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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (<>).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S2M-4899 Dennis Canavan on behalf of the European and External Relations Committee: Report on an Inquiry into Possible Co-operation between Scotland and Ireland—That the Parliament notes the conclusions and recommendations contained in the European and External Relations Committee’s 3rd Report, 2006 (Session 2): Report on an Inquiry into Possible Co-operation between Scotland and Ireland (SP Paper 607).

*S2M-4898 Margaret Jamieson: Retailing Recognition for Kilmarnock and Loudoun—That the Parliament congratulates the shopkeepers of Kilmarnock for working hard to achieve national recognition for the excellent service they provide, resulting in Kilmarnock being voted the friendliest shopping town in the United Kingdom, and wishes success to Keystore, Stewarton, which has managed to beat off competition from hundreds of local shops from throughout the west of Scotland to reach the regional finals of Robert Wiseman Dairies’ Neighbourhood Shop of the Year 2006.

*S2M-4897 Tommy Sheridan: Scots Denied Breast Cancer Test—That the Parliament notes with great concern that a life-saving breast-screening programme which costs just £20 per patient is being denied to patients in Scotland; notes that, despite being given approval by the Breast and Cervical Screening National Advisory Group who say that the extra test is "cost-effective and clinically effective", NHS Scotland has refused to provide the test; also notes that the test, which is a mammogram taken from two angles instead of one, is available to women in England and Wales, and considers that the Scottish Executive should take immediate steps to introduce this test, which would be especially welcome as October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, thereby ensuring that all patients are screened to ensure that any abnormality of the breast has a better chance of being detected.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Bruce Crawford*, John Swinburne*, Campbell Martin*

*S2M-4896 Des McNulty: Global Call to Action Against Poverty Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) Scotland on 15 September 2006 as part of the worldwide GCAP alliance; notes that GCAP Scotland is made up of many of the organisations and networks behind the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign; further welcomes the global month of action to "Stand Up Against Poverty" from 14 September to 17 October 2006; notes that, while the 2005 G8 Summit in Gleneagles agreed to cancel most of the debt of 40 poor countries and promised $50 billion more in aid by 2010, significantly more international action is needed to deliver trade justice, full debt relief, more and better aid and to tackle the scourge of HIV and AIDS; notes that millions of people around the world are still united in the fight against global poverty and inequality, and calls on the people of Scotland to show solidarity by taking part in the Stand Up Against Poverty world record attempt on 15 and 16 October 2006.

*S2M-4895 John Swinburne: Flawed Statement on the Right to Buy—That the Parliament deplores the fact that in the minsterial statement on the right to buy there was no mention of the right to retain after buying and that currently senior citizens feel that, in certain circumstances, their homes are being "stolen" from them by government to cover the cost of their residential care after being means-tested.

*S2M-4894 Fergus Ewing: Kilchoan School Eco Award—That the Parliament congratulates the nine pupils of Kilchoan Primary School, Ardnamurchan, who have been awarded an Eco Schools Bronze Award for creating a new school garden and working to stop litter in the school and the community and currently are working on a recycling project; believes that this award is a credit to both the pupils and the school staff and to their community, and further congratulates the Eco Schools Scotland scheme on its success which now has over 77% of Scotland’s local authority schools participating, involving over 642,000 pupils and 40,500 teachers in Eco Schools work throughout Scotland, raising awareness about environmental and sustainable development issues and encouraging young people to take action locally.

S2M-4893*#* Ms Sandra White: Concerns Over Protocol Progress—That the Parliament, whilst welcoming efforts to establish a protocol for the implementation of removal orders on failed asylum seekers, is worried about comments made by the First Minister on 28 September 2006 highlighting the lack of real progress; expresses deep concern at the plight of the Benai family who were taken into custody after a dawn raid in Glasgow on 27 September 2006, especially in light of reports that one of the children, who is diabetic and needs insulin, fell ill shortly after the raid; notes the distress that these actions cause to everyone in the community, and considers that the Scottish Executive should take action on this issue as a matter of urgency.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie*, Ms Maureen Watt*, Brian Adam*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Tommy Sheridan*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Eleanor Scott*, John Swinburne*

S2M-4892 Robin Harper: No Time to Lose: A Manifesto for Children and Young People Looked After Away from Home—That the Parliament commends the Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care and the partner organisations for their manifesto for children and young people looked after way from home and commends the Social Work Inspection Agency for the series of reports, just published, on looked after children in Scotland; notes the content of these reports, and urges the Scottish Executive to act on the specific recommendations in the manifesto for children and young people without delay with the aim of providing the best services, listening to young people and providing the supports required for those moving on from care, a skilled and qualified workforce, appropriate education services, disability services and awareness of duties to unaccompanied children and young people, and to recognise above all that childhood cannot be revisited and that to be deprived of one’s childhood is one of the worst things that can happen to anybody.

Supported by: Mr Mark Ruskell*, Scott Barrie*

S2M-4891 Brian Adam: Haudagain Roundabout, Aberdeen—That the Parliament notes that the Audit Scotland report, Scottish Executive: an overview of the performance of transport in Scotland, once again highlights the inadequacy of the Haudagain roundabout in Aberdeen and calls on the Scottish Executive to take cognisance of the report, to take radical action to improve traffic flow at this pinch point and to dual Mugiemoss Road, Persley Bridge and the Parkway.

Supported by: Derek Brownlee*

S2M-4890 Carolyn Leckie: Supporting the Choice to Die at Home—That the Parliament congratulates Marie Curie Cancer Care on its "Supporting the Choice to Die at Home" campaign; notes that most people would prefer, if possible, to die at home rather than in a hospital; is concerned that currently only around a quarter of cancer patients actually achieve this wish; notes that the findings of an economic report produced by Marie Curie Cancer Care show that caring for more patients at home would release funds which could be used elsewhere in the NHS; supports the objectives of the campaign which are to (1) tackle barriers that prevent people from dying at home, (2) ensure that resources are available to enable people to achieve their choice of dying at home and (3) make information available to help people choose where they would like to die, and calls on the Scottish Executive to ensure that these aims are met and that patients secure the right to die in the environment of their choosing and to provide the resources to enable any such choice to be a genuine one.

S2M-4889 Bruce Crawford: Stirling Livestock Market—That the Parliament is concerned by Labour-led Stirling Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for a new livestock market to be built in Stirling; notes that a livestock market has existed in Stirling for more than two centuries and is vital to the local economy of Stirling; further notes that the current site requires such extensive upgrading, to comply with European Union directives and animal health rules, that it is not a viable option; believes that the decision of those councillors who voted against the granting of an alternative site means that Stirling now risks losing its livestock market and the many jobs associated with it, and further believes that Stirling Council should enter immediate discussions with United Auctions to resolve this matter and ensure the long-term future of a livestock market in Stirling.

S2M-4888# Mr Jamie Stone: The Caithness Economy Post-Dounreay—That the Parliament notes the severe economic and social challenges for the far north presented by the accelerated run-down and decommissioning at Dounreay and considers that the Scottish Executive should work with the UK Government and other key players to ensure that a costed and funded strategy is put in place as soon as possible so that suitable replacement industries and jobs can be established for the years to come.

Supported by: John Swinburne*, Dave Petrie*, Mike Rumbles*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Margaret Smith*, Mr Jim Wallace*

S2M-4887 George Lyon: Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill Legislative Consent Motion - UK Government Legislation—That the Parliament agrees that the relevant provisions in the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill introduced in the House of Commons on 11 January 2006, that relate to the implementation of European Union obligations and which are within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament, or which confer executive powers on the Scottish Ministers, should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Supported by: Mr Tom McCabe

S2M-4886 Peter Peacock: The Draft Social Work Inspections (Scotland) Regulations 2006—That the Education Committee recommends that the draft Social Work Inspections (Scotland) Regulations 2006 be approved.

Supported by: Robert Brown

S2M-4885 Rosie Kane: US Intelligence on Consequences of War in Iraq—That the Parliament agrees with the conclusions of the US intelligence agencies that the war in Iraq has helped cultivate "supporters for the global jihadist movement" and that the conflict has bred "a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world" and therefore calls for the immediate withdrawal of UK troops and an end to the occupation of Iraq, which many consider to be illegal.

S2M-4884 Sarah Boyack on behalf of the Environment and Rural Development Committee: Report on an Inquiry into the Food Supply Chain—That the Parliament notes the conclusions and recommendations contained in the Environment and Rural Development Committee’s 8th Report, 2006 (Session 2): Report on an Inquiry into the Food Supply Chain (SP Paper 595).

Supported by: Eleanor Scott

S2M-4883# Michael Matheson: Falkirk Gateway—That the Parliament congratulates Falkirk Council and its partners on the Falkirk Gateway project; recognises that it will create many hundreds of jobs in the construction, hospitality and business sectors; notes that this is a major investment in Falkirk which will combine office, retail and leisure facilities, while creating a new marina and Eco park, and recognises the progress that has been made through the strategy "My Future’s in Falkirk" in generating economic development within Falkirk district.

S2M-4882 Iain Smith: Congratulations to Falkland in Bloom—That the Parliament congratulates the Royal Burgh of Falkland for its success in being named best large village and best village overall in the Beautiful Scotland in Bloom awards 2006; further congratulates Falkland for its success in the Britain in Bloom competition in winning a gold award in the best large village category in the Britain in Bloom Award and winning the Community Award for the finalist deemed to have demonstrated that all sectors of the community have worked together as one and Falkland in Bloom Chairman, Keith Jackson, who won a personal commendation for his dedication to the Britain in Bloom cause, and wishes the community of Falkland every success in representing the United Kingdom in the 2007 Entente Florale European Competition.

S2M-4881 Christine May: A Welcome Back for the Co-op Dividend—That the Parliament welcomes the Co-operative Group’s new membership scheme which will extend membership of the business in Scotland to a projected 494,000 people by 2008 and 846,000 by 2012; notes that these members will share in the profits of the Co-operative Group, derived from a wide range of sectors from financial services to travel and food retail; further notes that members will be able to have a say in the business through involvement in its democratic structures; recognises the encouragement given to members to help their communities and campaign for a better world; commends the Co-op for its continued support for reducing food miles, ethical trading and local produce, and further welcomes its unwavering support for values such as self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity and ethical values such as openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others.

Supported by: Pauline McNeill*, Scott Barrie*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Michael McMahon*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Mark Ballard*, Rob Gibson*, Murray Tosh*, Robin Harper*, Bill Butler*, Sarah Boyack*

S2M-4880 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Livestock Transport—That the Parliament notes the forthcoming implementation of the EU regulation on the welfare of animals during transportation from 5 January 2007; further notes that this regulation may require farmers who transport their own stock to pay more than £400 to secure the necessary authorisation to move those animals; recognises that these welfare regulations are to be welcomed but that they put yet another financial and administrative burden on small farmers, including a requirement for anyone transporting animals over 65km to have a specific authorisation and, from 2008, an independent certificate of competence, and calls on the Scottish Executive to take advantage of the available derogations to ensure that the proposed administrative and financial burdens on individual farmers are reduced and also to encourage the building of small-scale local slaughter houses which will reduce transport time, improve animal welfare and create much-needed rural jobs.

Supported by: Phil Gallie, Tommy Sheridan, Eleanor Scott, Rosie Kane*, John Swinburne*

S2M-4879 John Swinburne: Flawed Legislation on Ageism—That the Parliament notes that the new equality legislation, to be implemented on 1 October 2006, is flawed with regard to ageism as it allows age discrimination against those aged 75 years and over as far as pensions are concerned; also notes that in both Westminster and Holyrood a parliamentarian aged over 75 years will not receive pension benefits equal to those received by under 75-year-olds, and considers that this is blatant ageism which makes a mockery of otherwise sound legislation.

S2M-4878 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Protection for Polish Workers—That the Parliament applauds the support given by T&G Scotland to migrant workers in recognising their role in Scotland and raising concern over the abuse of their rights; notes that Home Office figures show that 32,135 migrant workers are registered in Scotland, most of whom are Poles; notes with concern that migrant Polish workers are suffering abuse of tenancy rights, with immediate eviction of workers on termination of employment, extreme long hours, infringements on pay, rights to paid holidays, statutory sick pay and notice rights and rights to salary slips, and illegal deductions from wages; further notes that these migrant workers also face a number of challenges outwith the workplace, including language, opening bank accounts, religious issues and issues surrounding accommodation; recognises the positive contribution that migrant workers make to Scotland economically and culturally; further recognises that the abuse of these workers is indicative of the failed neo-liberal economic policies pursued by New Labour in London which destroy workers’ lives and communities, and therefore calls on the Scottish Executive to demand control of Scotland’s economy and employment legislation from Westminster and to put pressure on employers to recognise workers’ rights with regards to pay and conditions and on all landlords to recognise tenants’ rights, irrespective of nationality.

Supported by: Chris Ballance, Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane

S2M-4877 Elaine Smith: Ministerial Statement on Right to Buy—That the Parliament welcomes the statement by the Minister for Communities on right to buy; notes that the statement is limited by being a statutory requirement under section 52 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, and supports longer-term and wider-ranging reform of right to buy, 26 years after its introduction, to make it appropriate for the 21st century housing landscape.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie*, Mike Rumbles*

S2M-4876<> Mr John Swinney: Threat to the Rural Post Office Network in Scotland—That the Parliament notes the public concern over the future of the rural post office network in Perthshire, Angus and other parts of rural Scotland; notes that the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provides a subsidy to the rural post office network in Scotland that is scheduled to be removed in 18 months’ time; notes that, while the DTI provides this subsidy, other UK government departments such as the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Transport and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport are taking decisions that reduce the volume and value of transactions that can be undertaken at post offices, thereby damaging the profitability of these post offices; recognises that if the rural post office network is not supported there will be severe economic loss and loss of amenity in countless communities in Perthshire, Angus and rural Scotland, and considers that the Scottish Executive should make representations to the UK Government to provide a stable level of support that guarantees the viability of the rural post office network.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Michael Matheson

S2M-4875 Dr Jean Turner: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2006—That the Parliament welcomes Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2006; notes that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual national health campaign organised by the major breast cancer and cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease, raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure and offer vital information and support to those affected by it; notes also that the majority of breast cancers are detected by women who report unusual changes to their doctor but that only 43% of 55 to 64-year-olds check their breasts, which is worrying considering that this group is most at risk as the chances of developing breast cancer increase with age; notes that this is an indication that, despite the advances made in the treatment of breast cancer, women of the most potentially high risk are still not checking their breasts, showing that awareness is still a vital part of the fight against breast cancer, and commends all the organisations involved in continuing to try to get the message across that early detection is vital and checking your breasts regularly is part of the fight against cancer of the breast.

Supported by: Mr John Swinney, Tommy Sheridan, Murray Tosh, Shiona Baird, Carolyn Leckie, Karen Gillon, Colin Fox, Mr Jamie Stone, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Mrs Nanette Milne, Fergus Ewing, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Bruce Crawford, Mr David Davidson, Ms Maureen Watt, Kate Maclean, Mr Brian Monteith, Ms Sandra White, Mr Bruce McFee, Mr Mark Ruskell, Brian Adam, Mr Jim Wallace, Margaret Mitchell, Christine Grahame, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Cathie Craigie, Chris Ballance, John Swinburne, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Ms Wendy Alexander, Eleanor Scott, Frances Curran, Dave Petrie*

S2M-4874 Jackie Baillie: Integrated Care at the Vale of Leven Hospital—That the Parliament is dismayed at the recent decision of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to end the Integrated Care Pilot at the Vale of Leven Hospital; believes that the staff involved, including nurses, GPs and consultants, have achieved much in developing a new model of care, lessons from which can be shared across Scotland; notes the NHS board’s view that the problem with providing a continuing emergency service lies with an apparent lack of anaesthetists; considers that alternative options can be explored with a view to retaining anaesthetics’ cover; supports the need to retain a full range of services locally, including the coronary care unit, and calls on the board to reverse its decision to allow integrated care to be further developed in the interests of patient care.

Supported by: Mr Stewart Maxwell, Mr Bruce McFee, John Swinburne, Shona Robison, Dr Elaine Murray, Murray Tosh, Des McNulty, Mr Jamie Stone, Eleanor Scott, Tommy Sheridan, Robin Harper, Patrick Harvie*

S2M-4873 Richard Lochhead: Rome was Built on Seven Hills. Dufftown was Built on Seven Stills—That the Parliament welcomes the Speyside Autumn Whisky Festival held in Dufftown from 22 to 25 September 2006; notes the often repeated phrase "Rome was built on seven hills.  Dufftown was built on seven stills" and the important role which Dufftown and Speyside have played in making Moray globally recognised as the home of whisky; recognises the vital jobs provided by the industry in distilleries, transportation and tourism, and congratulates the industry on achieving record levels of sales by capturing new markets, resulting in whisky contributing £2 billion per year to the balance of trade.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Rob Gibson*, Derek Brownlee*

S2M-4871 Carolyn Leckie: NHS Logistics—That the Parliament congratulates the NHS workers in England and Wales who are currently taking strike action to prevent the privatisation of NHS Logistics; expresses its concern at the worrying trend towards further privatisation of the NHS and other vital services both in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, and believes that public services are best run for people and not for profit.

S2M-4870 Donald Gorrie on behalf of the Procedures Committee: Motions and decisions—That the Parliament notes the Procedures Committee’s 4th Report 2006, (Session 2), Motions and decisions (SP Paper 589) and agrees that the changes to Standing Orders set out in Annexe A to the report be made with effect from 6 October 2006.

S2M-4865 Dr Jean Turner: Stroke Awareness Week, 2 to 8 October 2006—That the Parliament commends Stroke Awareness Week in Scotland, from 2 to 8 October 2006, which is an annual health campaign that aims to increase public knowledge of strokes and the need for urgent diagnoses because of its devastating effects; notes that every five minutes someone in the United Kingdom has a stroke and that it is the biggest cause of disability in the UK and, contrary to popular belief, can affect anyone at any age; further notes that Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland’s theme this year is "Just Move", which is the encouragement of physical activity and walking in the Scottish population; recognises that less than 70% of adults undertake the recommended 30 minutes of activity on most days of the week, and notes therefore that Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland’s aim is to promote the health benefits of regular exercise which hopefully everyone can join in, whatever their level of fitness.

Supported by: Karen Gillon, Murray Tosh, Tommy Sheridan, Mrs Nanette Milne, Bill Butler, Donald Gorrie, Mike Pringle, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Shiona Baird, Carolyn Leckie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mr Jamie Stone, Robin Harper, Alex Neil, Sarah Boyack, Mr Jim Wallace, Ms Sandra White, Derek Brownlee, Mr Mark Ruskell, Christine Grahame, Margaret Mitchell, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Bill Aitken, Chris Ballance, John Swinburne, Euan Robson, Frances Curran, Rosie Kane, Dave Petrie*

S2M-4862# Murray Tosh: Integrated Care Model Pilot at Vale of Leven Hospital—That the Parliament notes the recent decision of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to draw to a premature end the Integrated Care Model pilot at the Vale of Leven Hospital in Alexandria and urges the NHS board to reconsider and continue with the pilot, to ensure that everything possible is done to secure all current services, including the Medical Assessment Unit and the Coronary Care Unit, on the Vale of Leven site.

Supported by: Derek Brownlee, Carolyn Leckie, Rob Gibson, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mrs Nanette Milne, Murdo Fraser, Mr Jamie Stone, Jackie Baillie, John Scott, Mr David Davidson, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Mr Bruce McFee, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curran, Margaret Mitchell, John Swinburne, Eleanor Scott, Dave Petrie*

S2M-4856 Tommy Sheridan: Scotland’s Homelessness Disgrace—That the Parliament notes with concern the publication of the latest homelessness figures which show that applications under homeless persons legislation have risen to 59,970 applications to local authorities in 2005-06, an increase of 2,516 on 2004-05; also notes that a higher proportions of households from the most deprived neighbourhoods and from the Black, Black Scottish or Black British ethnic group applied for assistance compared with other groups; further notes that the number assessed as homeless in 2005-06 has remained at over 40,000 and the number assessed as homeless and in priority need has remained at over 30,000; recognises that these figures are a direct result of the failed housing policies of the Scottish Executive, taking social housing out of local government control, and the failure to invest in socially affordable housing to address the needs of Scotland’s communities while public money is spent on the privatisation of public services and wars of oppression which many consider to be illegal, and calls on the Executive to invest in a major programme of socially affordable house building as a matter of urgency.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne, Alex Neil, Campbell Martin, Ms Sandra White

S2M-4855 Donald Gorrie: COPD Clinical Guidelines—That the Parliament congratulates the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry on its new publication, Target COPD, which draws attention to the extent of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Britain and supports the call of the British Lung Foundation for NHS Quality Improvement Scotland to introduce COPD clinical standards into its work programme to ensure that patients can have access to the best quality treatment and care services at the earliest opportunity.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan

S2M-4854 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Safeguarding Scottish Comprehensive Education—That the Parliament notes with concern that the First Minister, Jack McConnell, is using his party conference to announce his plan for 100 "skills academies" under which less successful pupils will be persuaded to leave school at 14 to go into separate institutions to learn a trade; further notes that most of these "academies" will be located in further education colleges which, since they were removed from local authorities, have suffered from under-funding and low staff morale; believes that these "academies" will become ghettoes for the most deprived young people, including those growing up in acute poverty; calls on the Scottish Executive to support small businesses to take on apprentices, particularly in areas of high numbers of young people not in education, employment or training; further calls for the introduction of vocational courses as part of a broad and balanced curriculum which should follow on from tackling school disaffection at its source, including smaller classes, especially where children’s lives are troubled by poverty and disadvantage, stopping the practice of placing some children in ability groups at the age of five and stopping building large and anonymous high schools where many children simply drift, and calls for the restoration of the integrated community school project.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Chris Ballance, Carolyn Leckie, Rosie Kane

S2M-4853 Murdo Fraser: McRae Forest Stages Rally to Perthshire—That the Parliament welcomes the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally to Perthshire, with the rally being launched on 30 September 2006 from Perth City Hall and the event deciding the 2006 Scottish Championship; believes that the beauty and challenge of Perthshire’s landscape makes it the perfect setting, with competitors following a route that will take them through some of Britain’s best rallying forest courses, including Craigvinean, Drummond Hill and Errochty, and that the event will provide spectators and competitors alike with a thrilling and exciting experience, and notes that the rally attracts thousands of spectators and will be a tremendous boost to the local economy, underlining that Perthshire is an ideal location for prestigious events.

Supported by: Mrs Nanette Milne, Bruce Crawford, Mr Jamie Stone, Alex Johnstone, Nora Radcliffe, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, John Swinburne, Derek Brownlee, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Donald Gorrie, Mr Brian Monteith, Bill Aitken

S2M-4852 Shona Robison: European Day of Languages—That the Parliament endorses European Day of Languages which is a celebration of language learning and linguistic diversity promoted by the Council of Europe; encourages people across Scotland to take up a new language; celebrates, moreover, Scotland’s indigenous languages and dialects, including Dundonian, a vibrant and expressive language; encourages people to freely express themselves using their mother tongue, and congratulates the Dundee street poets who keep Dundonian alive.

The member has provided the following Dundonian translation:

That the Parliament endorses European Day o Languages which is a celebration o language learnin an linguistic diversity promoted beh thi cooncil o Europe; encourages fowk fae across Scotland to tak up a new language; whants ti celebrate Scotland’s indigenous languages an dialects includin’ Dundonian, a vibrant and expressive language, encourages fowk ti freely yaz thir mither tongue, an congratulates thi Dundee street poets wha keep Dundonian elive.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Michael Matheson

S2M-4851 Stewart Stevenson: 50th Anniversary of First North Atlantic Telephone Cable—That the Parliament celebrates the half-century since the first North Atlantic telephone cable between Oban and Canada went live on 25 September 1956, creating a permanent link between Scotland and North America which built on the work of the Scot, Alexander Graham Bell, who first demonstrated the telephone in 1876, and welcomes the significant role that modern telecommunications plays in bringing together Scots around the world regardless of the country in which they live.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Michael Matheson

S2M-4843# Cathie Craigie: No Need to Shout...Just Learn to Sign!—That the Parliament notes Learn to Sign Week from 2 to 8 October 2006; commends the work of the British Deaf Association and supports its objective of building a nation where British Sign Language (BSL), with its Scottish dialect, is a shared communication medium for both deaf and hearing communities; welcomes its 2006 UK-wide campaign, "No need to shout...just learn to sign!", which aims to encourage people to learn BSL; applauds the work of the Scottish Deaf Association (SDA) in raising awareness of deaf issues in our schools, further education establishments and workplaces, and considers that the Scottish Executive should be encouraged to support the efforts of the SDA.

Supported by: Kate Maclean, Sarah Boyack, Bill Butler, Nora Radcliffe, Mr David Davidson, Fergus Ewing, Mr Charlie Gordon, Mrs Nanette Milne, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Fiona Hyslop, Michael McMahon, Stewart Stevenson, Mike Pringle, Dr Elaine Murray, Rob Gibson, Bruce Crawford, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Maureen Macmillan, Carolyn Leckie, Eleanor Scott, Paul Martin, Karen Gillon, Patrick Harvie, Euan Robson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Christine May, Janis Hughes, Robin Harper, Jackie Baillie, Chris Ballance, Marlyn Glen, Scott Barrie, Margaret Jamieson, John Swinburne, Mr Brian Monteith, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr Duncan McNeil, Ms Sandra White, Ms Maureen Watt, Mr Jim Wallace, Margaret Mitchell, Shiona Baird, Michael Matheson, Mr Jamie Stone, Trish Godman, Marilyn Livingstone, Donald Gorrie, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Adam Ingram, Rosie Kane, Irene Oldfather, Frances Curran*, Pauline McNeill*

S2M-4708# Alex Johnstone: Knife Crime Education—That the Parliament encourages all efforts to reduce knife crime; notes that educational programmes and courses on the dangers of carrying a knife have been shown to have been successful in the past, and congratulates Mr Mark Davies from Angus on using his experiences as a door supervisor and martial artist to put together a new course which educates our young people on the dangers and possible consequences of carrying a knife.

Supported by: Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr Charlie Gordon, Mr David Davidson, Murdo Fraser, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Shiona Baird, Phil Gallie, Patrick Harvie, Dave Petrie, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Margaret Mitchell, John Swinburne, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Mr Brian Monteith, Nora Radcliffe

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S2M-4845 ADHD Awareness Week (lodged on 22 September 2006) Jackie Baillie*, Chris Ballance*, Pauline McNeill*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Sarah Boyack*

S2M-4839 £76 Billion Cost to Replace Trident (lodged on 21 September 2006) Frances Curran*

S2M-4833# School Bus Safety (lodged on 20 September 2006) Frances Curran*

S2M-4785 Record Prisoner Numbers (lodged on 12 September 2006) Eleanor Scott*

S2M-4741 Don’t Lose the Music Week (lodged on 1 September 2006) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-4728 The Commemoration of Black Friday (lodged on 28 August 2006) Trish Godman*, John Swinburne*

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