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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (<>).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S2M-5139 Dave Petrie: Congratulations to the Inverness Streetwork Project—That the Parliament congratulates the Streetwork Project in Inverness for the award it has received from Highland Council for the work it does in the city giving advice and support to homeless people; recognises the invaluable contribution which voluntary organisations such as Streetwork make in respect of the alleviation of homelessness; further recognises the need to increase the autonomy and financial security of the voluntary sector as a whole; recognises that homelessness has risen by 19% since 1999, and calls on the Scottish Executive to focus on effectively reversing this trend and to promote initiatives such as Streetwork in Inverness in other local authority areas throughout Scotland in a bid to provide the support necessary to ease the devastating homelessness figures which Scotland experiences.

*S2M-5138 Alasdair Morgan: Business Start-Up Grants—That the Parliament believes that the current Scottish Enterprise business start-up grant scheme for 18 to 30-year-olds discriminates unfairly against older applicants and, in particular, can place unnecessary barriers to growth by excluding from access to grant assistance applicants who would otherwise be sufficiently qualified and experienced to build thriving and successful businesses.

*S2M-5137 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Support and Protection for Victims of Sex Crimes—That the Parliament recognises the trauma caused to victims of sex abuse; recognises that counselling can help with this trauma and should be provided free to all victims of sex abuse and their families; calls for a dedicated counselling service for victims of sex abuse and their families to be established across the country; recognises that the process of giving evidence in sex abuse trials can add to the stress of victims and their families, and calls on the legal system to recognise this and to do all it can to reduce stress, including the provision of separate waiting areas for victims and families, and accused sex offenders and proper support services to victims and their families including full explanation of the court procedures and notification of court decisions.

*S2M-5136 Robin Harper: Congratulations to Powerpod - Renewable Energy in a Box—That the Parliament congratulates the young people from Edinburgh Woodcraft Folk youth group on the construction of the renewable energy trailer, Powerpod, being launched at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, on Sunday 12 November 2006; supports this project, which is funded by the Scottish Executive and designed by young people for young people to promote the good news about the renewable energy alternatives that will help to address the climate change problems which are going to affect our present and future generations of young people, and recognises how important it is that young people themselves should play a part in taking such initiatives forward to face the problems of the century before us.

*S2M-5135 Mr Mark Ruskell: UN Climate Talks in Nairobi, November 2007—That the Parliament welcomes the meeting of signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol which will expire in its current form in 2012; notes that this is the 12th set of UN climate talks since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit but that global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, and calls on the Scottish Executive to use all channels, including with the UK Government, to demand that the parties agree a new UN treaty to set binding targets for a cut in global atmospheric carbon emissions of 90% by 2050 to stave off the worst effects of climate change, that a new treaty must be based on the principle of "contraction and convergence" under which richer nations most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions have the greatest responsibility to reduce them, that the Kyoto Protocol is expanded to include aviation and shipping and that all industrialised countries sign the treaty, particularly the United States of America.

*S2M-5134 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Keeping Young People Off the Streets—That the Parliament agrees that it is vital to keep young people off the streets and provide activities that build their confidence and self-esteem and let them see that there are many ways to enjoy themselves, other than drug and alcohol misuse, and further agrees that the project, funded by Gretna Football Club and run by the First Base Agency in Dumfries, which provides football training for all over 16-year-olds and under-16s is the kind of model that should be funded by the Scottish Executive and rolled out across Scotland.

*S2M-5133 Mr Ted Brocklebank: Remains of Bothwell—That the Parliament supports the desire to repatriate from Denmark the remains of James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell and Duke of Orkney, consort to Mary Queen of Scots; notes that the remains of Tsarina Maria Fyodorovna, widow of Tsar Alexander III, have recently been removed from Denmark for internment in St Petersburg, and believes that the Scottish Executive should make representations to the UK Government to request that Bothwell’s remains similarly are returned for reburial in his native Scotland, in accordance with the wishes of the Earl and his descendants around the world.

S2M-5132 Des McNulty: World’s Best Call Centre in Clydebank—That the Parliament notes that Clydesdale Bank’s call centre at Mariner Court in the Clydebank Business Park, Clydebank, has beaten over 400 rivals to be named the world’s "Best Contact Centre of the Year" in the Contact Centre World Awards held in Las Vegas on 8 November 2006; congratulates the employees for the work they have done to achieve this world-wide recognition; welcomes the bank’s additional investment in its operations which will relocate 223 extra jobs to the centre, and acknowledges that this is another boost to the ongoing regeneration of Clydebank.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White*

S2M-5131 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Integrated Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for Scotland—That the Parliament recognises the misery caused by drug misuse in our communities; acknowledges that current and past policies of the Scottish Executive have failed, and calls on the Executive to implement, as a matter of urgency, a policy of integrated drug treatment and rehabilitation services across Scotland, such services to be based on a range of treatment options including family support, action on employability, substitute prescribing, and residential and community-based rehabilitation, all of these services to be based on a full assessment of individuals’ needs, through an individual care plan implemented and monitored by a key worker allocated to each individual and provided equally across the country.

S2M-5130 Ms Sandra White: Expressions of Sorrow—That the Parliament condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the attack on Beit Hanoun in Gaza perpetrated by Israel, which resulted in the killing of 18 people, including 8 children, all of them of the Athamnah family; echoes the comments of the European Union which termed the action as "a profoundly shocking event", Egypt’s foreign minister who referred to it as "immoral and inhuman" and the parliament of Kuwait which stated that the incident was one of "organized terrorism", and calls on the Scottish Executive to issue a statement denouncing Israel’s continued aggression in the middle east and expressing its deep-felt sorrow for the innocent families involved.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Tommy Sheridan*, Campbell Martin*, Fiona Hyslop*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mark Ballard*

S2M-5129 Tommy Sheridan: Stress: Biggest Workplace Problem—That the Parliament notes recent research by the Trades Union Congress indicating that stress is the biggest problem facing workplaces across Britain and that excessive workloads, job cuts, long hours, rapid change and bullying are the biggest contributory factors to rising stress problems among workers and further notes that stress has to be tackled through a legally enforceable shorter working week, to both relieve stress and create more job opportunities.

S2M-5128 Tommy Sheridan: City Bonuses—That the Parliament notes the latest estimate for City bonuses from the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) to the effect that total payouts are expected to reach a record of £8.8 billion shared among high-flying City staff while the Office for National Statistics published low pay estimates for Spring 2006 which show that 336,000 working people are paid less than the national minimum wage; further notes the CEBR prediction that 4,200 City employees would receive a bonus of at least £1 million, compared with 3,000 last year, and considers that such obscene levels of bonus payments illustrate the massive inequality of pay and income across Britain which is unacceptable and unproductive, and believes that a fundamental redistribution of wealth and income is required to improve social cohesion and the standard of life of millions currently condemned to life in poverty and that an independent socialist Scotland should never allow such obscene levels of inequality to scar our country.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne, Campbell Martin

S2M-5127 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Community Ownership of Land—That the Parliament congratulates the community of Sealladh na Beinne Moire on receipt of over £2 million towards the purchase of the South Uist Estate, covering 92,000 acres and taking up virtually all of South Uist, Benbecula and Eriskay; notes that this proposed community buy-out is the biggest ever in terms of land mass and population (2,700), and the biggest in terms of finance since Gigha; notes that the £2 million, representing 44.22% of the cost of the acquisition, will go towards the acquisition of shares in the companies that collectively own the assets of the vast estate; commends the community of Sealladh na Beinne Moire on its hard work on the community buy-out; recognises that community buy-outs represent the taking back of common land into community ownership and control; notes, however, that approximately 84% of Scotland’s land remains in private hands, that 25% is owned by 66 landowners in estates of 30,700 acres or larger, that 33% is owned by 120 landowners in estates of 21,000 acres or larger, that 50% is owned by 343 landowners in estates of 7,500 acres or larger and that 66% is owned by 1,252 landowners in estates of 1,200 acres or larger; condemns the undemocratic pattern of land ownership in Scotland, and calls on the Scottish Executive to initiate an immediate review of land ownership with a view to common land being taken back into community control.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan*, Mr Mark Ruskell*

S2M-5126 Alex Neil: Lord Phillips’ Comments that Torture is Forgivable—That the Parliament notes the comments of Lord Phillips, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, in a speech to the University of Hertfordshire, delivered on 19 October 2006, when he indicated that in his opinion it might be acceptable for individuals to be tortured to reveal information and that there are situations where "the executive might be forgiven for acting in a manner that was unlawful" and calls on the Scottish Executive to make clear that it or its law officers will never sanction or condone the use of torture in any circumstances.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Mr Adam Ingram, Jim Mather, Mike Pringle, Ms Sandra White, Campbell Martin, Stewart Stevenson, Frances Curran, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Roseanna Cunningham, Eleanor Scott, Colin Fox, Mr Mark Ruskell*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Chris Ballance*, Dennis Canavan*

S2M-5125 Alex Neil: Escalating Costs of the 2012 Olympic Games—That the Parliament notes that the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics are likely to be hit with a VAT bill on top of the cost of preparing for the games, originally estimated at £2.4 billion and recently estimated at closer to £5 billion; notes that this VAT bill, which Tessa Jowell MP has admitted was not factored into the original costs, may be around £250 million alone; believes that Scottish charitable causes and grassroots sport should not be affected by either the increase in cost or the unexpected VAT bill by facing further displacement of lottery monies to contribute to these costs, and calls on the Scottish Executive to intimate this position clearly to both the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics and Her Majesty’s Government.

Supported by: Mr Adam Ingram, Jim Mather, Campbell Martin, Richard Lochhead, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Fiona Hyslop*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Chris Ballance*, Ms Sandra White*

S2M-5124 Michael McMahon: Holytown Primary School Supports Malawi—That the Parliament notes the outstanding efforts of the pupils of room 14 at Holytown Primary School, Lanarkshire, in raising over £700 for their food aid project for Malawi; notes that the pupils conducted an assembly, to which the local community was invited, which highlighted the levels of poverty in Malawi, and sends its best wishes to the school’s head teacher, Morag Johnston, who will be visiting Malawi in February 2007 to support educational initiatives in that country.

Supported by: Des McNulty, Bruce Crawford, Mr Frank McAveety, Bill Butler, Trish Godman, Roseanna Cunningham, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Helen Eadie, Mr Jamie Stone, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Alex Neil, Eleanor Scott, Janis Hughes, Murray Tosh, Dr Elaine Murray, Paul Martin, Scott Barrie, Ms Maureen Watt, Jackie Baillie*, Ms Sandra White*

S2M-5123 Margaret Jamieson: Fireworks—That the Parliament notes the continuing distress caused to residents and their pets by fireworks; recognises that restrictions on the sale of fireworks at New Year and for a three-week period prior to 5 November under the Fireworks Act 2003 do not prevent the abuse of fireworks at this time and during other times of the year when it is still too prevalent, and believes that the time has come to have a complete ban on the sale of fireworks, except for organised displays where a licence can be granted by local authorities.

Supported by: Marilyn Livingstone, Alex Neil

S2M-5122 Mr Stewart Maxwell: MSP Pension Fund—That the Parliament agrees that the pension fund for MSPs should be invested ethically and therefore calls on the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body to investigate ways of amending the pension fund rules to make this possible and to report to the Parliament with recommendations on the best way to achieve this.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Brian Adam, Richard Lochhead, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Adam Ingram, Mike Pringle, Ms Sandra White, John Swinburne, Campbell Martin, Frances Curran, Alex Neil, Carolyn Leckie, Eleanor Scott, Robin Harper*, Patrick Harvie*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Chris Ballance*, Dennis Canavan*

S2M-5121 Colin Fox: Welcome to First Socialist Ever Elected to US Senate—That the Parliament sends its warmest congratulations to Senator Bernie Sanders, the newly elected socialist member of the US Senate; notes his remarkable victory in Vermont where he won 66% of the popular vote; notes that he is the only elected member of the Senate never to have belonged to either the Republican or Democratic parties and believes that his overwhelming success in part reflects the tidal wave of opposition rushing through America over the continued occupation of Iraq by US troops and equally shows the strength of support that there is there for his pioneering and progressive social policies and political record in representing working families in Vermont over the last two decades.

Supported by: Campbell Martin, Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Dennis Canavan*

S2M-5120 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Saving Live Music on Radio 3—That the Parliament deplores the proposal to end the broadcasting of live concerts on Radio 3 outside the Prom season; believes that live concerts are an essential part of the BBC’s musical remit; is concerned that ending the broadcasting of live music will reduce the choice of classical music available to listeners and could reduce the number of such concerts, especially in Scotland; believes that it might also reduce the BBC’s commissioning of new music and jeopardise the future of its orchestras and singers; reminds the BBC that its broadcasting policy should not be the plaything of particular controllers; insists that its management undertakes a proper consultation with its listeners and the classical music community before any final decisions are taken, and calls on the BBC’s governors to take this final opportunity before they are abolished to make a stand against yet another example of the dumbing down of the BBC’s cultural programming.

Supported by: Phil Gallie, Tommy Sheridan, Rob Gibson, Mr Jamie Stone, Mr Adam Ingram, Mike Pringle, Eleanor Scott, Chris Ballance*

S2M-5119 Tommy Sheridan: Congratulations to the First Socialist Senator—That the Parliament congratulates Bernie Sanders on being elected the first socialist senator in the United States of America; notes that Bernie has a long and distinguished history of fighting on socialist issues, including opposing the Vietnam war, developing day-care and teen centres, developing after-school programmes, fighting for low and moderate-income housing, the rights of tenants and community land-trust housing, attacking repressive tax structures and fighting for environmental improvements including renewable energy schemes; recognises that this victory represents a real step forward for socialism in America, and looks forward to congratulating many more such socialists in the Senate.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne, Campbell Martin

S2M-5118 Mr Jim Wallace: Air Ambulance Cover in the Highlands and Islands—That the Parliament notes with concern reports that the Scottish Ambulance Service is trying to restrict the number of missions flown by its Inverness-based air ambulance helicopter by using the helicopter only when a road ambulance cannot access the site and even then only when authorisation is granted by the head of the air ambulance service; believes that such action will inevitably delay the arrival in hospital of patients in need of urgent medical treatment; further believes that this is the result of the reduction in the number of air ambulance aircraft in Scotland, in particular the loss of an air ambulance based in Orkney which has left the Inverness helicopter covering a much enlarged area, and calls on the Scottish Executive to instruct the Scottish Ambulance Service to base an additional air ambulance aircraft in Kirkwall as a matter of urgency so that adequate levels of air ambulance cover in the Highlands and Islands can be restored.

Supported by: John Farquhar Munro, Stewart Stevenson, Euan Robson, Nora Radcliffe, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Mr Jamie Stone, Mike Pringle, Tommy Sheridan, Rob Gibson, Robin Harper, John Swinburne, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Eleanor Scott

S2M-5117# Mr Andrew Welsh: Respect Your Life, Not a Knife—That the Parliament notes that 27 November 2006 is the sixth anniversary of the tragic death of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, a young immigrant from Nigeria who moved to the United Kingdom with his sister and his mother, while his father stayed behind, in order to make better lives for themselves, and who three months later was murdered in London, England, on his way home from his local library; conveys its deepest sympathies to his surviving family and congratulates them on ensuring that this young man’s legacy lives on in the Damilola Taylor Trust, a not-for-profit organisation that has launched a campaign to reduce knife violence by getting secondary schools to encourage students to sign a pledge wall stating that they will not carry weapons; agrees that the goals of the campaign, namely to commit young people not to carry weapons and to demonstrate to those who do that the majority of young people do not want to carry weapons, are both laudable and practical; congratulates local organisations in Scotland, such as the Community Alcohol Free Environment (CAFE Project) initiative in Angus and other local organisations that are trying to bring the campaign to Scotland, and considers that the Scottish Executive should offer its full assistance and support to encouraging the spread of this community-led initiative to schools throughout Scotland to spread the "Respect your Life, Not a Knife" message.

Supported by: Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Des McNulty, Carolyn Leckie, Patrick Harvie, Bill Aitken, Dennis Canavan, Mr Bruce McFee, Richard Lochhead, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Rob Gibson, Shona Robison, Fiona Hyslop, Fergus Ewing, Roseanna Cunningham, Alex Neil, Linda Fabiani, Ms Sandra White, Christine Grahame, Ms Maureen Watt, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Stewart Stevenson, Nicola Sturgeon, Alasdair Morgan, Mr John Swinney, Ms Rosemary Byrne, John Swinburne, Mr Adam Ingram, Bruce Crawford, Mr Jamie Stone, Margaret Jamieson, Robin Harper, Trish Godman, Alex Johnstone, Jim Mather, Tommy Sheridan, Eleanor Scott, Tricia Marwick, Brian Adam*, Jackie Baillie*

S2M-5116 Mr Andrew Welsh: Montrose Maternity Unit—That the Parliament offers its congratulations to Montrose Maternity Unit’s midwifery team which recently won the British Journal of Midwifery Team of the Year award in London; recognises that this is yet another feather in the caps of the unit’s midwives who have also recently won the Royal College of Midwives’ Promotion of Normality award for assisting in a record number of straightforward births, and further congratulates all midwives across Scotland on the invaluable role that they play within the healthcare system and in ensuring that Scotland’s future generations are looked after before, during and after birth.

Supported by: Mike Rumbles, Richard Lochhead, Fergus Ewing, Ms Maureen Watt, Jim Mather, Bruce Crawford, Brian Adam, Rob Gibson, Alex Johnstone, Ms Sandra White, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Mr John Swinney, Mr David Davidson, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Tricia Marwick, Eleanor Scott, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mrs Nanette Milne*, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-5115 Richard Lochhead: Opening of The Macallan Whisky Development in Speyside—That the Parliament welcomes the opening of the new £1 million development in Speyside by Edrington, owners of The Macallan single malt, which includes a new visitor centre and the restored 18th century Jacobean manor, Easter Elchies House; congratulates Edrington on the growth of The Macallan which has increased sales at three times the rate of the single malt market over the last five years, and recognises the important role that whisky plays in the manufacturing, transportation and tourism industries in Moray and across Scotland, resulting in whisky contributing £2 billion a year to the balance of trade.

Supported by: Mr Jamie Stone*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Ms Sandra White*, Rob Gibson*, Fergus Ewing*, Stewart Stevenson*, Mrs Nanette Milne*, Ms Maureen Watt*, Roseanna Cunningham*

S2M-5114 Robin Harper: Edinburgh - Showing the Way to a Low Carbon Future?—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of a report on decentralised energy, commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council, Greenpeace UK and WWF Scotland, suggesting that Edinburgh could become a world leader in the fight against climate change; notes the findings of the report that if Edinburgh implements its recommendations to opt for a decentralised energy system, using micro-renewable energy generation and combined heat and power (CHP), it could meet all of its energy needs, slash carbon dioxide emissions and save money, without the use of new nuclear power; contrasts the decentralised model with the present system used in the United Kingdom, whereby the vast majority of electricity comes from large, centralised and grossly inefficient thermal power stations that waste around two-thirds of their energy inputs; believes that, as long as fossil fuels are used to generate electricity, both generators and consumers of energy have a responsibility to ensure that this finite and polluting energy is used as efficiently as possible; acknowledges that decentralised energy is a tried and tested system which is already widely used across many parts of Europe, where combined heat and power networks are commonplace, and calls for other cities across Scotland and the rest of the UK to follow this example and to adopt a decentralised energy system fit for the 21st century.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Shiona Baird, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Rosie Kane, Patrick Harvie, Ms Maureen Watt, Eleanor Scott, Rob Gibson, Susan Deacon*

S2M-5113 Dennis Canavan: St Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the St Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Bill be passed.

S2M-5112 Shona Robison: World COPD Day 2006—That the Parliament regrets that there are an estimated 2.1 million people in the United Kingdom who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but remain undiagnosed, 95,000 of whom live in Scotland; welcomes the British Lung Foundation’s campaign for World COPD Day 2006 which aims to find these "missing millions" so that they can be diagnosed early and treated to halt the progression of their disease; regrets that Scotland is the only country in the UK which has not yet taken steps to develop specific policies to improve care for patients with respiratory disease, and supports calls by the British Lung Foundation Scotland for NHS Quality Improvement Scotland to develop clinical standards for COPD to ensure that people living with the condition have access to the best quality care, regardless of where in the country they live.

Supported by: Mr Andrew Welsh

S2M-5111 Rob Gibson: Congratulations to Scottish Shinty/Hurling Victors in Ireland—That the Parliament congratulates all those involved in the Scotland shinty team in its historic win in Ireland in the Shinty/Hurling international at Croke Park on 5 November 2006 by 19 (2-13) to 11 (2-05); notes that this was the first victory for Scotland at Croke Park and that this was the second successive year that Scotland won the international; calls on the Scottish Executive to recognise this achievement by giving the requisite funding to grow the game in its Highland heartland as well as across Scotland, and looks forward to another exciting shinty/hurling international in Fort William next October during the Scottish Year of Highland Culture.

Supported by: John Farquhar Munro, Mr Bruce McFee, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Richard Lochhead, Mr John Swinney, Brian Adam, Robin Harper, Mike Pringle, Eleanor Scott, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Bruce Crawford, Jim Mather, Linda Fabiani, Fergus Ewing, Alasdair Morgan, Ms Sandra White, Ms Maureen Watt, Dennis Canavan*

S2M-5110 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Lack of Democracy—That the Parliament condemns the situation whereby Members’ Bills face undemocratic barriers to their passage through the parliamentary system; notes with concern that more and more stringent measures are being put in place with regard to Members’ Bills thus weakening the basic democracy of the Parliament; recognises that the production of a Member’s Bill involves a considerable amount of time and public money including the cost of both parliamentary and party staff, and calls for an immediate review of the way in which Members’ Bills are supported through the parliamentary system including a review of the Standing Orders of the Parliament with regard to Members’ Bills and their progress through the Parliament.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, John Swinburne

S2M-5108 Donald Gorrie: Sale of Surplus Council Assets to Community Organisations—That the Parliament believes that it may be in the interests of the community as a whole for surplus council buildings or assets, on appropriate occasions, to be sold to community organisations at below market value, with reasonable conditions to ensure their continued use for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Mr Mark Ruskell, Ms Sandra White, Robin Harper, Patrick Harvie, Mr Jim Wallace, Tommy Sheridan, Eleanor Scott, John Swinburne, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran, Mr Jamie Stone

S2M-5107 Dr Elaine Murray: Fund for Farepak Victims—That the Parliament welcomes the setting up of a fund by the Department of Trade and Industry to recompense Farepak victims; notes that retailers are being asked to make contributions; notes also that MPs are being asked to contribute a day’s salary to the fund, and urges MSPs to do likewise.

Supported by: Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Robin Harper, Cathy Peattie, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr John Swinney, Ms Wendy Alexander, Mr Jamie Stone, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Margaret Jamieson, Trish Godman, Scott Barrie, Murray Tosh, Cathie Craigie*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S2M-5101 Donald Gorrie: Kinship Care—That the Parliament recognises that kinship care is often the best way to look after children from disintegrated families and is concerned about the uneven financial support given by local authorities to kinship carers, ranging from 12 authorities which pay a full fostering allowance to three which pay nothing, and encourages Scottish ministers and local authorities to work together to provide a system whereby all kinship carers are paid the same rate as foster carers and a new status of "looked after in kinship care" is created, as proposed in the report, Looking After the Family: A Study of Children Looked after in Kinship Care in Scotland, by Professor Jane Aldgate and Miranda McIntosh.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Trish Godman, Bruce Crawford, Ms Sandra White, Robin Harper, Rosie Kane, Mr Frank McAveety, Patrick Harvie, Nora Radcliffe, John Swinburne, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mr Jamie Stone

S2M-5100 Chris Ballance: Excessive and Illegal Use of Force by Chinese People’s Armed Police on Tibetan Civilians—That the Parliament notes with concern that on 30 September 2006 independent observers witnessed members of the Chinese People’s Armed Police fire on unarmed Tibetans attempting to cross into Nepal over the glaciated Nanga Pass, killing one of their number, Kelsang Namtso, a 17-year-old nun, before proceeding to arrest others including children and, having regard to the UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and noting that video and photographic evidence from the incident shows that the Tibetan group was moving slowly away from the Chinese forces firing on them and did not approach nor represent a threat to those forces, condemns the excessive use of force by the Chinese People’s Armed Police in firing on unarmed Tibetan civilians, including children; strongly condemns the killing of an unarmed civilian who, being below 18 years of age, was also considered to be a child under international law; expresses its dismay at the imprisonment of Tibetan civilians of whom nine are children; urges the Chinese authorities to guarantee that the Tibetans detained during the incident will not be ill-treated in detention and that international human rights and humanitarian law standards will be respected; urges the Chinese authorities immediately to release all children detained during the incident; further urges the Chinese authorities to conduct a full investigation into the events at Nanga Pass and ensure that those responsible for any crimes committed there are brought to justice, and calls on the Government of the People’s Republic of China to continue the dialogue with the representatives of the Dalai Lama in order to improve the respect of religious, cultural, linguistic and political rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Patrick Harvie, Eleanor Scott, Carolyn Leckie, Mike Pringle, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Robin Harper, Mr Mark Ruskell, Trish Godman

S2M-5099# Mr David Davidson: World Diabetes Day 2006—That the Parliament expresses its support for World Diabetes Day 2006 on 14 November and the launch of the year-long campaign to raise awareness of the impact of diabetes among disadvantaged and vulnerable groups; notes the campaign’s message that every person with diabetes, or at risk of diabetes, deserves the best quality of education, prevention and care that is possible; is concerned that people on the lowest incomes are around twice as likely as those on the highest incomes to develop type 2 diabetes and that the prevalence of diabetes in the most deprived areas is over two-thirds higher than in the most affluent; further notes that black and minority ethnic groups are at least five times more likely to develop diabetes than their Caucasian counterparts and are more likely to live in more deprived areas; recognises the developing epidemic of diabetes in young people in Scotland, and believes that the Scottish Executive should ensure that the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups are fully addressed in the roll-out of the Scottish Diabetes Framework Action Plan and that resources for diabetes awareness, screening and early intervention treatment to reduce long-term costs to the NHS are made available to all of Scotland’s NHS boards.

Supported by: Mrs Nanette Milne, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Rosie Kane, Mike Pringle, Christine Grahame, Tommy Sheridan, Rob Gibson, Eleanor Scott, John Scott, Scott Barrie, Alex Fergusson, Dave Petrie, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, John Swinburne, Murdo Fraser, Donald Gorrie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Kate Maclean, Chris Ballance, Robin Harper, Bill Butler, Bill Aitken, Shiona Baird, Bruce Crawford, Murray Tosh, Margaret Mitchell, Trish Godman, Alex Neil, Roseanna Cunningham

S2M-5097 Tommy Sheridan: Suspension of Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance—That the Parliament notes the considerable concern expressed in the press over the latest revelations about the Members’ Allowances Scheme; agrees with the editorial in the Sunday Herald of 5 November 2006 that the scheme needs to be suspended and that there should be an urgent review to seek an alternative which does not result in profit for individual MSPs; also notes the continuing support from the First Minister for reform of the system, and accordingly calls on the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body to carry out an urgent review of the scheme.

S2M-5096 Bruce Crawford: Future of Remploy—That the Parliament believes that the work currently being carried out by Remploy, which provides disabled workers with opportunities to work with support and dignity while learning first-class skills in manufacturing goods, is extremely valuable; notes with concern the potential impact that the Department for Work and Pensions’ review of future business options for Remploy may have on the Remploy network; further believes that the 5,000 disabled workers in the 83 Remploy factories across Scotland, England and Wales should have the choice between working in a fully integrated environment or a supported environment if that is the best option for them, and asks that the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and the Scottish Executive review their procurement procedures to include Remploy, where appropriate, on the list of contactors for goods or services so that they are provided with every opportunity of having a sustainable future.

Supported by: Rosie Kane, Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Alex Neil, Eleanor Scott, Stewart Stevenson, Jim Mather, Rob Gibson, Tommy Sheridan, Kate Maclean, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Mr Bruce McFee, Robin Harper, Fergus Ewing, Mr John Swinney, Mr Brian Monteith, Mr Andrew Welsh, Ms Maureen Watt, Roseanna Cunningham, Brian Adam, Shiona Baird, Tricia Marwick, John Swinburne

S2M-5096.1 Helen Eadie: Future of Remploy—As an amendment to motion (S2M-5096) in the name of Bruce Crawford, leave out from "with concern" to end and insert "that the funding to Remploy has risen in recent years from £96 million to £119 million, with subsidies per supported worker ranging from £18,000 to £48,000; further notes that Her Majesty’s Government is committed to the future of Remploy and that, in a statement to the House of Commons on 19 July 2006, Anne McGuire MP, the UK Minister for Disabled People, announced that she will provide additional funding in this financial year to meet short-term pressures; welcomes the fact that a five-year funding envelope of £555 million will be made available to enable the company to plan for the future, setting a new aspiration of helping a significantly greater number of disabled people into work and developing modernisation plans in consultation with trade unions and all stakeholders, with a commitment to protect Remploy’s disabled employees from compulsory redundancy, and asks that the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and the Scottish Executive review their procurement procedures to ensure compliance with Article 19 of the EU Directive on public sector procurement which provides particular protection in the procurement process for all sheltered workshops."

Supported by: Mr Duncan McNeil*, Christine May*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Scott Barrie*, Marlyn Glen*

S2M-5095 Mr John Swinney: The Watson-Watt Society of Brechin—That the Parliament welcomes the establishment of the Watson-Watt Society of Brechin and congratulates the society on its plans to commemorate the work of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, the father of radar; notes that Sir Robert was born in Brechin and educated at Damacre School and Brechin High; acknowledges the enormous contribution Sir Robert made to the development of radar; recognises the importance of radar in our society through its use in weather forecasting, air traffic control, speed cameras, space travel and other uses, and encourages the Watson-Watt Society in its fund-raising efforts to establish a memorial to Sir Robert in Brechin as a tribute to the significance of his contribution to science in general and radar in particular.

Supported by: Murdo Fraser, Ms Sandra White, Christine Grahame, Stewart Stevenson, Alex Neil, Mr David Davidson, Bruce Crawford, Robin Harper, Roseanna Cunningham, Fergus Ewing, Richard Lochhead, Mr Andrew Welsh, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Rob Gibson, Jim Mather, Nora Radcliffe, Phil Gallie, Tricia Marwick, Brian Adam, Alex Johnstone, Ms Maureen Watt, Eleanor Scott, Ms Rosemary Byrne, John Swinburne, Trish Godman, Mr Jamie Stone, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-5084.1 Ms Maureen Watt: Congratulations to Clydesdale Bank—As an amendment to motion (S2M-5084) in the name of Nora Radcliffe, leave out from second "notes" to end and insert "welcomes the commitment given by the bank to work with the Post Office; believes that this is a valuable contribution to securing business for rural post offices; deplores, however, Clydesdale Bank’s decision to withdraw from almost all rural communities in north-east Scotland, and further notes that the bank has posted an increase in underlying profits of 16% which could have been used to maintain a service to its loyal customer base in Kincardineshire, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Moray."

Supported by: John Swinburne, Rob Gibson, Stewart Stevenson, Roseanna Cunningham, Brian Adam

S2M-4921 Malcolm Chisholm: Planning etc. (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Planning etc. (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Johann Lamont

S2M-4525# Dr Jean Turner: National Bed Assessment—That the Parliament notes that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde now has responsibility for a population of approximately one million; considers, therefore, that an urgent assessment is required of all numbers of beds, including high dependency and intensive care beds and those set aside for barrier nursing, since availability of every type of bed is crucial to the best clinical decisions and nursing care, as well as to the smooth and easy flow of the patient journey from one area of a hospital to another as their medical condition changes for better or worse; recognises that not having appropriate beds of any kind, in any speciality at any one time, can mean that a patient may have to stay in intensive care longer than necessary and thus block a bed for a patient who should be transferred from a high-dependency bed or theatre to an intensive care unit bed; acknowledges that delays to admission from casualty, accident and emergency or trauma departments may also be due to a lack of all types of beds being available, thus resulting in the discharge of patients in the evening in order to free a bed for an emergency admission; recognises that important elective procedures and operations may have to be cancelled at short notice as a result of no appropriate bed being available because of a general bed shortage, and therefore, in light of an increasingly ageing population with more complex conditions and in anticipation of a further rise of medical admissions including all types of infections, in particular MRSA, winter and summer vomiting viruses which often close wards, considers that work should be done to address our present problems within such a large NHS board and as a result decrease waiting times and lists.

Supported by: Mr Brian Monteith, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Eleanor Scott, Ms Sandra White, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Murray Tosh, Rob Gibson, Alex Neil, Carolyn Leckie, Mr Jamie Stone, Dave Petrie, Frances Curran, John Swinburne, Mr Adam Ingram, Mark Ballard, Robin Harper, Shiona Baird, Patrick Harvie, Mr Mark Ruskell, Rosie Kane, Dennis Canavan, Shona Robison

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S2M-5077 Maggie’s Fife (lodged on 1 November 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-5076 Happy First Anniversary to the National Theatre of Scotland (lodged on 1 November 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-5069 Lung Cancer Awareness Month (lodged on 1 November 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-5035 Motion of Condolence (lodged on 30 October 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-5028# What Is Your Idea of Happiness? (lodged on 27 October 2006) Mr Jamie Stone*, Susan Deacon*

S2M-5020 Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (lodged on 26 October 2006) Mr Jamie Stone*

S2M-5009 Dyslexia Awareness Week 2006 (lodged on 25 October 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-4987 A Manifesto for Life Sciences in Scotland (lodged on 23 October 2006) Robin Harper*, Susan Deacon*

S2M-4982 T in the Park Success at UK Festival Awards 2006 (lodged on 20 October 2006) Susan Deacon*

S2M-4975 Congratulations to LGBT Youth Scotland (lodged on 19 October 2006) Robin Harper*

S2M-4940 Congratulations to Eejits (lodged on 10 October 2006) Robin Harper*

S2M-4929 Making Music: Adopt-a-Composer (lodged on 6 October 2006) Robin Harper*

S2M-4925 Paws For a Vote (lodged on 5 October 2006) Robin Harper*

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