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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-4043 Shirley-Anne Somerville: Hibs Under-19s SFA Youth Cup Win—That the Parliament congratulates Hibernian Football Club under-19s on their SFA Youth Cup win; notes that the final against Rangers was won by two goals to one; further notes the exciting game that went to extra time as both teams were drawn one each, and also congratulates Kurtus Byrne whose goal in the last minute of extra time gave Hibs its first taste of Youth Cup glory for 17 years.

*S3M-4042 Mary Mulligan: National Epilepsy Week 2009—That the Parliament recognises the contribution made by Epilepsy Scotland and fellow Scottish members of the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland to raise awareness and combat the social stigma associated with epilepsy; supports these organisations in marking National Epilepsy Week, 17 to 23 May 2009, and in challenging discrimination and informing public attitudes; acknowledges that epilepsy should be higher on the Scottish Governments and NHS boards agendas so that more epilepsy specialist nurses and doctors can be trained and patient care can be improved; acknowledges Epilepsy Scotlands campaign for more nurses and a corresponding increase in specialist posts; calls on the Scottish Government and the NHS to ensure that sufficient epilepsy nurses work in each NHS board and to help them provide local transition arrangements for young people with epilepsy moving to adult epilepsy services; welcomes the Cross Party Group on Epilepsys current review of social work section 23 assessments of need for families with epilepsy; congratulates the Scottish Parliament for winning Epilepsy Scotlands Employer of the Year Award, which recognises epilepsy best practice, and praises the ongoing awareness training provided for the Scottish Parliaments own staff so that epilepsy is no longer hidden and misunderstood.

*S3M-4041♦ Anne McLaughlin: Time to End Sri Lankan War, Time for Humanitarian Concerns to Take a Priority—That the Parliament welcomes the fact that the United Nations, European Union and other international institutions are calling for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka between government forces and the Tamil Tigers; considers it vital that humanitarian assistance is able to reach the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who are suffering as a result of the conflict without adequate shelter, food and medicine; recognises that the Tamil community in Scotland, the vast majority of whom live in Glasgow, are desperately worried about relatives in the conflict zone with whom contact is restricted if existent at all; supports the international community in doing more to put pressure on both sides in the conflict to lay down arms and create humanitarian corridors for safe passage of aid; considers that the vast majority of people of Sri Lanka do not want this war, and believes that, after 26 years of brutal conflict and more than 70,000 deaths, it is now time for the voices of those people to be heard and for them to be able to live in peace.

*S3M-4040 Des McNulty: Congratulations to Clydebank FC on Reaching the Scottish Junior Cup Final—That the Parliament applauds the renaissance of Clydebank FC, which sees the team reaching the Citilink Scottish Junior Cup final for the first time since its reinvention six years ago; acknowledges the tremendous work of the United Clydebank Supporters Trust in its tireless support of the team that started out with no funds and still has no home; thanks everyone associated with the club for their contribution to the local community, and hopes that Bankie fans will have every reason to celebrate on 31 May 2009.

Supported by: Bill Butler*, Patricia Ferguson*

*S3M-4039 Willie Coffey: Congratulations to Shannon Bryson and Woodstock School, Kilmarnock—That the Parliament congratulates Shannon Bryson from Woodstock School in Kilmarnock on receiving a Diana Award for her work in helping others; notes that Shannon regularly visits Argyll House nursing home in Kilmarnock; considers her an inspiration to the other pupils at her school, which caters for children with additional support needs, and applauds the school’s senior class for promoting Woodstock as a healthy eco-school and for supporting Kilmarnock Can Cycle, a charity that repairs old bicycles for sale at low cost and for distribution to developing countries.

*S3M-4038 Patricia Ferguson: SPT and Allied Vehicles—That the Parliament notes that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has taken delivery of the first of 20 new vehicles to provide special services for the elderly, infirm and geographically isolated passengers who might not otherwise be able to use public transport; welcomes the fact that these buses, modified by Possilpark-based Allied Vehicles, are more fuel efficient than normal buses, are smaller for easier access to housing schemes and country lanes and more adaptable to accommodate wheelchairs; commends SPT for the ingenuity shown by the introduction of these vehicles; congratulates Allied Vehicles on securing this contract, and hopes that it can secure the full production of these vehicles in order to secure existing jobs and create new jobs for local people in Possilpark.

Supported by: Bill Butler*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Bob Doris*, Ken Macintosh*, Kenneth Gibson*, Cathy Jamieson*, Robert Brown*, Karen Whitefield*

*S3M-4037 John Swinney: The Draft Local Government and Housing Act 1989 Amendment (Scotland) Order 2009—That the Local Government and Communities Committee recommends that the draft Local Government and Housing Act 1989 Amendment (Scotland) Order 2009 be approved.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*

*S3M-4036 Roseanna Cunningham: The Draft Community Right to Buy (Definition Of Excluded Land) (Scotland) Order 2009—That the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee recommends that the the draft Community Right to Buy (Definition Of Excluded Land) (Scotland) Order 2009 be approved.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead*

*S3M-4035 Kenny MacAskill: The Draft Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003 (Designation of Participating Countries) (Scotland) (No.2) Order 2009—That the Justice Committee recommends that the draft Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003 (Designation of Participating Countries) (Scotland) (No.2) Order 2009 be approved.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

*S3M-4034 Sandra White: Glasgow Community Service Workers—That the Parliament notes with concern the ongoing strike by community service workers in Glasgow, which remains unresolved after almost five months and which has led to Glasgow City Council failing in its statutory duty to implement community service orders; criticises Glasgow City Council for its refusal to seek independent arbitration to end the dispute and for the hardship and anxiety being suffered by the community service workers and their families; believes that Glasgow City Councils thinly veiled threat to outsource the work will only serve to further inflame the situation, and urges Glasgow City Council to enter into meaningful discussion with the workers through independent arbitration.

Supported by: Gil Paterson*, Michael Matheson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Stuart McMillan*

*S3M-4033 Alex Johnstone: Promoting Sustainable Angling—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust on securing a further three years of investment for the Scottish National Angling Programme (SNAP), which seeks to develop sustainability in Scottish angling and promote the sport; notes that SNAP brings together many groups involved in the three main types of angling to develop jointly one plan for the future of the sport; further notes that angling is the largest participation sport in the United Kingdom and contributes £113 million to the Scottish economy, and wishes the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust every success in promoting a sustainable future for angling in Scotland.

*S3M-4032♦ Jim Tolson: Rights of Former Gurkha Soldiers—That the Parliament welcomes the victory for the rights of Gurkha soldiers achieved in the Commons defeat on 29 April 2009 when MPs voted by 267 to 246 for a Liberal Democrat motion offering all Gurkhas equal right of residence in Britain; believes that this is a historic victory for the Gurkhas who have served the United Kingdom so bravely; notes the widespread opposition to the UK Governments proposed guidelines, which are considered to permit only a small minority of Gurkhas and their families to settle while preventing the vast majority to do so; believes that the UK Governments decision fails to recognise the long history of dedicated service by Gurkha soldiers; welcomes the support for justice for the Gurkha soldiers by former Gurkha officer, Major Bill MacKay of Dunfermline; commends the 70 years of continuous service given by Sergeant Sunar Gurung, who served with Major MacKay, and Sergeant Gurungs six sons who all served with the Gurkha regiment, and believes that such service should be recognised.

*S3M-4031 Willie Coffey: Kilmarnock FC, Scotland’s Oldest Football Club at 140 Years Old—That the Parliament congratulates Kilmarnock Football Club on its 140th anniversary; recognises that the club is the oldest professional football club in Scotland and has played a significant role in the development of professional football in Scotland, and looks forward to the clubs continuing contribution to a strong and successful future for Scottish football.

*S3M-4030 Margaret Curran: From Sponsorship to Decoration, the City of Glasgow Swim Team—That the Parliament congratulates the City of Glasgow Swim Team for an excellent performance at the Scottish National Age Group Swimming Championships 2009, particularly the three champions from the east end of Glasgow, 14-year-old Edward Gray and 13-year-old Stacey Henderson from Eastbank Academy and 15-year-old Rachel Tedeschi from the Glasgow School of Sport; commends the Tigers organisation, based in the east end of Glasgow, for providing £500 to fund the entry and support for the three local children, who left the competition with three medals between them and personal best qualifying times, and encourages other community groups across Scotland to demonstrate such generosity by providing sponsorship, without which achievements such as this may not be possible.

Supported by: Marilyn Livingstone*, Mary Mulligan*, Patricia Ferguson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Trish Godman*, Elaine Smith*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Claire Baker*, Paul Martin*, Johann Lamont*, Karen Gillon*, Cathy Jamieson*

*S3M-4029 Bill Wilson: The Gurkhas, Prepared to Die for the UK but not Fit to Live Here?—That the Parliament agrees with the sentiments expressed in the Westminster Early Day Motion, EDM 1362, that states that new Home Office guidelines relating to the settlement of former Gurkha soldiers in the country for which they served is unnecessarily restrictive, morally wrong and offensive; notes that approximately 1,500 Gurkhas, including Falklands veterans, currently awaiting the outcome of their appeals would face deportation under the new guidelines; accordingly welcomes the UK Governments defeat in the House of Commons on this issue, and calls on the UK Government to take note of the majority opinion of MPs that it believes reflects the opinion of UK citizens and therefore to welcome those who are considered good enough to die for the United Kingdom as also fit to live here.

Supported by: Aileen Campbell*, Jamie Hepburn*, Sandra White*, Gil Paterson*, Robin Harper*, Bob Doris*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S3M-4028 Cathie Craigie: £2 Million for Scottish Charities—That the Parliament congratulates the People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL) on having raised over £2 million for Scottish charities, which was marked by a visit to the new Glen Mile Mountain Bike Trail in Cumbernauld, which is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust; believes that this sum has made a real difference to PPL’s charity partners, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, Missing People, Children 1st and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, which have benefited from unrestricted financial support for their good causes, and welcomes the creation of the People’s Postcode Trust, which will create new opportunities for organisations to apply for smaller sums that can make a real difference to their communities.

Supported by: Aileen Campbell*, Mike Pringle*, Karen Gillon*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Karen Whitefield*, Sandra White*, Gil Paterson*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Robin Harper*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mary Mulligan*, Trish Godman*, Elaine Murray*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Cathy Jamieson*

*S3M-4027 Kenneth Gibson: Pro-anorexia Websites—That the Parliament is deeply concerned about the proliferation of pro-anorexia websites, which portray anorexia as a glamorous lifestyle choice rather than a potentially fatal psychiatric illness; acknowledges that such sites have been condemned by Beating Eating Disorders, the leading eating disorder charity in the United Kingdom; is aware that these sites share tips on how to accelerate weight loss and disguise fasting from concerned friends and family and advise on how best to induce vomiting and using laxatives; recognises that the appearance of pro-anorexia websites on social networking sites has allowed them to reach a much wider audience, aimed particularly at young women, and that they often pose as a means of support or claim that their intentions are neutral and support recovery while advocating an illness that can lead to infertility, heart disease and even death; understands that many people with anorexia go undiagnosed and up to 20% of those who become seriously ill die prematurely and are at particularly high risk of suicide, and calls on the UK Government to follow the example of the French Government in taking robust action against UK-based websites that actively promote harm and discourage vulnerable people with anorexia from seeking treatment by validating their behaviour, given that not all web portals are prepared to regulate these sites.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Sandra White*, Rob Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Ken Macintosh*, Bill Kidd*, John Wilson*, Elaine Smith*

*S3M-4026 James Kelly: Lightburn Elderly Association’s Hands On Project—That the Parliament notes the successful application made by the Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP) to the Climate Challenge Fund; supports the direct action of this project in promoting energy efficiency, recycling waste and reducing carbon emissions among older people in the Cambuslang and Rutherglen area; further notes that the project has received funds to continue with the work that it has championed on an issue that affects all ages; commends it in its endeavours to be part of the move to achieve Scotlands hopes of reducing emissions by 80% in 2050, and wishes all those involved the very best as they take this project forward.

*S3M-4025 Iain Smith: Howe of Fife RFC—That the Parliament congratulates Howe of Fife Rugby Football Club for winning the 2008-09 National League Division One Championship undefeated; recognises the significant contribution that the club is making to developing youth rugby, and wishes Howe of Fife RFC every success next season following its promotion to the premiership.

Supported by: Stewart Maxwell*, Tricia Marwick*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Mike Pringle*, Hugh Henry*, Ross Finnie*, Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Claire Baker*, Robin Harper*, Sandra White*, Ted Brocklebank*, Aileen Campbell*

*S3M-4024 Jackie Baillie: Helensburgh Crime Prevention Panel—That the Parliament welcomes the considerable efforts of the Helensburgh Crime Prevention Panel, established in 1987, in seeking to improve safety in its local community; notes that the group has recently purchased 225 personal alarms, which will be available to vulnerable women in the Helensburgh area; further notes that the panel has been at the forefront of numerous initiatives, alongside the police, to tackle crime, including improving lighting in the local supermarket car park, enhancing door security and holding seminars for shop owners on shoplifting; understands that the panel is made up of volunteers from all walks of life who are concerned with safety in their local community; congratulates them for all their work, and hopes that they go from strength to strength.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Helen Eadie*, James Kelly*, Kenneth Gibson*, Hugh Henry*, Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Claire Baker*, Trish Godman*, Karen Whitefield*, Elaine Smith*, Jim Tolson*, Sandra White*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Bob Doris*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-4017: Withdrawn

S3M-4003*#* Dave Thompson: Supporting Our Local Newspaper Industry—That the Parliament notes Local Newspaper Week, 11 to 17 May 2009, and recognises the crucial role played by Scotland’s local newspapers in providing a news service to their local communities; particularly notes the work of northern papers including The Inverness Courier, Highland News, North Star, The Northern Scot, Ross-shire Journal and West Highland Free Press, which serve, at times, a scattered and remote population; further notes the benefits to community engagement and the democratic process of the traditional local newspaper industry; acknowledges the increased pressures faced by the local newspaper industry due to falling circulation, loss of advertising revenue and increased competition from internet-based services, and considers that printed newspapers have served for centuries as a source of information on community affairs.

Supported by: Christina McKelvie*

S3M-3979*#* Cathy Peattie: Local Newspaper Week 2009—That the Parliament notes that 11 to 17 May 2009 is Local Newspaper Week, which has the theme of building stronger communities, highlighting the important roles played by the 120-plus weekly, bi-weekly, paid-for and free newspapers that serve local people and businesses throughout Scotland’s cities, towns and villages; acknowledges the local press as Scotland’s most socially inclusive local mass communication medium; applauds the significant investment made by publishers to deliver to an increasingly digital agenda and increase their digital audience; notes that members of the Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association are facing the most severe crisis in revenue generation and profitability in living memory, attributable to the long-term decline in paid-for newspaper circulations, the emergence of advertising-dependent internet services and the loss of recruitment advertising and licensing revenue to initiatives such as myjobscotland, developed under the auspices of the Scottish Government’s Local Government National Shared Services Board and led by COSLA, and is extremely concerned about the collateral damage to the democratic process and to the local newspaper industry that would result from the proposed introduction of a publicly funded web portal for the publication of public information notices.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant*, Jim Hume*, Hugh Henry*, Pauline McNeill*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-4020 Congratulations to the Scottish Maritime Museum (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Jim Hume*

S3M-4019 Congratulations to Kelly Street Children’s Centre, Greenock (lodged on 29 April 2009) Bob Doris*, Sandra White*, Ross Finnie*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-4018 Breastfeeding, Every Day Makes a Difference to Your Baby (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Patrick Harvie*, Sarah Boyack*, James Kelly*, Ken Macintosh*, Cathie Craigie*, Mary Mulligan*, Ms Wendy Alexander*, Trish Godman*, Bill Butler*, Patricia Ferguson*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-4016 Sustrans School Travel Survey (lodged on 29 April 2009) Christopher Harvie*, Stuart McMillan*, Elaine Smith*, Trish Godman*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-4015 Improving Household Waste Recycling in Fife (lodged on 29 April 2009) Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Iain Smith*, Elaine Smith*, Bob Doris*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Mike Pringle*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-4014 Turner Prize Nominations (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Jim Tolson*, Patricia Ferguson*

S3M-4013# The Falkirk Herald (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-4012 Whiteinch Centre (lodged on 29 April 2009) Paul Martin*, Mary Mulligan*, Sarah Boyack*, Elaine Smith*, Trish Godman*, Patricia Ferguson*, Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-4011 Auchinleck Talbot FC Citilink Scottish Junior Cup Final (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Kenneth Gibson*, George Foulkes*, Hugh Henry*, Jamie McGrigor*, Claire Baker*, Helen Eadie*, Trish Godman*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Aileen Campbell*, John Scott*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-4010 Kilmarnock FC 140th Anniversary (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Alasdair Allan*, Mike Pringle*, John Lamont*, James Kelly*, Bill Butler*, Ross Finnie*, George Foulkes*, Jamie McGrigor*, Helen Eadie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Margaret Mitchell*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Gil Paterson*, Brian Adam*, Sandra White*, Aileen Campbell*, Hugh Henry*, Ken Macintosh*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-4009 Crossroads Lewis (lodged on 29 April 2009) Elaine Smith*

S3M-4008 Epilepsy Scotland’s Employer of the Year (lodged on 29 April 2009) Jamie Hepburn*, Jim Hume*

S3M-4002 Adult Learners’ Week 2009 (lodged on 28 April 2009) Hugh Henry*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Cathie Craigie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-4001 Wake-up Call for the Scottish Government (lodged on 28 April 2009) Mr Frank McAveety*, Cathie Craigie*, George Foulkes*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-3997 Helensburgh and Lomond Community Spirit Awards 2009 (lodged on 28 April 2009) Sandra White*, Elaine Smith*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-3993 4th North Glasgow 5K (lodged on 27 April 2009) Hugh Henry*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Ken Macintosh*

S3M-3992 Maryhill Burgh Halls (lodged on 27 April 2009) Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-3989♦ HBOS, Lloyds TSB Merger (lodged on 27 April 2009) Brian Adam*

S3M-3988 A New Vision for the Devil’s Beef Tub (lodged on 27 April 2009) Hugh Henry*

S3M-3987 Burntisland Primary School (lodged on 27 April 2009) Christopher Harvie*

S3M-3986# Forgotten in Life and Forgotten in Death (lodged on 27 April 2009) Sandra White*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-3985 North Lanarkshire Schools’ Music Groups (lodged on 27 April 2009) Hugh Henry*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Ken Macintosh*, Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-3984 Isle of Arran Wildlife Festival (lodged on 27 April 2009) Sandra White*, Jim Hume*

S3M-3983 Congratulations to Falkirk Football Club (lodged on 27 April 2009) Sandra White*, Christina McKelvie*

S3M-3981 Family Fund (lodged on 27 April 2009) Sandra White*, Hugh Henry*, Ken Macintosh*

S3M-3980 Inverclyde Trio Receive Youth Football Award (lodged on 24 April 2009) Ross Finnie*

S3M-3978# Dementia Awareness Week (lodged on 24 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Cathie Craigie*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Patricia Ferguson*

S3M-3977 Welcome to Age Concern and Help the Aged in Scotland (lodged on 24 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Karen Whitefield*, Marlyn Glen*, Robert Brown*, Elaine Smith*, Kenneth Gibson*, Duncan McNeil*, Karen Gillon*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Claire Baker*, Richard Baker*, Jamie McGrigor*, Gil Paterson*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Robin Harper*, Bob Doris*, Ken Macintosh*, Patricia Ferguson*, Trish Godman*, Elaine Murray*, Hugh O’Donnell*, John Park*

S3M-3976 Glasgow City Council School Closure Decision (lodged on 24 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3975 Project Stedfast (lodged on 24 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3974 Retreat to Glasgow (lodged on 24 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3973 Get Ready for Glasgow Primary Youth Games 2009 (lodged on 24 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3972 Yeadon’s of Elgin, Scotland’s Independent Book Shop of the Year (lodged on 23 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3971 Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living (lodged on 23 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Hugh Henry*, Karen Whitefield*, Cathie Craigie*

S3M-3970 Major Benson-Blair (lodged on 23 April 2009) Anne McLaughlin*, Margaret Mitchell*, Stuart McMillan*, Mary Scanlon*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Alex Johnstone*, John Lamont*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Aitken*, Trish Godman*, Nanette Milne*, Mike Pringle*, Jamie McGrigor*, Robin Harper*

S3M-3968 Beltane Fire Festival (lodged on 23 April 2009) Sandra White*

S3M-3967 New Europe Film Festival (lodged on 23 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3966 St Kilda (lodged on 23 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Jim Hume*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3960 Carers Across Scotland (lodged on 23 April 2009) Ken Macintosh*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3958 Scottish Government and STUC (lodged on 22 April 2009) Bob Doris*

S3M-3958.1 Scottish Government and STUC (lodged on 24 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3957 University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards (lodged on 22 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3956♦ Scotland’s Road Haulage Industry (lodged on 22 April 2009) Sandra White*

S3M-3955 Viewforth High School, Kirkcaldy (lodged on 22 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3954 Parents Like Us Festival (lodged on 22 April 2009) Sandra White*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3953 Dalmilling Golf Course (lodged on 22 April 2009) Hugh Henry*

S3M-3952 Jack Jones (1913-2009), Socialist and Trade Unionist (lodged on 22 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Sandra White*, George Foulkes*, Hugh Henry*, Karen Whitefield*, Pauline McNeill*

S3M-3950 Exorbitant Legalised Money Lending (lodged on 22 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Sandra White*

S3M-3939 Miners’ Knee (lodged on 21 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3937 Scottish Ballet, Life Begins at 40 (lodged on 21 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Pauline McNeill*, Ken Macintosh*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3936 Welcome Help for Malawi’s Mums (lodged on 21 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Ken Macintosh*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3935 Congratulations to Gordon and MacPhail (lodged on 21 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3934 Largs Youth Theatre (lodged on 21 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3932 Susan Boyle Shows West Lothian’s Got Talent (lodged on 21 April 2009) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-3919 Congratulations to James Lillis, Winner of the 4th STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning (lodged on 16 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3912 Congratulations to Scottish School of Primary Care (lodged on 15 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3910 National Osteoporosis Society Manifesto for Scotland (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3909 Kofi Annan’s Visit to Scotland (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3906 Congratulations to Dallas Primary School (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3905 Citadel Youth Centre and Intergenerational Work (lodged on 14 April 2009) Pauline McNeill*

S3M-3903 Mental Health Action Week 2009 (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3900 Marine and Coastal Litter Strategy (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3899 No to Compulsory Redundancies at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail (lodged on 14 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3898 Charity Cycling Duo (lodged on 9 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3895 40 Years of the Parkinson’s Disease Society, Funding Research for a Cure (lodged on 8 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Jim Hume*

S3M-3894# RNID Hearing Matters Campaign (lodged on 8 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-3889 MS Awareness Week (lodged on 7 April 2009) Rhoda Grant*, Jim Hume*

S3M-3761 40th Anniversary of the Open University (lodged on 20 March 2009) Jim Hume*

S3M-3444 St Mirren Football Club (lodged on 12 February 2009) Bill Butler*, Cathy Jamieson*, Patricia Ferguson*, Kenneth Gibson*

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