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Section G – Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 4 December 2006

Adoption and Children (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Amendment 127 which was lodged on 30 November was lodged in error. It was a duplicate of amendment 53 lodged on 29 November. Amendment 127 will not appear in the marshalled list.

Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2Section 3

Lewis Macdonald

30 Leave out section 3 and insert—

<Adults at risk

(1) "Adults at risk" are adults who—

(a) are unable to safeguard their own well-being, property, rights or other interests,(b) are at risk of harm, and

(c) because they are affected by disability, mental disorder, illness or physical or mental infirmity, are more vulnerable to being harmed than adults who are not so affected.

(2) An adult is at risk of harm for the purposes of subsection (1) if—

(a) another person’s conduct is causing (or is likely to cause) the adult to be harmed, or

(b) the adult is engaging (or is likely to engage) in conduct which causes (or is likely to cause) self-harm.>

Section 50

Lewis Macdonald

31 In section 50, page 20, line 16, leave out <3> and insert <(Adults at risk)>

Lewis Macdonald

32 In section 50, page 21, line 1, at end insert—

<"harm" includes all harmful conduct and, in particular, includes—

(a) conduct which causes physical harm,

(b) conduct which causes psychological harm (for example: by causing fear, alarm or distress),

(c) unlawful conduct which appropriates or adversely affects property, rights or interests (for example: theft, fraud, embezzlement or extortion),

(d) conduct which causes self-harm,>

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