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Annual reports

Summary of Today’s Business

Meetings of Committees

9.30 am Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee Committee Room 6
10.00 am Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee Committee Room 1
10.00 am Health and Sport Committee Committee Room 2
10.00 am Local Government and Communities Committee Committee Room 3
10.00 am Public Audit Committee Committee Room 4
10.00 am Rural Affairs and Environment Committee Committee Room 5

Meeting of the Parliament

2.30pm Time for Reflection – Professor John Haldane, Director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, University of St Andrews

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Government Motion to treat the Budget (Scotland) (No.3) Bill as an Emergency Bill

followed by Stage 1 Debate: Budget (Scotland) (No.3) Bill

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Committee of the Whole Parliament: Stage 2 Proceedings on the Budget (Scotland) (No.3) Bill

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Stage 3 Proceedings: Budget (Scotland) (No.3) Bill

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business – debate on the subject of S3M-3293 Murdo Fraser: Combating Human Trafficking

For full details of today’s business, see Section A. For full details of the future business, see sections B and C.


The sections which appear in today’s Business Bulletin are in bold


Section A: Today’s Business

- Meetings of Committees

- Meeting of the Parliament

Section B: Future Meetings of the Parliament

Section C: Future Meetings of Committees

- Other Future Meetings

Section D: Oral Questions

- Questions selected for First Minister’s Question Time

- Questions selected for response by Ministers and Junior Scottish Ministers at Question Time

Section E: Written Questions – New Questions for Written Answer

Section F: Motions and Amendments

Section G: Bills

- New Bills introduced

- New amendments to Bills

- Members’ Bills proposals

Section H: New Documents – New documents laid before the Parliament and Committee Reports published

Section I: Petitions – New Public Petitions

Section J: Progress of Legislation – Progress of Bills and Subordinate Legislation