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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-272 Robert Brown: HMIE Report on Services for Children of Asylum Seekers—That the Parliament notes the HM Inspectorate of Education report, Joint Inspection of services for children of asylum seekers in the Glasgow City Council area; welcomes the recognition of the good work done by staff to meet the needs of children of asylum seekers and their parents and the strong leadership shown across the partner services; recognises the considerable challenges to children’s services in this field; supports ongoing work towards achieving the improvements identified in the report, and believes that the Scottish Executive should respond to aspirations among asylum seeker children to undertake degree level studies, as identified in the HMIE report.

*S3M-271 John Park: SPL Call for Lifting of Alcohol Ban for Football Fans—That the Parliament notes the recent decision to lift a ban on alcohol sales at Murrayfield Stadium for rugby fans in time for the Rugby World Cup; expresses concern that proposals have not been brought forward for a similar trial scheme for football; believes that football fans in Scotland should be treated with the same level of respect as rugby fans; notes the many successful football events that have been held in recent years at Hampden, such as the Champions League and UEFA Cup finals, and supports the calls from the Scottish Premier League for a pilot scheme lifting the ban on alcohol sales in Scottish football grounds to be introduced as soon as possible.

*S3M-270 Jim Hume: Sing When You’re Winning—That the Parliament congratulates Dumfries Area Choir of the National Youth Choir of Scotland on its achievement of performing at the Session Three official opening of the Scottish Parliament; recognises the hard work and dedication of the choir members and organisers, and notes the benefits in terms of breadth of experience, confidence and social interaction which the choir gives its young people.

*S3M-269 Jeremy Purvis: The Future of Scotland - Scotland’s Young People—That the Parliament believes that more time and effort must be dedicated to improving opportunities for young people in Scotland; believes that young people should have genuine access to power and a clear set of rights; further believes that young people have much to offer in public life and therefore young people require proper representation in national and local decision-making; notes the importance of youth work and services for young people and the need to improve access to a range of core services, and therefore believes that these measures should be put on a statutory footing in a Future of Scotland Bill to help young people to meet their potential.

Supported by: Robert Brown*, Iain Smith*, Jim Tolson*, Alison McInnes*, John Farquhar Munro*, Nicol Stephen*

S3M-268 Jim Hume: Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline—That the Parliament congratulates the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline charity, which raises money to send Belarusian children aged between six and 13 who are living in areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster to locations all over the United Kingdom, on its success; notes the beneficial health effects and social experiences that the charity provides in arranging for the children to spend a month in the UK with a host family; further notes that a month in the UK can extend the children’s life expectancy by two years, and recognises the vital role the host families, particularly in the Scottish Borders, play in improving the children’s health and broadening their life skills.

S3M-267 Ian McKee: Fundo Mhura, Scotland’s Brightest Boxing Prospect—That the Parliament expresses concern that Fundo Mhura, one of Scotland’s brightest boxing prospects, missed out on the chance of representing Scotland at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and now risks missing the chance of selection for Team GB in the coming Olympic Games due to delays in processing his request for citizenship, despite having lived in Scotland since the age of five months and other members of his family being naturalised, and calls on the UK Government to deal urgently with his application.

S3M-266 Jamie Hepburn: Ticket Prices for France v Scotland—That the Parliament notes with concern the ticket prices of £41 and £82 being imposed on the fans of the Scottish national football side for its upcoming European Championship qualifying match against France in Paris and, given that these prices are far in excess of those applied to the previous fixture in Glasgow, asks the Scottish Football Association to engage with the French Football Federation to look at this again and to apply pricing that is reasonable for the average, loyal football supporter.

S3M-265 Alison McInnes: Swimming in the North East—That the Parliament recalls that the successful London 2012 Olympic bid contained a commitment that local communities around the United Kingdom would benefit from increased investment in sporting facilities; notes the success of members from Aberdeen’s swimming team, COAST, and the Garioch Amateur Swimming Club at both national and local level; congratulates Hannah Miley from Inverurie for breaking the British records in Barcelona for the 400 and 200 metres individual medleys; recognises that good quality training facilities are vital for the further development of elite athletes; notes that the nearest 50-metre swimming pool is in Stirling, over 100 miles away, and calls for the Scottish Executive to make funding available to Aberdeen City Council to build a 50-metre swimming pool in Aberdeen for the north east of Scotland.

Supported by: Nicol Stephen

S3M-264 Hugh Henry: School Wardens—That the Parliament notes the problems of litter and antisocial behaviour which sometimes can be evident in the vicinity of schools; believes that these can be intimidating to the local community and can affect the confidence of pupils not involved; also notes the success of neighbourhood/community wardens across Scotland, and believes that the introduction of school wardens, working in partnership with police and neighbourhood/community wardens, would be of real benefit to schools and local communities.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie*

S3M-263 Claire Baker: 1st Methil Girls’ Brigade Success and Gift Aid—That the Parliament warmly congratulates Kirsten Wilson, Shereen Petrie, Jade Turner and Danielle Scobie from 1st Methil Girls’ Brigade for their great achievement in winning a national competition to design t-shirts for the Glasgow 10K road race that took place on 13 May 2007; further congratulates over 400 girls and women who ran the race representing the Girls’ Brigade for their efforts; praises the fundraising efforts of the Girls’ Brigade with over £30,000 already raised through sponsorship and more to be counted; commends the Girls’ Brigade for giving 50% of the proceeds to Cancer Research and for their use of HM Treasury’s Gift Aid Scheme which will see an extra 22% over and above the amounts raised go to both charities, and calls on the Scottish Executive to encourage the take-up of Gift Aid among donors and charities in Scotland.

Supported by: David Stewart*, Jackie Baillie*, Mary Mulligan*, Nanette Milne*, Rhoda Grant*, Peter Peacock*, George Foulkes*, Jim Hume*, Bashir Ahmad*, John Park*, Richard Baker*, Murdo Fraser*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Des McNulty*

S3M-262 Jamie Hepburn: Scottish Railway Preservation Society—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Railway Preservation Society, based in Bo’ness, for its inclusion in the Scottish Museum Council’s Recognition Scheme and wishes the society well for the future.

S3M-261 Jackie Baillie: European Cheer—That the Parliament welcomes improvements to EU spirit drinks legislation approved by the European Parliament that will provide a clearer definition of whisky, assisting whisky distillers to tackle unfair and misleading practices overseas; recognises that under the new law traditional practices will be reflected, so that whisky cannot be flavoured or sweetened, and congratulates the Scotch Whisky Association for its effective campaign to ensure the highest level of protection for Scotch whisky.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Charlie Gordon, Jackson Carlaw, David Stewart, Patricia Ferguson, George Foulkes, Nanette Milne, Hugh O’Donnell, Ken Macintosh, John Park, Sarah Boyack, Mr Frank McAveety, Iain Gray, Trish Godman, Cathie Craigie, Dave Thompson, Bill Wilson, Liam McArthur, Mike Pringle, Bill Butler, Christine Grahame, Helen Eadie, Ian McKee, Karen Gillon, Alex Neil*, Murdo Fraser*, Stefan Tymkewycz*, Alasdair Allan*

S3M-260 Sandra White: Pingat Jasa Medal—That the Parliament extends its fullest support to the veterans and families of veterans involved in the continuing struggle to gain the right to wear the Pingat Jasa Medal, the Malaysian service medal, awarded to Commonwealth forces who served Malaysia in its fight to preserve its newly won independence against terror and aggression between 1957 and 1966 for distinguished chivalry, gallantry, sacrifice or loyalty in upholding Peninsula of Malaya or Malaysian sovereignty during the period of emergency and confrontation; believes that the refusal to grant permission to wear the medal is an insult to all the British servicemen and women who defended Malaysia in its hour of need and to the Malaysian government which issued the medal; notes that Australian and New Zealand veterans have received royal assent to accept and wear the medal, and calls on the British Honours and Decorations Committee to overturn its decision.

Supported by: Bashir Ahmad, Rob Gibson, Angela Constance, Brian Adam, Kenneth Gibson, Tricia Marwick, Gil Paterson, Christine Grahame, Keith Brown, Bill Kidd, Joe FitzPatrick, Alasdair Allan*

S3M-259 Aileen Campbell: Scottish Maritime Museum—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Maritime Museum whose entire collection in Irvine has been recognised as being of national significance under the new Recognition Scheme for museums; understands that the museum holds important collections of documents, books, plans and photographs relating to Scotland’s maritime heritage, including the Linthouse Engine Shed; understands the significance of collections like these for the continued preservation of our Scottish maritime culture and heritage, and congratulates all who work in the museum for their dedication and hard work to make this museum such a success.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Jackie Baillie*, Alasdair Allan*

S3M-258 Malcolm Chisholm: Industrial Action, NCP Edinburgh—That the Parliament notes that parking attendants in City of Edinburgh Council, contracted by NCP and members of the T&G section of Unite, have democratically voted to take industrial action to highlight their fight for a living wage; acknowledges that these workers currently earn below £12,000 per annum and have rejected a paltry increase of roughly 30 pence per hour; supports the workers’ demand for £14,000 per annum rising to £18,000 over five years, reflecting a living wage for many members and their families struggling to manage the cost of living in Scotland’s most expensive city; recognises that parking attendants in Glasgow City Council earn £18,000 per annum; deplores the actions of NCP which is drafting in non-union labour from England to break the strike, and calls on NCP to renegotiate with the T&G section of Unite and grant the workers’ modest pay demands.

Supported by: Elaine Murray, Dr Richard Simpson, Jackie Baillie*

S3M-257 Bill Wilson: A726 - Scotland’s Most Dangerous Road—That the Parliament notes that the A726 has been described as Scotland’s most dangerous road according to the Road Safety Foundation’s European Road Assessment Programme; notes the 37 serious incidents on that road, which is only four miles long, between 2000 and 2005; further notes, with deep regret, the loss of life associated with these occurrences, and believes that the Scottish Executive should examine all available measures to reduce the risk of such accidents.

S3M-256 Patricia Ferguson: Scotland’s Representation in the European Parliament—That the Parliament notes that, following the enlargement of the European Union and the reduction in the overall number of UK Members of the European Parliament, the Electoral Commission has proposed a cut in the number of Scottish MEPs; while welcoming the new EU member states, believes that the proposed cut from seven to six MEPs would be detrimental to Scotland’s interests, and further believes that Scotland’s particular geographical circumstances and its devolved system of government suggest that Scottish representation should not be reduced as suggested and that the Electoral Commission should take these factors into account when making its recommendation to the UK Government.

Supported by: Dr Richard Simpson, Jackie Baillie*, Rob Gibson*

S3M-256.1 Jamie Hepburn: Scotland’s Representation in the European Parliament—As an amendment to motion (S3M-256) in the name of Patricia Ferguson, insert at end "but also recognises that various full member states of the EU with a population smaller than that of Scotland, such as the Republic of Ireland, Lithuania and Latvia, presently have more representatives within the European Parliament, and further recognises that the only way to ensure that Scotland has decent representation in the Parliament is by becoming an independent full member state of the European Union."

S3M-255 Bill Kidd: Analogue to Digital Television Switchover—That the Parliament expresses concern that, with less than one year to go, 24% of Scotland’s population is not prepared for the switchover from analogue to digital television; expresses further concern that Scotland is behind Wales in its take-up of digital television; urges Ofcom to better inform Scotland’s population about the switchover, and calls on the UK Government to make funding available to those who cannot afford to switch over.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Alasdair Allan*

S3M-253 Bashir Ahmad: Importance of Democracy in Palestine—That the Parliament expresses concern at the recent developments that have resulted in the formation of an emergency government in Palestine; expresses further concern at the dissolution of the national security council, believing that these actions will conversely lead to a worsening of the situation in Palestine for the ordinary people, and calls on the UK Government always to support the promotion and preservation of democracy which requires taking due notice of the democratic will of the people.

Supported by: Keith Brown, Brian Adam, Dave Thompson, Christine Grahame, Bill Wilson, Pauline McNeill

S3M-250♦ Bill Kidd: Positive Behaviour Orders—That the Parliament, while recognising the real need to tackle antisocial behaviour, shares the concern expressed by many young people and organisations that antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs) can unnecessarily focus on the negative behaviour of young people at the expense of the many positive attitudes young people have and actions they take; agrees with many official organisations in Glasgow and throughout Scotland which regard ASBOs as a route to be explored only after other, more positive, initiatives have been tried, one such initiative being the use of positive social behaviour orders (PoSBOs), which have recently been introduced in Yorkshire for young people who make communities brighter and better places, and believes that initiatives like the one above should be explored along with others to tackle the problem of antisocial behaviour.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Keith Brown, Christina McKelvie, Stuart McMillan, Gil Paterson, Rob Gibson, Robin Harper, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Jamie Hepburn, Bashir Ahmad*

S3M-246 Aileen Campbell: Leonard Cheshire’s Sixth Annual Scottish Disability and Business Awards—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of Leonard Cheshire’s sixth annual Scottish Disability and Business Awards, which aim to acknowledge the Scottish business community’s achievements in becoming more disability friendly; recognises that there are one million disabled people in Scotland with an annual spending power of £5 billion, which highlights that there are real benefits both economically and socially in making all our businesses open and accessible to all; wishes Leonard Cheshire every success with the awards; hopes that Scottish businesses will come forward to showcase their good working practices to promote inclusion and equality for both disabled customers and staff, and looks forward to Scotland moving towards being a truly inclusive society.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-245 Gil Paterson: Hospital Car Parking Charges—That the Parliament welcomes the decision by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to reduce car parking charges at hospitals under its jurisdiction; believes that this is a small step in the right direction, and further believes that car parking charges should be fully abolished, a move which would benefit staff, patients and visitors.

Supported by: Bashir Ahmad, Keith Brown, Roseanna Cunningham, Alex Neil, Kenneth Gibson, Jamie Hepburn, Elaine Smith

S3M-244 Bill Wilson: Afghanistan and Scotland, Opium and Heroin—That the Parliament considers that US and UK policy in bringing peace, stability and the rule of law to Afghanistan has been ineffective; notes the recent UN World Drug Report’s finding that more than 90% of the world’s illegal heroin comes from that country and that opium production has increased dramatically there despite the presence of more than 30,000 international troops; notes that Helmand province alone, where UK troops are stationed, produces half of the world’s opium; notes the related availability of heroin in Scotland and its devastating effect on individuals and communities; considers that drugs policies here have been ineffective in tackling this scourge; further notes the repeated calls by senior police officers, such as John Vine, the Chief Constable of Tayside Police, for heroin to be prescribed to addicts, and accordingly calls for the Scottish Government to investigate the costs and benefits of an integrated and rational national and international drugs and crime policy including such measures as the purchase of Afghanistan’s opium crop and the prescription of heroin to addicts.

S3M-242 Robert Brown: Freedom of Information—That the Parliament welcomes the report of the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons rejecting the UK Government’s proposal to reduce the rights of the citizen under the Freedom of Information Act; notes the committee’s view that the Information Commissioner’s Office should be made independent of government and be funded by and accountable to Parliament, and welcomes the fact that the Scottish Information Commissioner and other similar post holders established by this Parliament are independent of the Scottish Executive and are already funded by and accountable to this Parliament.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, Bob Doris, Hugh O’Donnell, Mr Jamie Stone, Jim Hume, Alex Neil, Patrick Harvie, Mike Pringle, Jim Tolson, Christina McKelvie, Ross Finnie, Stuart McMillan, Robin Harper

S3M-241 Jim Tolson: Land for Affordable Housing—That the Parliament recognises that house prices have risen by 180% in the last 10 years and as such are increasing the demand for affordable housing; notes that one of the great obstacles to developing affordable housing is obtaining appropriate land for development, particularly in urban areas; congratulates the Scottish Churches Make it Happen campaign which has identified potential for affordable homes from redundant and underused church properties, and calls on the Scottish Executive to enter into negotiations with Scottish Churches and other landholding bodies such as the Ministry of Defence, the NHS and the Forestry Commission to ensure that the necessary land is made available to meet the demand for affordable housing across Scotland.

S3M-240 Jim Hume: Braw Lads’ Gathering of Galashiels—That the Parliament congratulates Galashiels’ Braw Lads’ Executive on this year’s Braw Lads’ Week and Braw Lads’ and Braw Lasses’ Festival; recognises the huge, year-long commitment made by each member in donating their time to raise funds for the week; further congratulates the Braw Lad and Braw Lass on their appointments; notes the significance of the week-long diary of events in terms of marking Galashiels’ historical past, particularly the dipping of the Burgh Flag which is a poignant mark of respect for those who died in World Wars One and Two, and commends the people of Galashiels on their unfaltering support for this important annual event.

S3M-239 Jim Tolson: End Fuel Poverty by 2016—That the Parliament acknowledges that all types of household are susceptible to fuel poverty, but particularly pensioner and lone-parent households; notes Scottish Executive figures published earlier this year showing that 419,000 Scottish households are in fuel poverty; recognises the crucial role that the central heating and Warm Deal programmes have played in delivering thousands of vulnerable individuals out of fuel poverty in the last eight years; however recognises the concern of key stakeholders that more needs to be done to tackle fuel poverty, and calls for urgent action to meet the 2016 target to abolish fuel poverty in Scotland.

Supported by: Jim Hume

S3M-238 Bill Wilson: Paisley Victoria Cross Memorial Service—That the Parliament notes the ceremony to be held on 26 June 2007 in Paisley Abbey, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first award of the Victoria Cross, to unveil a memorial in honour of the five recipients of this medal who came from Paisley; notes that Paisley is thought to have the highest concentration of Victoria Cross winners of any town in the world; further notes its gratitude for the sacrifices made by these men and their comrades, and sends its respects to the representatives, relatives and regiments of the men and to others who represented the Paisley area with such distinction.

S3M-237 Mr Jamie Stone: Rural Fuel Discount Scheme Amendment—That the Parliament notes the disproportionately high cost of fuel in the remote and rural parts of Scotland where cars are a necessity not a luxury; further notes the undue burden that this puts on the social and economic life of these areas and calls on the Scottish Executive to indicate its support for the "rural fuel discount scheme" amendment to the UK Government’s Finance Bill to benefit people in remote areas by allowing fuel duty be cut by up to 2.4 pence per litre, which is in line with EU law and already used in rural France, Portugal and Greece, but not in the UK, and believes that this would make a real difference to people in rural areas who face high fuel costs, greater driving distances and little or no public transport.

S3M-236 Alasdair Morgan: Devolved Fuel Duty—That the Parliament commends the right held by the French government to vary fuel duty under certain circumstances; notes that this policy could lead to cuts in fuel duty of up to 3% in rural areas; considers this to be a valuable means of alleviating a proportion of the financial burden on rural drivers who often rely on private transport to access essential services, and believes that the Scottish Executive should consult the other devolved legislatures with a view to presenting a case in favour of this policy to the UK Government.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-235 Robert Brown: RNID Report, Here to be Heard, on Information for Hearing Aid Users—That the Parliament notes the report, Here to be Heard, by Glasgow Caledonian University on behalf of RNID and, in particular, its key findings that only half of hearing aid users believed that they had received enough instruction on how to use their aids before being fitted and that three-quarters felt that this would have been useful; supports the empowerment of well-informed patients who can manage their own health needs, and believes that NHS Scotland should carry out a full evaluation on how the needs of new hearing aid users can best be met.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Jackie Baillie, Liam McArthur, Bashir Ahmad, Bill Wilson, Mary Scanlon, Hugh O’Donnell, Mr Jamie Stone, Jim Hume, Ken Macintosh, Christine Grahame, Cathie Craigie, Margaret Mitchell, Mike Pringle, Jim Tolson, Elaine Smith, Marlyn Glen, Hugh Henry, Ross Finnie, John Park, Stuart McMillan, Robin Harper, Trish Godman, Jamie Hepburn, Sarah Boyack, Nigel Don, Alex Neil*

S3M-234 Bob Doris: Social Aspect of Bingo Clubs and VAT—That the Parliament acknowledges the important social aspect that bingo clubs provide in local communities; notes that they provide a safe environment and are sometimes the sole outlet for communication for some people, many of whom are elderly women; notes that the Bingo Association was supportive of the smoking ban in Scotland but observes that this has contributed to a serious decline in attendance and profits; further notes that the industry is subject to the imposition of 17.5% VAT, while its immediate competitors in bookmaking and casinos are not, and suggests that the VAT taken by HM Treasury should be removed or significantly reduced in order to level the playing field, facilitate the survival of the industry and prevent further closures of bingo clubs in local communities across Scotland.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Bill Wilson, Dave Thompson, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Jamie Hepburn, Alex Neil*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-226 Success of Nicolson Institute Debating Team (lodged on 21 June 2007) Roseanna Cunningham*

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