinney: Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill, agrees to any expenditure of a kind referred to in paragraph 3(b)(iii) of Rule 9.12 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders arising in consequence of the Act.

*S3M-4466 Kenny MacAskill: The Draft Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008 (Consequential Modifications) Order 2009—That the Justice Committee recommends that the draft Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008 (Consequential Modifications) Order 2009 be approved.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

*S3M-4465 Jim Mather: Arbitration (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Arbitration (Scotland) Bill.

Supported by: John Swinney*

*S3M-4464 John Swinney: Climate Change (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson*

*S3M-4463 Bill Kidd: Foreign Affairs Committee Calls for Trident Debate—That the Parliament welcomes calls by the Foreign Affairs Committee in its report, Global Security: Non-Proliferation, for a debate in the House of Commons in 2009 on the Initial Gate stage of the Trident replacement project, when the decision to start initial design work is to be made, so that the issue can be sufficiently scrutinised; believes that the cross-party support for Jeremy Corbyn MP’s Early Day Motion (EDM 660) that "requests that the Initial Gate decision be delayed until Parliament is in session and can be presented with the report for scrutiny" provides a clear indication of the consensus that exists, irrespective of party allegiances, for transparency and democratic accountability surrounding the Trident replacement debate, and considers that the attempt to approve this multi-billion pound project behind closed doors flies in the face of appeals for increased transparency on the part of the profligate UK Government.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Rob Gibson*, Alasdair Allan*, Jamie Hepburn*

*S3M-4462 Sandra White: Sounding Good—That the Parliament commends the Sound Lab, a registered charity, which helps young people in the east end of Glasgow aged between 12 and 25 to advance their education through music, the arts, media skills and digital technology, for its continuing dedication and innovation in providing a platform for young people to reach their full potential; congratulates the Sound Lab on its most recent successes, which will see it produce a music and drama performance that will be shown during the Getting Real About Alcohol ‘N’ Drugs week and the production of an animation film with the BBC on mental health awareness that will be shown during the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, and believes that by offering these exciting opportunities, whilst exploring the social issues affecting many young people, the Sound Lab is a shining example to others.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Alasdair Allan*, Rob Gibson*

*S3M-4461 Brian Adam: Halt the Decline of Local Radio Services—That the Parliament notes with regret the decision of Bauer Media to centralise many of its AM radio shows; notes the valuable service that local radio stations such as Northsound 2 have provided over a large number of years, especially for those away from home, for example working in the North Sea, or needing traffic reports and weather updates; believes that having the majority of a local radio station’s output broadcast centrally over five local stations is a worrying dilution in service, and calls on Bauer Media to preserve its radio stations from any further local cuts and look at ways in which it can maintain the links of Northsound 2, Tay AM, Forth 2, Clyde 2 and Westsound with their local communities under these new arrangements.

*S3M-4460 Sandra White: Strength to Strength, Glasgow Credit Union 20 Years On—That the Parliament congratulates Glasgow Credit Union, which celebrates its 20th anniversary on 19 June 2009; notes that since its humble inception back in 1989, the Glasgow Credit Union has grown to become the largest and most successful credit union in the United Kingdom, with a membership of 23,000 and a range of services to rival any bank, including savings, personal loans, mortgages, current accounts, insurance, cash ISAs and Child Trust Funds; believes that Glasgow Credit Union is a perfect example of Scotland’s excellent credit union network, and wishes it every continued success for the next 20 years and beyond.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*, Rob Gibson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Pauline McNeill*, Bill Butler*

*S3M-4459 Stuart McMillan: Shared Surfaces and Disabled People—That the Parliament supports the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Guide Dogs), Inclusion Scotland, RNIB, RNID, Capability Scotland, Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance and Scottish Disability Equality Forum in calling for a moratorium on new shared surface schemes in towns and cities until the results of the research currently being carried out by the UK Government’s Department for Transport are published; recognises that in these schemes it is not possible for certain groups of vulnerable road users to use such areas independently because they cannot tell where the pavement ends and the road begins; welcomes the research that Guide Dogs has already carried out to highlight the issue and to try to find an effective solution for all disabled people, and also recognises that the Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland, in responding to the consultation, Designing Streets, requested that no new shared surface areas should be agreed by planners until the research commissioned by the Department for Transport is completed, analysed and commented on.

*S3M-4458 Margaret Smith: 225th Anniversary of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland and 169th Royal Highland Show—That the Parliament notes that the Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) this year celebrates its 225th anniversary and that the 169th Royal Highland Show will take place between 25 and 28 June 2009; welcomes the RHASS to the Parliament’s Garden Lobby on the evening of Tuesday 23 June; recognises the key role that the show plays in promoting Scottish agriculture and believes that the show has an increasingly important role to play in showcasing Scottish food and drink produce; congratulates RHASS for its success in developing the Royal Highland Show into a high-profile event with a worldwide reputation, attracting over 160,000 visitors each year, and welcomes RHASS’s plans for its development vision at Ingliston and its long-term move to Norton Park, which will benefit both the local and national economy and secure the future of the Royal Highland Show for years to come.

*S3M-4457 Ken Macintosh: Stand Up Now for Social Work—That the Parliament expresses its support for the Stand Up Now for Social Work campaign, which recognises the vital contribution of social workers to a fair and caring society, calls on government, employers and the media to promote respect for the profession and asks for balanced coverage of social work issues, including the reporting of positive images of the care provided to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable individuals, and agrees that the vast majority of social workers are to be applauded for their efforts in difficult and challenging circumstances.

S3M-4456 Karen Whitefield: The Most Improved Sea Cadet Unit in the United Kingdom—That the Parliament congratulates Airdrie and Coatbridge Sea Cadets on its recent success in being awarded the TS Indefatigable Cup 2008 for the most improved Sea Cadet unit in the United Kingdom; notes that this is only the third time that the cup has been awarded in the Sea Cadet Corps; commends Airdrie and Coatbridge Sea Cadets for its achievements; further commends the hard work and commitment of the dedicated volunteers supporting the group’s work and profile, and wishes Airdrie and Coatbridge Sea Cadets every future success.

S3M-4455 Margaret Curran: The Development of Allotments in Wellhouse—That the Parliament welcomes the development of allotments by the Wellhouse Community Trust in the east end of Glasgow; further recognises the hard work undertaken by members of the association to get the project underway, and applauds the association for the contribution that it has made to the community in Wellhouse.

Supported by: James Kelly*, David Stewart*, Jackson Carlaw*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-4454 Alex Salmond: Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the relevant provisions of the Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Bill, introduced in the House of Commons on 26 January 2009, relating to the return from public museum and gallery collections of cultural objects stolen during the Nazi era, so far as these matters fall within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament, should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Supported by: Michael Russell

S3M-4453♦ Dave Thompson: Bicentenary of the Scottish Bible Society—That the Parliament notes that 2009 is the bicentenary of the Scottish Bible Society (SBS); applauds the work of the SBS over the past 200 years in taking the bible into the world, including Scotland, and in promoting its use in all aspects of national life, including family, work, church, health, education and elsewhere; commends the innovative and creative ways that the SBS has developed to deliver the bible’s message of peace, hope, love and transformation to societies that would otherwise lack access; highlights the contribution that the bible has made and will continue to make to countries throughout the world, including Scotland, as a sure foundation on which to build a strong and sustainable society, and wishes the SBS success in partnering with the Bible Society of Brazil to convert a bus for the north east of the country to provide on-the-spot medical and dental treatment as well as a sheltered scripture-learning space, which will help to foster community inclusion and belonging.

S3M-4452 Johann Lamont: Congratulations to Glasgow Credit Union on its 20th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates the Glasgow Credit Union on its 20th anniversary; recognises its achievement in growing from two members of staff in 1989 to 34 today and that, with 32,000 members, Glasgow Credit Union is now the largest and most successful credit union in the United Kingdom; acknowledges that the credit union model has remained a reliable and stable resource in times of uncertainty and instability in the financial services market; welcomes the contribution that Glasgow Credit Union makes to tackling poverty and making a real difference to the lives of thousands of people in Glasgow by giving them opportunities that would not otherwise be available, and believes that the Scottish Government should ensure that credit unions are a central part of its approach to financial inclusion.

S3M-4451♦ Johann Lamont: ECHR Ruling on Domestic Abuse—That the Parliament notes the continuing scourge of domestic abuse in Glasgow and across Scotland; welcomes the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against Turkey for failing to prevent the murder of a woman in the city of Ankara whose daughter had informed police that she believed her mother to be at risk; recognises the significance of this first ruling by the ECHR against a state for failing to protect a woman from domestic violence, and considers that it sends an important signal to all agencies in Glasgow and across Scotland involved in delivering services to those at risk of domestic violence in relation to the need to respond by taking prompt and effective action when they receive reports from victims or potential victims who believe themselves to be at risk of domestic violence.

S3M-4450 Ross Finnie: Praise the Progress of James Watt College—That the Parliament praises James Watt College for its excellent progress, which was shown in a report by HM Inspectorate of Education in which the college was praised for preparing learners for progression to employment or further study, for its redesigned curriculum and for measures to improve retention and attainment.

Supported by: Des McNulty*, David Stewart*, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4449 David Whitton: Scottish Education Awards 2009—That the Parliament congratulates Paul McLaughlin, Head Teacher of St Ninian’s High School in Bishopbriggs, on winning the Scottish Daily Record Head Teacher of the Year award at the Scottish Education Awards 2009; notes that St Ninian’s was also recognised at last year’s awards with English teacher Paul Miller winning Teacher of the Year; also notes that St Ninian’s will, after the summer, be moving back to its original site into a new-built school as part of the £134 million PPP schools’ capital investment programme in East Dunbartonshire, and wishes both Mr Miller and Mr McLaughlin continuing success in the newly built school.

Supported by: George Foulkes, Trish Godman, Hugh Henry, James Kelly, Karen Whitefield, Mary Mulligan, Cathy Jamieson, Karen Gillon, Pauline McNeill*, Jackie Baillie*

S3M-4448 Stuart McMillan: 2009 Social Enterprise Schools Celebration Day—That the Parliament congratulates schools in East Dunbartonshire for winning 10 of the 15 awards at the 2009 Social Enterprise Schools Celebration Day that took place in the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, on 9 June 2009; notes that Craighead Primary School, Douglas Academy, Hillhead Primary School, Holy Family Primary School, Killermont Primary School, Merkland School, Milngavie Primary School, St Flannan’s Primary School, St Ninian’s High School and Turnbull High School all won awards for undertaking the task of setting up and running a successful social enterprise; acknowledges the effort and commitment of all pupils and teachers involved in the projects, and looks forward to seeing the schools create further successful social enterprise projects in the future.

Supported by: Sandra White, Jackie Baillie*, Des McNulty*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4447 Kenneth Gibson: Calman Commission A Wasted Opportunity—That the Parliament is disappointed with the rather timid recommendations set forth in the publication, Serving Scotland Better: Scotland and the United Kingdom in the 21st Century; believes that proposals merely to redraw Scotland’s complex relationship with Westminster would only perpetuate a complex constitutional mess; regrets that the outcome of this report seems largely predetermined by an unrepresentative unionist clique as evidenced by the convenient sidestepping of full fiscal autonomy and veto powers, the paucity of public meetings and the commission’s own stated objective of securing the union; recognises the National Conversation to be much more democratic in its deliberations, considering as it does all constitutional options; sees the Isle of Man and other crown dependencies flourishing through self-governance and wonders why Scotland is not recommended the same privilege; notes that these crown dependencies have long successfully governed in many areas that the commission appears to believe Scotland incapable of managing, such as varying the tax regime, setting energy policy, regulating health professionals, running the postal system and meeting our unique immigration needs; recognises that the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and the other Channel Islands, with a population of less than 200,000 among them, are entirely self-supporting, receive no subsidies from the United Kingdom and even make an annual contribution to Westminster for defence services; welcomes any increased powers but is disappointed that Scotland will still be denied its own oil revenues and considers limited borrowing to be a far cry from a long-term solution; agrees with those economists who state that the Calman recommendations are at best an opportunity missed and at worst a recipe for economic instability; acknowledges the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs, as stated in the Scotland Act 1998, and therefore seeks the public’s view on this non-consensus document through referendum; suggests that there is no reason why the Scottish people should not decide how they should be governed; believes that these issues could simply be resolved by full Scottish independence, as any other system would restrict Scotland’s potential as an enterprising nation, and looks to take Scotland forward following a positive result in the free and fair referendum that the Scottish Government proposes to hold in 2010.

Supported by: Christine Grahame, Alasdair Allan, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4446 Patrick Harvie: Universities Green League 2009—That the Parliament notes that the Times Higher Education published the People and Planet Green League on 18 June 2009; congratulates the University of Edinburgh in coming top of the league in Scotland and gaining a first, with the University of Glasgow being the second-greenest in Scotland; commends the students and staff involved in ensuring that universities reduce their negative environmental impacts, and calls on all of Scotland’s universities to continue looking for imaginative ways to cut their carbon emissions.

S3M-4445 Bill Wilson: Ezra Nawi and Israel’s Continued Violation of Human Rights—That the Parliament applauds the actions of Jewish Israeli Ezra Nawi in raising awareness, by persistent non-violent action, of his country’s continued perceived de facto ethnic cleansing through the destruction of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank; deplores the continued violation of the human rights of Palestinians by Israeli settlers and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), which it considers to be in breach of both Israeli and international law; notes reports that the chief of the investigations in the Hebron Israeli Police has admitted that Ezra Nawi’s actions are "exposing the dirt laying under the rug"; agrees with Ezra Nawi’s remarks, on the destruction of a Palestinian home by the IDF, that "the only thing that will be left here is hatred", and calls on Israel not to jail or harass him, but to take its moral lead from his courageous and principled stand.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Elaine Smith, Sandra White, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4444 Margaret Curran: John Wheatley College Rakes in More Environmental Awards—That the Parliament congratulates John Wheatley College on being highly commended in the Green Gown Awards by the Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement (HEEPI) project; recognises the college’s commitment to environmental and social issues; endorses the awards, which highlight excellence in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, and supports John Wheatley College’s new campus in the east end of Glasgow, boasting a wide range of environmentally friendly features, including a biomass boiler, solar panels and a grey-water recycling system.

Supported by: James Kelly*, David Stewart*, Pauline McNeill*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-4443 Jamie Hepburn: Trident, Jobs and Scotland’s Economy—That the Parliament notes the publication by the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament of a new report on the possible impact of any decision by the UK Government to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system; is concerned by the report’s finding that 3,000 public sector jobs in Scotland could be at risk if finance for the project is diverted from existing public expenditure as proposed by the Defence White Paper 2006; further notes that the report finds that the cost of Trident is over £2 billion per annum and that, "instead of a stimulus to the economy during a time of recession", the replacement programme represents "a long term spending commitment at a time when the government is trying to balance the books and pay back some of our inflated National Debt"; believes that the report comprehensively rebuts claims that cancellation of Trident would result in the loss of 10,000 jobs in Scotland; supports the continuing work of the Scottish Government’s Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons Working Group, and calls on the UK Government to scrap Trident and genuinely commit to working for a world free of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Robin Harper, Bill Wilson, Kenneth Gibson, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Kidd, Rob Gibson, Brian Adam, Christina McKelvie, Dave Thompson, Sandra White, Bob Doris*, Ian McKee*

S3M-4442 Des McNulty: Congratulations to St Joseph’s Primary School, Milngavie—That the Parliament congratulates St Joseph’s Primary School in Milngavie for being the first school in Dunbartonshire and only the second school in Scotland to be awarded the prestigious SFA Charter; recognises the considerable contribution to the school’s football programme by its business partners, Mr Willie Gallagher, coach, and Dr Philip Friel, sponsor, and recognises the commitment of not only the school team but also its peers, parents and the staff at the school who have all contributed towards this achievement.

S3M-4441 Jackie Baillie: A Gathering Storm—That the Parliament welcomes the report, A Gathering Storm? Procurement, re-tendering and the voluntary sector social care workforce, which assesses the impact of retendering on the voluntary sector; is concerned by the findings of the report that the process of retendering is negatively impacting on employment conditions and staff morale, leading to cooperative relations between providers breaking down and wasting valuable resources; congratulates the Voluntary Sector Social Services Workforce Unit, which commissioned the report, and the University of Strathclyde’s Dr Ian Cunningham and Professor Dennis Nickson for undertaking the research, and calls on the Scottish Government to issue stronger guidance on the process of retendering, including further consideration of whether it is required in the first place.

Supported by: John Wilson, Hugh Henry, James Kelly, Robin Harper, Des McNulty, Patricia Ferguson, Trish Godman, Helen Eadie, Marilyn Livingstone, Dr Richard Simpson*, Elaine Murray*

S3M-4440 Hugh Henry: Youthbuild Projects—That the Parliament recognises the excellent success of Youthbuild in Scotland; further recognises the impact that Youthbuild has brought to local communities, both in terms of the projects built and the benefits that individuals involved receive through skilled training; acknowledges that those benefits include a range of industry-recognised qualifications as well as practical experience and generic job skills; praises the work done by Barnardos Youthbuild Project in Paisley and congratulates Kibble Youthbuild on its Youthbuild initiative, which offers employment training placements and support to young care leavers; welcomes the collaboration between Kibble Youthbuild and Reid Kerr College, and further welcomes the support from local employers and training organisations.

S3M-4439 Elizabeth Smith: Congratulations to Perthshire’s Scottish Charity Champion 2009—That the Parliament congratulates Perthshire resident Major David Noble on being named Charity Champion 2009 in the TFN Scottish Charity Awards 2009, organised by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations; recognises the contribution made by Major Noble and individuals like him to Scotland’s voluntary sector and in particular to the care and support of veterans; notes Major Noble’s 20 years of voluntary work with organisations such as Poppy Scotland, the Black Watch Regimental Association and Veterans Scotland and applauds his hard work and dedication; notes Major Noble’s involvement in the Black Watch Appeal Committee’s campaign to save Perth’s Balhousie Castle, his leadership of the Tibbermore Scottish Country Dance band and his work with his local church; congratulates the other shortlisted entrants who just missed out on the Charity Champion Award, Maggie Sheddan for her important work with the Scottish Seabird Centre and Ian Campbell for his fundraising for Highland Hospice, which totalled £43,000; applauds the contribution of the 1.3 million volunteers and 45,000 voluntary organisations across Scotland, and encourages others to get involved in volunteering.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon, Nanette Milne, Bill Aitken, John Lamont, Elaine Smith, Robin Harper, Ted Brocklebank, John Park, Murdo Fraser, Dr Richard Simpson*, Jackie Baillie*, Margaret Mitchell*, Bill Kidd*, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4438 Kenneth Gibson: Dalry Civic Week—That the Parliament notes that Dalry will be holding the Dalry Civic Week from 20 to 27 June 2009; recognises the hard work of all those involved in organising and supporting this triennial civic week, which alternates with Beith and Kilbirnie, and bringing it to fruition; recognises that the theme for the event is changes and congratulates Anna Martin on being crowned Dalry’s 2009 civic queen and Jessica Boyle and Lauren Shaw on being her attendants; looks forward to this year’s parade, themed pirates and princesses, and wishes the civic week event continued success in years to come.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Michael Matheson, Aileen Campbell, Stuart McMillan, John Lamont, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4437 Kenneth Gibson: Service Personnel Travelling Time—That the Parliament notes with disapproval that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) currently counts travel time to and from service areas as part of service members’ well-deserved vacations; believes that service men and women, who risk their lives for their country, should be afforded full 14-day vacations excluding time in transit and therefore enabling them to have more contact with friends and family; calls on the MOD to make the necessary changes as soon as is practically possible, and believes that the inaugural Armed Forces Day on 27 June 2009 would be an appropriate date to make such an announcement. 

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Anne McLaughlin, Stuart McMillan, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Wilson, Dave Thompson, Michael Matheson, Mike Pringle

S3M-4436 Jamie McGrigor: New Home in the Highlands for Mercedes the Bear—That the Parliament welcomes the news that Mercedes, the resident polar bear in Edinburgh Zoo since 1984, has, subject to funding, been allocated a new and greatly enlarged home in the Highland Wildlife Park at Kingussie, Inverness-shire; agrees that this will both place the bear in a more humane and comfortable environment and be beneficial to the Highlands tourism sector; congratulates the team of soldiers from 75 Engineer Regiment who contributed time, effort and equipment to the construction of the enclosure in order to reduce the cost from £300,000 to £75,000, and hopes that people will donate to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland fund to help make up the remaining £50,000 that is required for the completion of the project.

Supported by: Bill Aitken, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Jackson Carlaw, Ms Wendy Alexander, Bob Doris, John Lamont, Nanette Milne, Mary Scanlon, Ted Brocklebank, Maureen Watt, Jamie Stone, Margaret Mitchell*, David Stewart*, Rhoda Grant*, Peter Peacock*

S3M-4435 Cathy Peattie: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change—That the Parliament notes the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) publication of the Copenhagen Protocol ahead of the forthcoming climate change talks in Copenhagen; further notes its recognition that reducing emissions will require a transition towards an economy based on more sustainable production, consumption and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles; welcomes the recognition that this should be underpinned by a just transition of the workforce, which is central to achieving an agreement on climate change and includes the active participation of all stakeholders; believes that the mistakes of previous economic restructuring when entire industries and communities were neglected cannot be repeated, and calls on the UK negotiators at the forthcoming climate talks to reflect widespread support among trade unions and other civil society organisations in the United Kingdom for this just transition clause to be included in the final UNFCCC agreement.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Marlyn Glen, Patrick Harvie, Ms Wendy Alexander, Hugh Henry, Karen Gillon, Elaine Smith, George Foulkes, Patricia Ferguson, Bill Butler, Malcolm Chisholm, Charlie Gordon, Helen Eadie, Dave Thompson, Marilyn Livingstone, Jackie Baillie*, Dr Richard Simpson*, John Park*, Sarah Boyack*, Elaine Murray*

S3M-4434 Robert Brown: The Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2009—That the Justice Committee recommends that nothing further be done under the Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2009 (SSI 2009/234).

Supported by: Bill Butler

S3M-4433 Alasdair Allan: Uist Defence Jobs Cuts—That the Parliament expresses its grave concern at the impact on the people of Uist of the anticipated job losses at defence contractor QinetiQ’s bases in Uist; notes that the Ministry of Defence and its contractors have for decades been one of the largest employers in those islands and that the cuts planned to take effect between now and 2013 will have a severe impact on a fragile island economy; expresses disappointment that the many years of support that the community has given these bases has been so poorly rewarded by HM Government and calls on that government to reconsider its position, taking account of the superb facilities for rocket tracking and other activities that exist in Uist, and seeks urgent information from HM Government as to how it intends to recompense this community if it goes ahead with its present plans.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Rob Gibson, John Wilson, Gil Paterson, Brian Adam, Dave Thompson, Christina McKelvie, John Farquhar Munro*

S3M-4433.1 Peter Peacock: Uist Defence Jobs Cuts—As an amendment to motion (S3M-4433) in the name of Alasdair Allan, leave out from first "expresses" to end and insert "notes with grave concern the impact of the proposals to scale down the missile test range in South Uist and the potential effect on jobs and the economy of the islands; notes the additional potential impact on St Kilda; believes that the strategic defence case for change of the current facilities has not been made and requires to be set out and scrutinised; notes the United Kingdom’s continuing membership of NATO and the importance of that membership in retaining a strategic defence capacity from which the Uists will still benefit; supports Comraihle nan Eilean Siar in the efforts that it is making to coordinate and advance the case for the retention of the defence facilities in South Uist, and urges the Scottish Government to reverse urgently the huge reduction that it has made in the budget of Highlands and Islands Enterprise that is limiting the economic development prospects of areas such as South Uist."

S3M-4432 Gil Paterson on behalf of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee: Hybrid Bills—That the Parliament notes the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee’s 7th Report 2009 (Session 3), Hybrid Bills (SP Paper 299), and agrees that changes to Standing Orders set out in Annexe A to the report be made with effect from 26 June 2009.

Supported by: Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-4431# Anne McLaughlin: Iraq Inquiry Should be Public—That the Parliament believes that any inquiry into the invasion of Iraq should be a public hearing rather than one held behind closed doors; further believes that the thousands of Scottish soldiers who fought in Iraq, their families and the Scottish public deserve to hear the whole truth about this war discussed in public; applauds the persistent efforts of Rose Gentle, who is from Glasgow, and others from Military Families Against the War who have been calling for the UK Government to hold a public inquiry; finds it unacceptable that the UK Government’s proposals for an independent inquiry call for it to be held in secret, going against the principles of openness and transparency, and believes that the overwhelming sway of Scottish opinion backs the call for an immediate inquiry conducted publicly.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Patrick Harvie, Bill Wilson, Brian Adam, Christopher Harvie, Christine Grahame, Mike Pringle, Bill Kidd, Rob Gibson, Jamie Hepburn, Ian McKee, Alasdair Allan, Aileen Campbell, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Robin Harper, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Joe FitzPatrick, Willie Coffey, Sandra White, Christina McKelvie, Dave Thompson

S3M-4430 Pauline McNeill: President Obama Calls on Israel to Lift the Siege on Gaza—That the Parliament expresses its concern at the recent UN agency assessment that health conditions are worsening in Gaza; notes that the continuing siege of Gaza means that only 40 medical items are currently allowed to be imported daily when, before the 22-day conflict in December 2008/January 2009, some 4,000 medical items per day on average could cross into Gaza and that no reparation work has taken place in Gaza since the conflict; further notes the recent remarks by President Obama at a White House meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel "that if the people of Gaza have no hope, if they can’t even get clean water at this point, if the border closures are so tight that it is impossible for reconstruction and humanitarian efforts to take place, then that is not going to be a recipe for Israel’s long-term security or a constructive peace track to move forward", and calls on the international community to bring an end to the siege in Gaza in tandem with a Middle East peace process.

Supported by: Trish Godman, Mr Frank McAveety, Marlyn Glen, Patrick Harvie, Hugh Henry, Des McNulty, Stuart McMillan, Jackie Baillie, Hugh O’Donnell, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Jim Tolson, Gil Paterson, Jamie Hepburn, Malcolm Chisholm, Dr Richard Simpson, Sarah Boyack, Robin Harper, Bill Wilson, Elaine Smith, Bill Butler, Elaine Murray, Dave Thompson, Sandra White

S3M-4429 Kenneth Gibson: Sizewell Nuclear Leak—That the Parliament expresses its grave concern at the long-overdue disclosure of unauthorized radioactive release from Sizewell nuclear power station, exposing the site’s culture of non-compliance and absolute negligence; is appalled that such a sensitive facility would operate in a seemingly non-existent control environment where proper training and nuclear site licence conditions have been set aside; is aware that leaking radioactive material was detected only when a contractor went to wash laundry and that this chance discovery led to the prevention of the irradiated fuel becoming uncovered and a potential airborne off-site release; finds it beyond belief that a nuclear disaster was averted only by pure luck and that public safety should be dependent on fortuitous events; considers that the power plant’s pond system pipe work was mistakenly constructed with simple PVC pipe and wonders why this serious anomaly was not discovered at any time during the 40-year life of the plant or during the safety reviews after two similar accidents; considers that this highlights a disturbingly endless trend of alarm failure and ignorance at Sizewell; acknowledges that the central processing unit (CPU) controlling the alarm system had failed, resulting in a standing alarm, which sounded for two days without anybody recording it in a log or investigating; believes that the relay-based alarm system was poorly installed and never actually operational, the pond level alarm was incorrectly modified and would not have worked if pond level detectors had tried to initiate it and that a fluid detection system should have sounded an alarm from the pipe’s discharge but at the time the system was not fully installed; regrets that all these alarms were of little consequence because the alarm’s computer software was also found to be malfunctioning and that, even if the software and alarms had operated properly, they would have been masked by the CPU’s standing alarm, which was being ignored in the master control room; further regrets that a nuclear power station, built with substantial public investment and potentially representing a significant health risk, would be operated with ignorance of standing alarms, failure of inspection and oversight and in a shroud of secrecy; considers that UK ministers would prefer to ignore freedom of information requests while spending their time promoting a generation of new reactors; insists that the UK Government allays suspicion of similarly undisclosed accidents by ending this ongoing lack of disclosure, and hopes that UK ministers will recognise the wisdom, foresight and public benefit of clean, green energy sources, which seemingly, as experienced so often under Labour, have been ignored.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Christopher Harvie, Rob Gibson, Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper, Brian Adam, Aileen Campbell, Gil Paterson, Bill Kidd, Christina McKelvie

S3M-4428 Alasdair Allan: Iochdar Primary School—That the Parliament congratulates Iochdar Primary School in South Uist on winning the Homecoming Scotland Award at the 2009 Scottish Education Awards; notes that the pupils submitted a portfolio of projects focussing on Uist and Scotland to celebrate their homeland along with schools from every part of Scotland; recognises the impressive quality of the pupils’ efforts in highlighting how their school is celebrating Scotland’s Year of Homecoming, and believes that creative and innovative developments like this help to make schools across Scotland exciting and enjoyable environments for young people to learn in.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Elizabeth Smith, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Gil Paterson, Anne McLaughlin, Aileen Campbell, Bill Kidd, Mary Scanlon, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4427 Bill Kidd: Vindication of Captain William Kidd—That the Parliament welcomes a fresh bid to clear the name of Captain William Kidd, a legendary Scottish seafarer and privateer who was hanged for piracy in 1701, following new evidence from the United States of America that is under consideration by the Fraternity of Masters and Seamen in Dundee and contests the charge of piracy that condemned Captain Kidd to the gallows over three centuries ago.

Supported by: Anne McLaughlin, Alasdair Allan, Rob Gibson, Ian McKee, Joe FitzPatrick, Gil Paterson, Aileen Campbell, Brian Adam, Dave Thompson, Christina McKelvie, Sandra White

S3M-4426 Robin Harper: Successes of the Scottish Forest Alliance Project—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement of the successes to date of the Scottish Forest Alliance, one of the largest tree planting, native woodland creation and regeneration programmes in recent years; recognises that almost 3.5 million trees have been planted or allowed to regenerate naturally over the last nine years of the project, some 1,059 trees for every day of the project so far; notes that a total of 3,297 hectares have been planted or allowed to regenerate naturally with native trees, an area more than one and a half times the size of the city of Inverness; further notes that the 14 project sites throughout Scotland welcome almost half a million visitors each year, more than the Parliament; recognises the project’s important role in regenerating Scotland’s fragmented native woodlands, restoring the landscape and wildlife of these woodlands and promoting and enabling local employment and community involvement, and congratulates the Woodland Trust Scotland, RSPB Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and BP for collaborating on such a successful project.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jim Tolson, Hugh Henry, Joe FitzPatrick, Ms Wendy Alexander, Rob Gibson, Trish Godman, Patrick Harvie, Kenneth Gibson, Bill Butler, Mike Pringle, Marilyn Livingstone, Jackie Baillie*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Elaine Murray*

S3M-4425 Robin Harper: Depression Alliance Scotland’s Getting On, Not Getting Down Campaign and National Depression Week—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of Depression Alliance Scotland’s Getting on, not getting down campaign as part of National Depression Week, 17 to 23 June 2009; further welcomes the campaign’s aim of improving support and treatment for older people with depression in Scotland; recognises that depression is the most common mental health problem in later life, affecting one in seven older people in Scotland; recognises that older people face many challenges to their mental health, including the effects of poverty, social exclusion, retirement, bereavement and physical health problems; is concerned that eight out of 10 older people with clinical depression in Scotland do not receive any treatment whatsoever; notes that 96% of people surveyed in a recent poll believe that older people in Scotland should have equal access to care and treatment for depression, and calls for a review of relevant service provision for older people experiencing depression to improve access, promote recovery to good mental wellbeing and provide support to prevent people from becoming mentally unwell as they enter their later years.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Rob Gibson, Elaine Smith, Bill Wilson, Jim Tolson, Mary Scanlon, Patrick Harvie, Jack McConnell, Dr Richard Simpson*, Jackie Baillie*, Jamie McGrigor*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-4424 Stuart McMillan: Quality Meat Scotland Health and Wellbeing - Hungry for Success Award—That the Parliament congratulates St Kenneth’s Primary School, Inverclyde, for winning the Quality Meat Scotland Health and Wellbeing - Hungry for Success Award at the Scottish Education Awards 2009 ceremony held in Glasgow; notes that for the last three years pupils at St Kenneth’s have engaged in a structured, weekly running programme and that water coolers have been installed in every classroom so that children are properly hydrated; further notes that the school has created a separate dining area overlooking the inner courtyard to reward pupils who clear their plates at lunchtime; acknowledges the creative thought that has been implemented at St Kenneth’s to get the pupils more active and eating more healthily, and wishes the school every success for the future.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Joe FitzPatrick, Sandra White, Bob Doris, Ross Finnie, Gil Paterson, Christina McKelvie

S3M-4423 Stuart McMillan: Scottish Daily Record Headteacher of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates Paul McLaughlin, St Ninian’s High School, East Dunbartonshire, on winning the Scottish Daily Record Headteacher of the Year award at the Scottish Education Awards 2009 ceremony held in Glasgow; notes that, for the first time since the annual awards started in 2001, nominations were received from all 32 local authorities, making the awards truly representative of the success taking place in all corners of the country; acknowledges the hard work and dedication that it has taken to receive such an accolade, and wishes Mr McLaughlin and St Ninian’s High School the very best for the future.

Supported by: Elizabeth Smith, Bill Kidd, Jackson Carlaw, Mr Frank McAveety, Bob Doris, Ross Finnie, Gil Paterson, Jamie Hepburn

S3M-4422 Willie Coffey: Tackling Identity Fraud—That the Parliament notes with concern recent evidence of the growing problem of identity fraud; recognises, from UK-wide research released by Liverpool Victoria, that 2% of people have been a victim of identity fraud and that cases of identity fraud have risen by an average of 33% annually for the last eight years; highlights that victims of identity fraud face costs of over £2,100 to clear their names, and considers that, when a lender’s inadequate procedures lead to a reported case of identity fraud, the lender should support the victim in dealing with the consequences and accept responsibility for notifying the police that an offence may have been committed.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-4420 Sandra White: Clyde Bergemann Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade—That the Parliament congratulates the Glasgow-based engineering company, Clyde Bergemann Ltd, which will receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade on Monday 22 June 2009; considers that the company, which specialises in the supply of clean energy technologies designed to improve thermal efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, has, over the last 85 years, become globally recognised as one of the world’s most innovative and trusted companies, with over 90% of its sales now overseas; believes that the success of the company in these challenging economic times further demonstrates the unparalleled international reach and reputation of Scotland’s engineering industry, and wishes the company and workforce every success in the future.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Aileen Campbell, Rob Gibson, Bill Kidd, Bob Doris, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson, Stuart McMillan

S3M-4406 David Whitton: 2009 Scottish School Magazine Awards—That the Parliament congratulates all the schools that took part in the 2009 Scottish School Magazine Competition and especially St George’s School for Girls in Edinburgh for winning the gold award for its magazine, Independent Women, Brae High School in Shetland for winning a silver award and Boclair Academy in Bearsden for being nominated in seven categories, winning Best Magazine Cover and being awarded a bronze award overall, and notes that all the schools taking part have proved without doubt that the future of magazine publishing in Scotland is in safe hands.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, John Park, Mr Frank McAveety, Karen Gillon, Jackie Baillie, Des McNulty, Jackson Carlaw, Elizabeth Smith, Trish Godman, Stuart McMillan, James Kelly, Hugh Henry, Gil Paterson, Dr Richard Simpson, Sarah Boyack, Robin Harper, Jim Tolson, Marilyn Livingstone, Karen Whitefield, Ian McKee, Dave Thompson

S3M-4405 Alasdair Allan: Abhainn Dearg Distillery—That the Parliament congratulates Mark Tayburn on establishing the Abhainn Dearg whisky distillery in Uig on the Isle of Lewis; notes that this is the most westerly distillery in Scotland and that it is producing the first legal whisky in the Outer Hebrides in over 160 years, since the Shoeburn distillery closed in 1844; looks forward to the first single malt being produced in time for the Royal National Mod in Stornoway in 2011, which will be the first time in history that participants will be able to enjoy a single malt distilled and bottled on the isle of Lewis, and wishes the distillery every success for the future.

Supported by: Shirley-Anne Somerville, Jackson Carlaw, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Rob Gibson, Jamie McGrigor, Aileen Campbell, Bob Doris, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Hugh Henry, John Wilson, Gil Paterson

S3M-4404 Christina McKelvie: NHS Lanarkshire’s Qualified Laundry Team—That the Parliament congratulates Jackie Currie, Cathie McIvor, Kim Carroll, Louise Ledwith, Brian Monks, Margaret Hendry, Elaine Sneddon, James Lennon, Sandra Park and Alison Grier of NHS Lanarkshire’s laundry team on their successful completion of the Scottish Vocational Qualification level 2 in laundry services; notes that they are the first NHS laundry workers in the west of Scotland to achieve this qualification; commends NHS Lanarkshire’s recognition that non-clinical as well as clinical health service staff should be given opportunities to pursue training and education, and believes that patients and staff alike will benefit from the enhanced skills that these 10 newly qualified professionals will bring to their specialist area of work.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-4403 Rob Gibson: Welcoming Wick HarbourFest—That the Parliament wishes the organisers of and participants in Wick HarbourFest Homecoming 2009, taking place from 26 to 28 June, fine weather and a fair breeze for the event; notes the growing importance and success of the festival; applauds the way that it has raised the aspirations of Wick folk and the importance of their historic harbour; asserts that ports have always been key for both economic and cultural activity around the world’s coasts, as the marina developments at Wick and along the Moray coast manifest, and further believes that ports in Caithness and the wider Highlands and Islands will be integral in driving forward a key sector of our Scottish economy.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Aileen Campbell, Gil Paterson, Bob Doris, Kenneth Gibson, Alasdair Allan, Stewart Maxwell, Jamie McGrigor, Mary Scanlon, Robin Harper

S3M-4402 Ross Finnie: Praising Knoxland Primary School—That the Parliament praises Knoxland Primary School in West Dunbartonshire for the first-rate HM Inspectorate of Education report that it received, containing three good ratings and two very good ratings and also praising the children’s behaviour and motivation to learn and the leadership of the head teacher.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jamie McGrigor, Jackie Baillie, Stuart McMillan, Mike Pringle, Aileen Campbell, Gil Paterson

S3M-4401 Rhoda Grant: 2009 National Samaritan Walk—That the Parliament congratulates the 116 walkers from across the United Kingdom and Ireland who took part in the 2009 National Samaritan Walk in Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, on Saturday 13 June 2009, walking between 16 and 29 miles to raise funds for their local Samaritans branches; notes that approximately £5,000 was raised for the Inverness branch, which also organised the event; further notes the donations from local businesses, including those from the North British Trust Hotels, Highland Hotel and Inchbae Lodge, which provided free accommodation for the walkers, and commends the work of the Samaritans who provide confidential non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those experiencing suicidal feelings.

Supported by: Peter Peacock, David Stewart, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Bill Kidd, Jamie Hepburn, Mr Frank McAveety, Elizabeth Smith, Jackie Baillie, Jamie McGrigor, James Kelly, Nanette Milne, Robin Harper, Karen Gillon, Claire Baker, Trish Godman, Mary Mulligan, Bill Butler, Stuart McMillan, Marlyn Glen, Gil Paterson, Dr Richard Simpson, Jim Tolson, Elaine Smith, Marilyn Livingstone, Mary Scanlon, Jack McConnell

S3M-4400 Jackie Baillie: Scottish Calor Village of the Year Award Finalists—That the Parliament congratulates the villages of Cardross and Arrochar and Tarbet, which are two of the nine finalists in the Scottish Calor Village of the Year competition in the central Scotland category; notes that this competition awards the title of Scottish Calor Village of the Year to acknowledge rural communities with a population of 5,000 or under that safeguard the long-term viability of local life; recognises the efforts of many volunteers who sustain their communities, and congratulates these villages on their achievements in becoming finalists.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Trish Godman, Gil Paterson, Mary Mulligan, Helen Eadie, Sarah Boyack, Lewis Macdonald, George Foulkes, Cathy Jamieson, Hugh Henry, Jackson Carlaw, Bill Kidd, James Kelly, Marilyn Livingstone, Elaine Smith, Pauline McNeill, Sandra White, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4399 Dr Richard Simpson: Patients in Gaza—That the Parliament notes the report in the British Medical Journal on 8 May 2009, "Gaza patients "forced" to help security services in exchange for Israeli medical treatment", based on reports from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I); notes that, according to PHR-I, 428 patients were interrogated by Shin Bet between January 2008 and March 2009, including minors in need of medical care, and, while recognising the right of Israel to ensure its security, supports the calls by Hadas Ziv, director of PHR-I, to end any use of patients, especially interrogation of minors, for the purpose of intelligence gathering and to ensure that any questioning for security purposes results in the least possible delay to patients getting medical treatment. 

Supported by: Jack McConnell

S3M-4398 Malcolm Chisholm: Congratulations to Bethany Christian Trust—That the Parliament congratulates the Bethany Christian Trust, which was set up in Leith 25 years ago, on winning the Third Force News Scottish Charity of the Year award; notes that judges were impressed by its innovative approaches to supporting homeless people, delivering services in partnership with other charities and continuing to develop and grow its social businesses, and thanks all its staff and volunteers for all the work that they do to help homeless and vulnerable people throughout Scotland.

Supported by: Des McNulty, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Elaine Murray, Karen Gillon, Jamie McGrigor, George Foulkes, Jamie Hepburn, Jackie Baillie, James Kelly, Nanette Milne, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Robin Harper, John Park, Mr Frank McAveety, Claire Baker, Mike Pringle, Murdo Fraser, David McLetchie, Mary Mulligan, Hugh Henry, Bob Doris, Stuart McMillan, Gil Paterson, Helen Eadie, Elaine Smith, Marilyn Livingstone, Karen Whitefield, Jack McConnell

S3M-4394 Sarah Boyack: Bethany Wins Scottish Charity of the Year 2009—That the Parliament congratulates Bethany Christian Trust on being named Charity of the Year at the Third Force News (TFN) Scottish Charity Awards 2009; notes the innovative work undertaken by Bethany over the last 25 years to support homeless and vulnerable people across Edinburgh and Scotland; further notes the breadth of support offered by Bethany, from providing basic, on-street support, drop-in centres, emergency accommodation and specialist units through to community education, which helps people back into formal education, and community integration, which provides people with the networks and skills to prevent repeat homelessness; further congratulates the other recipients of TFN awards, and recognises the contribution that the voluntary sector makes to Scotland.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jack McConnell

S3M-4393 Helen Eadie: Congratulations on Efforts to Secure Employment for Disabled People—That the Parliament congratulates the assemblies in Northern Ireland and Wales as well as the Westminster government where government ministers have taken initiatives by establishing task forces to ensure that a distinct and crystal clear message is sent to all procurement management within public services across the United Kingdom that a direct focus must be given to working with Remploy and other supported-workshop providers in the award of government contracts to help the continuance of employment of disabled people, particularly in the face of the major challenges facing the economy; expresses its pride that the Scottish Parliament was among the first in the UK to use the provisions of Article 19 of the EU public sector procurement directive, which ensures the legal framework to award such special public service contracts; pays special thanks and a tribute to Lynn Garvie, Head of Purchasing in the Scottish Parliament, who made sure that the will of the Parliament was delivered in this regard while undertaking her procurement duties following the opening of the new Holyrood building, and, finally, hopes that the Scottish Government will examine the examples of ministerial best practice in the other UK assemblies and the UK Parliament and give some urgency and importance to the direction of public service procurement officials across Scotland to deliver for disabled people and help protect their employment in difficult economic times.

Supported by: Cathy Jamieson, Jack McConnell

S3M-4392 Johann Lamont: Human Rights in Turkey—That the Parliament welcomes the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against Turkey for failing to prevent the murder of a woman whose daughter had informed police that she believed herself and her mother to be at risk; recognises the significance of this first ruling by the ECHR against a state for failing to protect a woman from domestic violence, and calls on all agencies in Scotland involved in delivering services to those at risk of domestic violence to respond by taking prompt and effective action when they receive reports from victims or potential victims that they believe themselves to be at risk of domestic violence.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-4386♦ Bob Doris: Supporting Scotland’s Third Sector—That the Parliament congratulates the 12 organisations that were successful in their applications for funding distributed from the new Scottish Government Third Sector Enterprise Fund; notes that the awards to Possil and Milton Forum on Disability and Rosemount Lifelong Learning will make a significant contribution to the activities of these north Glasgow organisations; welcomes the commitment demonstrated by the Scottish Government towards the sector with the provision of £12 million, of which £250,000 is ring-fenced for credit union applications, and believes that the third sector in partnership with the Scottish Government will continue to improve on the delivery of vital services to the nation as well as providing jobs at the time that they are most needed.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Kenneth Gibson, Aileen Campbell, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Rob Gibson, Bill Kidd, Anne McLaughlin, Stewart Maxwell, Gil Paterson, Christina McKelvie

S3M-4385 Robert Brown: RNIB Scotland Campaign of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates RNIB Scotland on winning the TFN Scottish Charity Awards Campaign of the Year Award; notes that its success was based on its campaign to secure a higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance for those with severe sight loss; welcomes the fact that the award recognised both its innovative and participative style of campaigning; welcomes the major contribution made over the years by RNIB Scotland and other organisations fighting for the rights and needs of blind and visually impaired people, and urges the Scottish Government and other public agencies to continue to recognise the contribution that blind and visually impaired people of all ages can make to wider Scottish society.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper, Ross Finnie, Des McNulty, Liam McArthur, Elizabeth Smith, Nanette Milne, Cathy Jamieson, Anne McLaughlin, Dr Richard Simpson, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Bob Doris, Jim Tolson, Mike Pringle, Kenneth Gibson, Jackie Baillie, Joe FitzPatrick, Jackson Carlaw, Sandra White, Ken Macintosh, Cathie Craigie, Patrick Harvie, Pauline McNeill, James Kelly, Hugh Henry, Alison McInnes, Gil Paterson, Stuart McMillan, Dave Thompson

S3M-4384 Jackie Baillie: Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs, Visitor Payback Scheme—That the Parliament welcomes the Visitor Payback Scheme being piloted by the Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs; notes that the scheme has the potential to raise significant funds for conservation and enhancement projects in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park; understands that the scheme works closely with local businesses and visitors, giving them the opportunity to donate money to projects for the national park; believes that the scheme will demonstrate commitment to sustainability and will enrich the unique diverse natural and cultural heritage of the national park area; further notes that this is the first Visitor Payback Scheme of such a scale in Scotland; thanks Argyll and the Islands LEADER programme, Scottish Enterprise, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Scottish Natural Heritage and West Dunbartonshire Council for funding the project, and wishes Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs every success with this venture.

Supported by: Patricia Ferguson, Robin Harper, Kenneth Gibson, Jackson Carlaw, Ross Finnie, Ken Macintosh, Dr Richard Simpson, John Park, Jim Tolson, Trish Godman, Pauline McNeill, Hugh Henry, Gil Paterson, Marilyn Livingstone, Stuart McMillan

S3M-4383 Margaret Curran: Flying High in Glasgow, the 1089 (7th Glasgow) Air Cadets Squadron—That the Parliament salutes the hard work and achievements of the 1089 (7th Glasgow) Air Cadets Squadron, based in the east end of Glasgow; commends the Royal Air Force for its sponsorship of the air cadets programme, which offers a range of activities for people aged between 13 and 18 and provides them with the opportunity to earn nationally recognised qualifications; encourages all the Glasgow cadets in their challenging endeavours, and credits the adult volunteers for their support in helping to run the squadron.

Supported by: Mary Mulligan, Helen Eadie, John Lamont, Trish Godman, James Kelly, Mr Frank McAveety, Lewis Macdonald, Stuart McMillan, Hugh Henry, Ian McKee, Cathy Jamieson, George Foulkes, Jackie Baillie, Alex Johnstone, Jackson Carlaw, Elizabeth Smith, Des McNulty, Karen Gillon, Gil Paterson, Karen Whitefield, Bob Doris, Jim Tolson, Marilyn Livingstone, Bill Aitken*, Jamie McGrigor*

S3M-4382 Gil Paterson: Honorary Freemanship for Jackie Stewart—That the Parliament welcomes the decision to award Jackie Stewart an honorary freemanship of West Dunbartonshire; acknowledges his untiring work in raising awareness of dyslexia in Scotland, offering inspiration to thousands of young people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia; further recognises Jackie Stewart’s contribution, not only his great driving skills but also his highlighting of safety issues in motor sport, having added downstream safety features to everyday automobiles, and further acknowledges and offers congratulations to our world-known and respected ambassador for Scotland.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper, Ross Finnie, Cathy Peattie, Rob Gibson, Des McNulty, Alasdair Allan, Anne McLaughlin, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Bob Doris, Jim Tolson, Kenneth Gibson, Jackie Baillie, Mary Scanlon, Jackson Carlaw, Joe FitzPatrick, Sandra White, Ken Macintosh, Aileen Campbell, Bill Kidd, Hugh Henry, Jack McConnell, Jim Hume, Stuart McMillan

S3M-4381 Shirley-Anne Somerville: Congratulations to Bethany Christian Trust, Scotland’s Charity of the Year, and to the Other Winners of the TFN Scottish Charity Awards 2009—That the Parliament congratulates Bethany Christian Trust for the fantastic achievement of winning the Scottish Charity of the Year Award for its ongoing work supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Edinburgh and Leith, in this its 25th year, at the TFN Scottish Charity Awards on 11 June 2009; also congratulates the other winners of this year’s awards, including Major David Noble who won the Charity Champion Award for nearly 20 years of tireless support for veterans’ services, RNIB Scotland for winning the Campaign of the Year Award for its fantastic disability living allowance campaign, which tackled inequalities in levels of mobility support for blind and partially sighted people across the United Kingdom, Nari Kallyan Shangho for winning the Community Action Award for its work supporting South Asian women in Edinburgh to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, and the partnership between RSPB Scotland and the Famous Grouse on winning the Partnership Award for creating the Black Grouse whisky, which raises money for conservation work to save the endangered bird; recognises the contribution made by all the organisations and individuals, nominated and shortlisted, to communities across Scotland; praises the resilience, hard work and dedication of Scotland’s third sector demonstrated by the strength of this year’s record number of entries to the TFN Scottish Charity Awards, and congratulates the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations for all its work in putting on the awards.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Rob Gibson, Alasdair Allan, Kenneth Gibson, Ken Macintosh, Jamie Hepburn, Mike Pringle, Robin Harper, Bob Doris, Jackie Baillie, Liam McArthur, Sandra White, Aileen Campbell, Gil Paterson

S3M-4380 Kenneth Gibson: Commemorating the 30th Ardrossan Highland Games—That the Parliament congratulates Ardrossan Highland Games on holding its 30th commemorative games on Sunday 14 June 2009 at Ardrossan Rugby Club’s Memorial Playing Field; notes that thousands of people attended and enjoyed the events, attractions and beautiful summer weather; recognises the hard work of all those involved in organising such a huge and successful event; notes that Ardrossan Highland Games has now become a prestigious fixture on the highland games circuit, with competitors from not only Scotland but as far away as Germany, and wishes Ardrossan Highland Games continued success in years to come.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Ross Finnie, Aileen Campbell, Jamie McGrigor, Stewart Maxwell, Gil Paterson, Jackson Carlaw, Alasdair Allan, John Lamont, Stuart McMillan

S3M-4379 Karen Gillon: NHS Lanarkshire Laundry Team—That the Parliament congratulates the 10 members of NHS Lanarkshire health board’s laundry team on becoming the first group in the west of Scotland to successfully complete the Scottish Vocational Qualification level two in laundry services; notes the vital role that laundry services play in the NHS ensuring that health facilities are kept clean and free from infection, and highlights the importance of ensuring that NHS staff in Lanarkshire, and other NHS boards across Scotland, are provided with opportunities to improve their specialist skills and knowledge through training, thus improving the quality of service provided to patients.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jack McConnell

S3M-4378 Mr Frank McAveety: Gorbals Fair 2009—That the Parliament recognises the excellent efforts of the communities in the Gorbals area of Glasgow for organising the Gorbals Fair 2009; praises the organising committee and local community councils for providing the means to host the fair and the St Francis Pipe Band for leading the fair parade, and highlights the continuing regeneration of the Gorbals area, demonstrated by the success of the fair.

Supported by: Gil Paterson, Mary Mulligan, Elaine Smith, Anne McLaughlin, Helen Eadie, Karen Gillon, Bob Doris, Trish Godman, Robin Harper, Lewis Macdonald, Stuart McMillan, Hugh Henry, Cathy Jamieson, George Foulkes, Jackie Baillie, Kenneth Gibson, Nanette Milne, Patricia Ferguson, Charlie Gordon, Karen Whitefield, Sandra White, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-3893# Christina McKelvie: Supporting Social Work—That the Parliament supports the awareness raising campaign, Social Work Changes Lives, which was launched by the Association of Directors of Social Work, the Scottish Social Services Council and the Association of Social Care Communicators on 1 April 2009; recognises the burdens that social workers carry; agrees that it is important to promote a positive image of social work acknowledging the huge variety of tasks that social work and social care staff undertake to support vulnerable people in central Scotland region and right across the country; believes that most people will come into contact with social work services at some point in their lives, whether they are receiving a service or are involved in arranging a service for others, and therefore believes that it is vitally important that social work services are well understood and valued by society.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Patrick Harvie, Rob Gibson, Alasdair Allan, Dr Richard Simpson, Anne McLaughlin, Hugh O’Donnell, Stuart McMillan, Robin Harper, Aileen Campbell, Gil Paterson, John Lamont, Ken Macintosh, Angela Constance, Liam McArthur, Willie Coffey, Nigel Don, Elaine Murray, Alasdair Morgan, Irene Oldfather, Jeremy Purvis, Jim Tolson, Richard Baker

S3M-3762# Margaret Curran: St Bridget’s Chapel and the Mary’s Meals Backpack Project—That the Parliament endorses the work of the Mary’s Meals international movement and in particular the group working from St Bridget’s Chapel in Baillieston; commends the initiative, which is helping to feed over 350,000 children in poor areas of the globe on a daily basis, encouraging hungry children to attend school to be fed and, through education, gain a better future for themselves and their communities; expresses great pride in the fact that Mary’s Meals is based in Glasgow and administers volunteers and feeding programmes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and recognises the hard work of the volunteers at St Bridget’s who participate in the Backpack Project, providing deprived children across five continents with school bags and school essentials donated by local community members.

Supported by: Jack McConnell, Elaine Murray, Mary Mulligan, Helen Eadie, Bob Doris, Alasdair Allan, Kenneth Gibson, Hugh O’Donnell, Mr Frank McAveety, Anne McLaughlin, Robin Harper, Michael McMahon, Pauline McNeill, Hugh Henry, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, David Whitton, Trish Godman, Patricia Ferguson, Gil Paterson, Karen Whitefield, James Kelly, Ken Macintosh, Sarah Boyack, David Stewart, Marilyn Livingstone

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-4376 Unelected Members of the UK Cabinet (lodged on 12 June 2009) Ian McKee*

S3M-4367 Hampered by Hormones? Addressing the Needs of Men with Prostate Cancer (lodged on 11 June 2009) Margaret Mitchell*, Jackie Baillie*, Aileen Campbell*, James Kelly*, Trish Godman*, Ken Macintosh*, Christine Grahame*, Joe FitzPatrick*, John Park*, Mary Scanlon*, Pauline McNeill*

S3M-4353 Quarriers Condemned Campaign (lodged on 10 June 2009) David Whitton*

S3M-4256 A Post Bank, A People’s Bank (lodged on 27 May 2009) Charlie Gordon*

S3M-4255 Barony Chambers, Kirkintilloch Receives Historic Scotland Building Repairs Grant (lodged on 27 May 2009) Robin Harper*

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