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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-2707 Ken Macintosh: Funding for Gaelic Medium Schools—That the Parliament welcomes the continuation of support for Gaelic medium education, building on the work of the previous administration in securing the status of the Gaelic language and in funding the expansion of learning and teaching through the medium of Gaelic; believes that support for Gaelic medium education is the key to ensuring the survival of the language; recognises the campaigning efforts of parents across the country and the desire of those in Edinburgh, Fort William, Portree, Barra and elsewhere for stand-alone Gaelic medium schools to expand on the success of the existing Gaelic medium units; welcomes any additional capital funding to help build or refurbish these new schools but believes that recent announcements are insufficient and that the Scottish Government should match the example of the previous administration in the £3.5 million of support given to Glasgow to establish an all Gaelic school, and believes that any funding commitment should last longer than just two or three years if it is to help secure the long-term future of the Gaelic language.

*S3M-2706 Jackie Baillie: Sprinklers Save Lives—That the Parliament notes that Argyll and Bute Council has failed to install a sprinkler system in the new Hermitage Academy; expresses disappointment that it is the only education authority without sprinkler systems in each new school; notes that 50,250 fires were recorded and 52 people were killed by fires in Scotland in 2006; recognises the vital role that sprinkler systems may play in both maintaining the fabric of the buildings and, more importantly, the lives of the pupils and teachers, and calls on Argyll and Bute Council to consider retrospectively fitting a targeted system for the safety of all who attend Hermitage Academy.

*S3M-2705 Jackie Baillie: When Do Three Cs Make a B?—That the Parliament notes the publication of the Schools Estates Statistics 2008 on 30 September 2008, which lists those schools considered to be in most need of substantial repair; expresses considerable surprise at the absence of Dumbarton Academy from that list given the condition of its school buildings; notes that the three buildings that make up the school campus have all been designated as category C, which is "poor", and require almost £2 million of investment in emergency repairs; further notes that the three Cs became a "satisfactory B" suggesting, at best, a degree of confusion; acknowledges that the rebuilding of Dumbarton Academy was dropped by West Dunbartonshire Council from the phase one schools regeneration programme and appears now to have been dropped from the SNP government’s list of priorities; strongly believes that the time for woolly statements and promises of jam tomorrow from the SNP has now long passed, and calls on the Scottish Government to set out a clear timetable and funding path for the replacement of the school in the interests of this and future generations of young people in Dumbarton.

*S3M-2704 Sandra White: Scottish Government Investment in Glasgow Housing—That the Parliament recognises that Scotland is facing a housing crisis characterised by a severe shortage of good quality affordable homes; notes with concern that one of the most serious aspects of this crisis is the existence of slum housing, particularly in areas such as Govanhill in Glasgow; condemns the slum landlords that preside over this poor quality and overcrowded housing; welcomes the substantial funding by the Scottish Government for improving housing in the city, totalling £177 million in 2008-09 alone, made up of £93 million to Glasgow City Council for investment in the social and private housing sector and a further £84 million paid directly to Glasgow Housing Association, and believes that this high level of investment will play a significant role in the effort to tackle the deep-seated housing problems, including slum housing, that afflict parts of Glasgow and should be welcomed by all with the city’s best interests at heart.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Christina McKelvie*

*S3M-2703 Robin Harper: British Medical Association Get Scotland Moving—That the Parliament welcomes BMA Scotland’s publication Get Scotland Moving, which highlights the health and social benefits of an active lifestyle among Scotland’s children; notes that one in four Scots are at risk of dying early from diseases related to inactivity and that the number of children travelling to school by car has doubled over the last 20 years, thus doubling the traffic problems for those few children who still walk to school; recognises that one of the main barriers to increasing physical activity of children is the built environment where parents have concerns about issues such as traffic levels and also about unsafe environments for their children; notes that October is Walk to School month and encourages everyone to get their children into the habit of walking to school, and urges the Scottish Government to take assertive action to improve communities and make them clean, safe and healthy so that we can get Scotland’s children moving.

*S3M-2702 Joe FitzPatrick: Ending Mass Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo—That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) publication Ending Mass Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Role of the International Community, which highlights that sexual violence and other human rights abuses in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ruin countless lives and threaten the peace and security of the troubled region; notes that in Shabunda region of South Kivu 70% of the women have been raped and that 50% of those women raped are aged under 18; further notes that the high number of rapes are a direct result of the continuing conflict in the eastern region of the DRC, which involves Congolese forces, neighbouring countries - including Rwanda and over 20 independent militias; condemns the use of rape as a tool of war to humiliate and destroy communities, and calls on the UK Government to step up its efforts to end this horror and increase desperately needed care for survivors.

*S3M-2701 Liam McArthur: Science and the Parliament 2008, Educating our Scientists of Tomorrow—That the Parliament welcomes the 2008 Science and the Parliament event on 5 November 2008 on the theme of educating our scientists of tomorrow; recognises the role of the Royal Society of Chemistry in organising this annual event with the involvement and support of a range of organisations from the scientific and engineering communities in Scotland; believes that the focus on science education is important and timely given the consideration currently being given to education at all levels, and acknowledges that ensuring that our education system gives a good grounding in scientific knowledge and methods to future specialists and to the whole population would greatly enhance the opportunities for Scotland in the future.

Supported by: David Stewart*, Robert Brown*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Jack McConnell*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Kenneth Gibson*, John Park*, Jackie Baillie*, Elaine Smith*, Ross Finnie*, Mary Mulligan*, Jamie Stone*, Bill Kidd*, Robin Harper*, Angela Constance*, Marlyn Glen*, Dr Richard Simpson*

*S3M-2700 Rob Gibson: Award a UK Medal to Arctic Convoy Crews—That the Parliament backs calls for veterans of the World War II Arctic convoys to be given medals by the UK Government; recognises the supreme effort and sacrifice made by those who undertook what Winston Churchill described as "the worst journey in the world"; feels that the Arctic Star badge, which is no bigger than a five pence piece and is allowed to be worn only on the lapel, is not a sufficient award for the vastly important job that the crews of the convoys undertook, and calls on the powers that be in the United Kingdom to follow the lead of the Russian Government, which has awarded the National 40th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for the Patriotic War to all remaining survivors of these convoys.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*

S3M-2699 Claire Baker: Congratulations on Scottish University World Rankings—That the Parliament notes the publication of the 2008 Times Higher Education QS World University Rankings; congratulates the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and University of St Andrews for being ranked in the top 100; further congratulates the University of Aberdeen for being ranked in the top 200 universities in the world; recognises that Scottish universities make up four of the 29 UK universities in the top 200; notes the improved ranking of the University of Glasgow and the drop in ranking for the University of St Andrews and University of Aberdeen; notes the drop in ranking of the University of Dundee out of the top 200 world universities; further notes the delay in publishing the final report of the Joint Future Thinking Taskforce on Universities; highlights the serious financial concerns expressed by many leaders across the university sector in Scotland over the last few weeks, and calls on the Scottish Government to come forward with concrete and substantive proposals to ensure Scotland’s universities maintain and build on their current international position over the coming years.

Supported by: David Stewart*, Sarah Boyack*, Robert Brown*, Elaine Murray*, Mike Pringle*, John Park*, Liam McArthur*, Robin Harper*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Marlyn Glen*, Mary Mulligan*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2698 Dr Richard Simpson: University of Stirling—That the Parliament recognises the contribution that the University of Stirling makes to higher education in Scotland; notes the recent installation of the new Chancellor of the University of Stirling, an event that takes place only every 10 years; congratulates Dr James Naughtie for achieving this position and notes that this post was previously held by Dame Diana Rigg; is pleased to note that, alongside Louise Martin CBE and Jasminder Singh OBE, the Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP, a Stirling graduate, will be made a Doctor of the University for his contribution to public affairs; extends further congratulations to those receiving honorary degrees, and wishes the University of Stirling and all its staff and students every continued success.

Supported by: John Park*, Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2697 Dr Richard Simpson: Regret for Continuing Complacency on Reducing Clostridium Difficile Hospital Infections—That the Parliament notes the most recent Health Protection Scotland (HPS) statistics on healthcare associated infections; while recognising the continuing improvement in MRSA, notes that the number of cases of Clostridium difficile in the most recent quarter (April to June 2008) showed an increase from the same quarter in 2007 of 150 cases or around 9%; regrets that HPS, having tried to explain the increases over the previous two quarters (October 2007 to March 2008) as "probable seasonal variation", now suggests that the small reduction from the two winter quarters represents a real reduction rather than a continuing year-on-year increase; further notes that, unlike England, Scotland still reports on the basis of NHS boards and not individual hospitals, thus preventing the public from having any information about their local hospitals; considers that the continued rise in antibiotic resistance reflects the continuation of a failure to implement effective antibiotic policies; calls on the Scottish Executive to urgently review hand hygiene policies, practice and reporting to ensure that alcohol wipes and hand washing are not conflated in hand hygiene reports and ensure that the denominator of observations is standardised for each hospital and also that inspection is rigorous and independent for each hospital, thus ending self reporting, and further calls on the Scottish Executive to set tough targets for a reduction in Clostridium difficile cases by 2011 to match or exceed the 30% target set in England.

Supported by: Ross Finnie, Helen Eadie*, Sarah Boyack*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-2696 Peter Peacock: Black Pudding Makers of Stornoway—That the Parliament commends the black pudding makers of Stornoway for their distinctive and high quality product, which is enjoying a growing reputation; welcomes the increased export of Stornoway black pudding from the islands; regrets the marketing of black pudding not made in Stornoway but which uses the name of Stornoway on its labelling; supports the possibility of securing protected origin or geographical status for genuine Stornoway black pudding, and encourages all Scots and others to sample the delights of real Stornoway black pudding.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2695 Elaine Smith: Plight of Wives of Miami Five—That the Parliament welcomes the visit by Olga Salanueva and Adriana Pérez, the wives of two Cuban nationals, René González and Gerardo Hernández, who are here as part of a UK-wide trip to highlight their own and their husbands’ plight; recognises that their husbands, members of a group of men known as the Miami Five, are currently serving long prison sentences in the United States of America since being arrested while trying to gather information on Miami-based groups allegedly responsible for terrorist attacks against the Cuban people; is concerned that the wives have been denied US visas, meaning that they cannot visit their husbands and have not seen them for over eight years; agrees with Amnesty International that this action is "contrary to standards for humane treatment of prisoners and to states’ obligations to protect family life"; further considers that it is inhumane, unjust and cruel, and believes that the US authorities should grant visas to enable the women to visit their husbands.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Sandra White, Michael Matheson, Marlyn Glen, Hugh Henry, Trish Godman, Cathy Peattie, John Wilson, Alex Neil, David Stewart, Bill Kidd, Willie Coffey, James Kelly, Malcolm Chisholm, Sarah Boyack, Gil Paterson, Pauline McNeill, Margaret Curran, Cathy Jamieson, Charlie Gordon, Mary Mulligan, Rhoda Grant, Jim Hume, Mike Pringle, Tricia Marwick, Margaret Smith, Alison McInnes, Brian Adam, Jamie Stone, Bill Wilson, Hugh O’Donnell, Elaine Murray, Keith Brown

S3M-2694 Jim Hume: Tackling Wildlife Crime—That the Parliament congratulates Lothian and Borders Police on appointing a full-time serving officer as Wildlife and Environmental Crime Officer to work alongside the existing Wildlife Crime Co-ordinator; notes that the Lothian and Borders force now joins the Grampian force in employing a full-time serving officer as a wildlife crime officer; commends the Grampian model for providing strong support from senior officers; hopes that other police forces will follow suit; calls on the Scottish Government to urge other police forces to employ a serving officer as a wildlife and environmental crime officer, as recommended by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland and the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland in Natural Justice: A joint thematic inspection of the arrangements in Scotland for preventing, investigating and prosecuting wildlife crime and highlighted as an important step by all parties during the debate on that report on 22 May 2008, and further calls on the Scottish Government to report to the Parliament its progress on implementing the recommendations of the report.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2693# Nanette Milne: Community Service Volunteers (CSV)—That the Parliament commends Community Service Volunteers (CSV) for its strong track record in supporting retired people to engage with their local communities as volunteers; congratulates the Energy Challenge project in Aberdeen, which trains older volunteers to bring fuel efficiency and energy savings advice to people in their own homes to ensure that they stay warm and have energy-efficient homes; notes that, in view of government funding ending in March 2009, CSV’s support to 1,600 older volunteers working in their local areas will come to an end, which will have a huge impact on communities and individuals across Scotland, and believes that consideration should be given to how continued support can be provided for volunteer-involving organisations.

Supported by: Robert Brown, Murdo Fraser, Hugh Henry, Hugh O’Donnell, Ted Brocklebank, Rob Gibson, John Lamont, Elizabeth Smith, Jackson Carlaw, Bill Aitken, Alex Johnstone, Jim Tolson, Dr Richard Simpson, Brian Adam, Jamie McGrigor, Trish Godman, Liam McArthur, Robin Harper, Patrick Harvie, Elaine Murray, Margaret Mitchell*, George Foulkes*

S3M-2692 Mike Pringle: Straiton Park and Ride—That the Parliament congratulates the City of Edinburgh Council on the opening of Straiton Park and Ride; welcomes the fact that the new facility will significantly reduce the volume of traffic using Edinburgh city centre, easing parking and congestion problems as well as reducing environmentally damaging vehicular emissions; notes that the 600 space complex is the second park-and-ride facility to be opened by the new City of Edinburgh Council administration as part of a network of 21 sites planned by SEStran throughout south-east Scotland, and encourages drivers to get behind the scheme and continue to switch to public transport as a high quality and sustainable method of travelling into Edinburgh city centre.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Jim Tolson, Robert Brown, Kenneth Gibson, Bill Kidd, Hugh O’Donnell, Alison McInnes

S3M-2691 Jackie Baillie: Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Bill.

S3M-2690 Bob Doris: Welcome for Progress in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections—That the Parliament welcomes the progress being made in reducing healthcare associated infections (HAI); notes the latest figures published by Health Protection Scotland for April to June 2008, which show Clostridium difficile cases falling by 7% and MRSA cases by 6%; recognises this as part of a trend of reduced infection rates over the last year; believes that it will build much needed confidence and trust among patients and their families; further welcomes the 22% increase in hand washing compliance to 90% in hospitals; believes that the record £54 million to tackle HAI, including a national MRSA screening programme and new robust bi-monthly progress reports from Health Protection Scotland from early 2009, will further improve the situation, and further believes that the new Glasgow Southern General Hospital, where all patients will have individual rooms, will lead to a further step-change in how Scotland’s NHS tackles HAI and ensure that tragic cases of deaths from HAI become a thing of the past.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Christina McKelvie, Roseanna Cunningham, Kenneth Gibson, Brian Adam, Bill Kidd, Keith Brown, Gil Paterson, Alex Neil

S3M-2689 Nanette Milne: Gordon Rural Action’s 30th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates Gordon Rural Action (GRA) on its 30th anniversary; notes that GRA began its life as the Huntly Area People’s Information Centre with the first advice centre opening in Huntly on 16 October 1978, that by 1983 the name Gordon Rural Action and Information Network (GRAIN) had been adopted as the organisation’s services extended to cover the whole of the Gordon district, that a second advice centre was opened in Inverurie in 1984 and a third in Ellon in 1989; further notes that over the years GRAIN has been involved in setting up a job club, training groups, after school clubs and play schemes and launching a mobile advice centre, Huntly Mental Health and a number of local groups; also notes that the Carers Support Service was set up in 1992 to identify unpaid carers throughout the community and that by 1997 the support worker was noticing the number of young carers potentially needing support and help, this leading to a Young Carers Support service being set up; notes too that in 1999 the organisation changed its name from GRAIN to GRA; recognises that today GRA provides services to people in central Aberdeenshire such as advice on benefits, housing and employment law and a wide range of issues, plus a money advice service, carers and young carers support and a skillsharers befriending project, all of these delivered via advice centres in Huntly, Inverurie and Ellon; notes also that Gordon Rural Action relies on grants, donations and fundraising activities to exist; acknowledges the success of the thrift shop in Huntly in raising money to support its work, and congratulates all who have been involved over the past 30 years in responding to the needs of the community and wishes all involved well for the next 30.

Supported by: Ted Brocklebank, John Lamont, Mike Rumbles, Elizabeth Smith, Bill Aitken, Alex Johnstone, Jamie McGrigor, Mary Scanlon, Roseanna Cunningham, Nigel Don, John Wilson, Robin Harper, Jackson Carlaw, Brian Adam, Murdo Fraser, Alison McInnes

S3M-2688 Marlyn Glen: Homage to Caledonia and the International Brigade Memorial Trust—That the Parliament welcomes the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) to Scotland on the occasion of its annual general meeting (AGM), which will be held in Dundee from 10 to 12 October 2008; notes that during the course of the AGM there will be a wide range of events, exhibitions and screenings across the city including the rededication of the International Brigade Memorial; encourages people to visit the Dundee and the Spanish Civil War exhibition being held during October at the Wellgate Library; notes that 17 out of the 70 Dundonians who defended democratic freedom in the Spanish Civil War died in the war; recognises Allan Craig as the 17th Dundonian name to be added to the supplementary plaque; commends the IBMT on its work in preserving the memory and values of the brigade; salutes the courage and heroic contribution of the hundreds of Scots who fought valiantly on the side of the democratically-elected government of Spain against fascism during the course of the war, and wishes the IBMT continued success in the years to come.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Cathy Peattie, Cathy Jamieson, Elaine Smith, Hugh O’Donnell, Rob Gibson, Andy Kerr, Sandra White, Joe FitzPatrick, Mike Pringle, Robin Harper, Bill Kidd, Elaine Murray, Roseanna Cunningham, John Wilson, Jamie Hepburn, Trish Godman, Jackie Baillie, John Park, Keith Brown, Brian Adam, Gil Paterson, Mr Frank McAveety, Sarah Boyack, Charlie Gordon, Dr Richard Simpson, Hugh Henry

S3M-2687# Elaine Murray: Save Scottish Sharks—That the Parliament notes that 11 to 19 October 2008 is European Shark Week; is concerned at the dramatic decline in European shark numbers; is further concerned that most Scottish shark species are classed as critically endangered but that none is currently afforded any protection; regrets the Scottish Government’s refusal to offer the tope the same protection as it has in England, resulting in the landing of tope being legal on the Scottish side of the Solway but not on the English side; looks forward to the publication of the Scottish Government Marine Directorate’s policy on sharks, and considers that action to protect these endangered species is urgently required.

Supported by: Ken Macintosh*, Kenneth Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Trish Godman*, David Stewart*, Hugh Henry*, Paul Martin*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Mike Pringle*, Marlyn Glen*, Karen Gillon*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-2686 Margaret Smith: Neighbourhood Action Units in Edinburgh—That the Parliament congratulates the neighbourhood action units across Edinburgh, whose hard work and commitment have led to a 21% drop in calls to the police regarding antisocial behaviour in the last year as well as a 19.3% drop in cases of group 1-5 crimes, including rape and burglary; commends the City of Edinburgh Council for donating £2.7 million per year towards the scheme; further commends the additional 20 police officers who are based in the city centre, and wishes the programme every success in the future in continuing to lower crime rates in Edinburgh.

Supported by: Hugh O’Donnell, Mike Pringle, Bill Kidd, Jim Hume, Ian McKee, Stuart McMillan, Gil Paterson

S3M-2685 Liam McArthur: A Taste of Orkney—That the Parliament notes that leading food producers from Orkney, working with the Orkney Marketing initiative, have combined with Country Channel TV to make A Taste of Orkney, a film available worldwide on internet TV; considers that the film promotes Orkney and its high quality produce in a new and exciting way, highlighting Orkney’s food heritage, its pristine environment, its superb raw materials harvested from the sea and land, and the commitment of its food producers to quality; believes that anyone who is attracted by the film to try Orkney produce will not be disappointed, and congratulates all those involved in this innovative marketing project.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon

S3M-2684# Dave Thompson: Welcoming the Launch of Community Energy Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of Community Energy Scotland, the new Highland-based Scottish charity that has taken over the work of the Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company to support communities throughout Scotland to develop sustainable energy projects; commends the organisation’s aim to build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development, and further commends its leadership role in the growing grass-roots movement dedicated to reinforcing local control and decision-making within the community sector through sustainable energy development and the contribution that this will make to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Roseanna Cunningham, John Wilson, Alasdair Allan, Jamie Hepburn, Brian Adam, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Robin Harper, Rob Gibson, Patrick Harvie, Jim Tolson, Joe FitzPatrick, Angela Constance, Keith Brown, Liam McArthur, Stuart McMillan, Christina McKelvie, Bill Wilson, Gil Paterson, Nanette Milne, Michael Matheson, Bob Doris, Sandra White*

S3M-2676 Lewis Macdonald: Alcohol Awareness Week—That the Parliament welcomes Scotland’s Alcohol Awareness Week; notes the work done by the alcohol industry, health professionals, the voluntary sector and police forces across the country; further notes the success of initiatives such as the Designated Place at Albyn House in Aberdeen in helping those who are drunk and incapable as well as easing the burden on hard-pressed hospitals and the pressure on police cells, and calls on local and national partners to put in place long-term funding for projects such as Albyn House without further delay.

Supported by: Karen Whitefield, Elaine Murray, Ian McKee, James Kelly, Marlyn Glen, John Park, Andy Kerr, Mary Mulligan, Margaret Curran, Cathy Peattie, Hugh Henry, Sarah Boyack, Robin Harper, Dr Richard Simpson, Jack McConnell, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-2675 Alasdair Allan: West Harris Estates Buyout—That the Parliament welcomes the news that on Friday 3 October 2008 the people of the west side of Harris voted to progress towards a community buyout of their estate; notes that tenants of the West Harris estates in the townships of Luskentyre, Scarasta Mhor and Borve, which includes the villages of Seilibost and Horgabost, voted to proceed with the buyout of these estates, which would be the first community buyout of a government-owned estate in the history of land reform legislation, with 77% in favour of a buyout and all three estates voting yes on a turnout of 95%; hopes that this is the first step towards a better future for people in the west of Harris; believes that, like other examples throughout the Highlands and Islands, community ownership will provide a great incentive for these communities to develop economically and to retain and grow their population, and wishes the communities every success with the venture they have embarked on.

Supported by: Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Brian Adam, Kenneth Gibson, Rob Gibson, Bob Doris, Jim Tolson, Stuart McMillan, Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper, Jack McConnell, Roseanna Cunningham, Gil Paterson, Michael Matheson*

S3M-2674 Iain Smith: Congratulations to Canongate Primary School, Scotland’s 700th Eco-School—That the Parliament congratulates Canongate Primary School in St Andrews on becoming the 700th Scottish school to be awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag; recognises that this award has been achieved as a result of the hard work of children, teachers and parents at the school; welcomes the fact that pupil participation is at the heart of the Eco-Schools programme, and encourages other schools in Scotland to join Canongate Primary and the other 699 schools by becoming an eco-school.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Bill Kidd, Jamie McGrigor, Stuart McMillan, Nanette Milne, Jim Tolson, Karen Whitefield, Mary Scanlon, Sandra White, Ken Macintosh, Hugh O’Donnell, Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper, Jack McConnell, Gil Paterson, Ted Brocklebank

S3M-2673# Bob Doris: Scottish Asian Action Committee’s 25th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Asian Action Committee (SAAC) on its 25th anniversary celebrations, having been founded in 1983 as a broad-based secular organisation providing a community development, campaigning and advice information service for ethnic minority communities in Scotland, originally made up of groups representing Pakistani, Indian, Kashmiri, Bengali and Bangladeshi communities, and notes that SAAC was a catalyst for activities such as the Glasgow Mela and the annual day of action against racism and was recently honoured with an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Scottish BME Achievement Awards, acknowledging its work in community development and anti-racism initiatives as well as its welfare rights and immigration advice services.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Michael Matheson*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Alasdair Allan*, Robert Brown*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Elaine Smith*, Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Robin Harper*, Bill Wilson*

S3M-2672 John Farquhar Munro: Compensation for Sea Eagle Predation—That the Parliament recognises the success of the sea eagle reintroduction programme, which has seen the birds breeding well; notes however that this has resulted in crofters and farmers losing many lambs as a result of predation; further notes that a scheme on Mull, Lochaber and Skye compensates for stock losses due to sea eagle predation, and believes that this scheme should be extended to Wester Ross and all areas where there is evidence of sea eagle predation.

S3M-2670 Pauline McNeill: Glasgow Leading on Nurseries and Childcare—That the Parliament welcomes Glasgow City Council’s recent announcement that over the next five years it is planning to give every parent in Glasgow with pre-school children access to year-round nursery provision within buggy pushing distance of their homes; notes that, as a result of these wide-ranging proposals, Glasgow parents will also enjoy the most comprehensive and flexible service for five to 14-year-olds anywhere in the United Kingdom, ultimately benefiting from an affordable childcare scheme that will provide access to sport, music and play from 8 am until 6 pm in a range of school and community venues; further notes that the initial five pilot schemes that are due to begin in November 2008 will encourage Glasgow parents to access their full tax credit entitlements and will include information for parents about possible employment opportunities while prioritising placements for parents wishing to return to education, training or work and offering reduced costs linked to the UK Government’s tax credit banding for parents on low incomes, in training or with larger families, and believes that the council’s far reaching and progressive proposals represent a major step forward in tackling child poverty and parental worklessness in the city.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, James Kelly, Paul Martin, Jackie Baillie, Dr Richard Simpson, David Whitton, Andy Kerr, Trish Godman, Ken Macintosh, Cathy Jamieson, Mr Frank McAveety, Marilyn Livingstone, Gil Paterson

S3M-2669 Rob Gibson: Captain’s Galley Lands Another Success—That the Parliament congratulates chef Jim Cowie and his wife, Mary, on the latest success of the Captain’s Galley restaurant in Scrabster harbour; notes that its recent award of Taste of Highlands and Islands Restaurant of the Year at the Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards follows on from being the only Scottish restaurant to be named in the top ten of the Which? Good Food Guide 2009 editor’s choice, as well as a host of awards in recent years; commends the seafood restaurant’s ethical food policy, which means that, whenever possible, the restaurant uses fresh local ingredients sourced within a 50-mile radius of the restaurant, uses only seafood that is in season and purchases non-pressured stocks, which are taken from sustainable areas of the seas, thus benefiting the local economy and environment as well as the population’s palates, and wishes all those connected with the restaurant continued success for the future.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Bob Doris, Kenneth Gibson, Patrick Harvie, Jamie Stone, Mary Scanlon, Michael Matheson, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Roseanna Cunningham, Robin Harper, Christina McKelvie, Gil Paterson

S3M-2668♦ George Foulkes: School Meals—That the Parliament recognises the need to examine the current school meals crisis in Edinburgh and across the country as a result of severely cash-strapped local authorities; questions the SNP government’s success in fulfilling its ambitions, set out in the historic concordat and single outcome agreements, to tackle childhood obesity and promote healthy eating at a time when school kitchens are closing and hot healthy school meals are being replaced with imported, pre-packed, often processed food; feels that these actions undermine the good reputation that the Parliament has achieved in securing free healthy school meals and promoting healthy living through initiatives like Hungry for Success, and further recognises the need to give every child the best possible start in life.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, James Kelly, Dr Richard Simpson, Marlyn Glen, Jackie Baillie, John Park, David Whitton, Andy Kerr, Elaine Murray, Ken Macintosh, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-2668.1 Kenneth Gibson: School Meals—As an amendment to motion (S3M-2668) in the name of George Foulkes, leave out from first "recognises" to end and insert "considers that George Foulkes MSP would be better lobbying his Westminster colleagues for the additional resources that Scotland needs and deserves than complaining about how existing resources are being spent; is aware that UK Government significantly underestimated the level of inflation for this year, impacting on the ability of the Scottish Government and the areas over which it has responsibility to deliver services as effectively as would otherwise be the case, and believes that the UK Government should make good the financial shortfall caused by the tightness of this year’s settlement in order that the Scottish Government can pass on those resources proportionately to local government, the NHS and all other departments."

Supported by: Brian Adam, Alasdair Allan, Rob Gibson, Roseanna Cunningham, Keith Brown, Angela Constance, Alex Neil, Stuart McMillan, Christina McKelvie, Gil Paterson, Michael Matheson*

S3M-2659.1 Mary Mulligan: Working Together on Child Poverty and the Minimum Wage—As an amendment to motion (S3M-2659) in the name of Bob Doris, leave out from "Labour MSP Mary Mulligan" to end and insert "when the Conservative Party used filibustering in an attempt to talk out the National Minimum Wage Bill during its crucial final stage in the House of Commons, not one SNP MP stayed to vote to help ensure its passage or even register support despite the party’s rhetoric before and since on this issue; considers that the personalised criticism that the intention in submitting amendment S3M-2621.1 was to seek to "engage in party politics on the issue of child poverty" and break unity on the issue of the national minimum wage to be laughable, given not only the partisan and self-congratulatory motion which it alters, but also the tone, tenor and standard of SNP motions in this Parliament more generally, including on the subject of child poverty and the national minimum wage."

Supported by: Marlyn Glen*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-2666 Maybole Bypass (lodged on 3 October 2008) Helen Eadie*, John Park*, David Whitton*

S3M-2665# Eco-Congregation Scotland Programme (lodged on 3 October 2008) Helen Eadie*, Kenneth Gibson*, David Whitton*, Karen Whitefield*, Angela Constance*, Karen Gillon*

S3M-2664 A Fare Deal (lodged on 3 October 2008) Sarah Boyack*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-2660# Growing Old Together - Older People and Debt (lodged on 3 October 2008) Dave Thompson*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-2639 Memory Matters Roadshow (lodged on 1 October 2008) Marlyn Glen*

S3M-2619 Congratulations to the Scottish Women’s Football Team (lodged on 29 September 2008) Ken Macintosh*

S3M-2612 Supermarkets in the Highlands (lodged on 26 September 2008) Mary Scanlon*

S3M-2454 End the Inhumane Long-Distance Transportation of Live Horses for Slaughter in Europe (lodged on 28 August 2008) Derek Brownlee*

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