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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (<>).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S2M-4148 Mr Adam Ingram: In the Footsteps of Robert the Bruce—That the Parliament notes and commends the efforts to establish a heritage trail in memory of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, whose remarkable and historic victory over a superior English force at Bannockburn reinstated Scottish national independence; notes that Bruce’s struggle against the "chains and slavery" of English domination was a defining mark in the history of Scotland; notes that 700 years after he came to power the desire of Scots to be once again free remains unabated amongst those of us who appreciate the real value of liberty and freedom; notes that the Ayrshire-born Bruce had many challenges and obstacles on the road to delivering independence for Scotland but that his commitment to our nation and his leadership of the Scots lie in stark contrast to the pinstriped political leadership Scotland has today, and calls on the Scottish Executive to back the proposed heritage trail and remember the man whose vision, charisma and military prowess led our nation to independence.

*S2M-4147 Chris Ballance: Decentralising UK Energy—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of Decentralising UK Energy by the World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE); notes that the report, which compares models of two possible future scenarios: centralised generation using nuclear power and a decentralised system in which energy is predominantly produced close to its point of use using renewables and combined heat and power, concludes that the United Kingdom can meet its targets for cuts in CO2 emissions without resorting to nuclear power and that overall the decentralised solution is far superior, being cleaner as CO2 emissions are 17% lower than in the nuclear scenario and cheaper as overall costs are over £1 billion lower than in the nuclear scenario, even before the cost of managing nuclear waste is factored in, and believes that the Scottish Executive should give urgent consideration to how best to support and encourage the development of a sustainable energy policy based on renewable and micro-renewable technologies.

*S2M-4146 Dennis Canavan: Congratulations to Team GB Wheelchair Curlers—That the Parliament congratulates Scots, Kenneth Dickson, Frank Duffy (Skip), Thomas Killin, Angela Malone and Michael McCreadie, who make up the Great Britain wheelchair curling team, on their recent silver medal success at the IX Winter Paralympic Games in Turin.

Supported by: Mr Jamie Stone*, John Swinburne*, Christine May*, Brian Adam*, Mr David Davidson*, Bristow Muldoon*, Bruce Crawford*

*S2M-4145 Brian Adam: Sports Facilities—That the Parliament commends Scotland’s Commonwealth Games team and, in particular, our swimmers for their current successes in Melbourne; notes that these successes have happened in spite of the lack of high-standard facilities throughout Scotland, and calls on the Scottish Executive and sportscotland to increase the number of competition-standard facilities, including 50-metre swimming pools, across the nation.

*S2M-4144 Peter Peacock: The Draft Joint Inspections (Scotland) Regulations 2006—That the Education Committee recommends that the draft Joint Inspections (Scotland) Regulations 2006 be approved.

Supported by: Robert Brown*

*S2M-4143 Dr Elaine Murray: Congratulations to Dumfries and Galloway Council—That the Parliament congratulates Dumfries and Galloway Council on being one of eight councils in the United Kingdom named by the Association of Public Service Excellence (APSE) for the quality of its parks and open spaces; notes that it is the only Scottish council to receive this commendation on this occasion; notes also that this is the first time Dumfries and Galloway Council has been named in the APSE list, and applauds the hard work of local staff which has resulted in this recognition.

*S2M-4142 Colin Fox: Labour’s "Loans for Lordships" Scandal—That the Parliament condemns attempts to bypass rules laid down by the Electoral Commission on the funding of political parties; notes that the Labour Party received £14 million in loans from wealthy industrialists, many of whom subsequently received peerages, and failed to declare them to the Electoral Commission; notes that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, kept from the Lords Appointment Scrutiny Committee that three of his 2006 nominees for peerages had recently lent Labour millions of pounds; believes that Labour acted to circumvent the Electoral Commission rules which demand the full disclosure of monies received in this way; notes that the Labour Party Treasurer has accused Downing Street of treating both elected party officials and the Electoral Commission with contempt; notes that the Lords Appointment Commission has now written to Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic Party leaders demanding that they disclose the identity of all nominees for a peerage who have loaned money; believes that the Electoral Commission must immediately ensure that the rules governing the monies raised by Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties are reviewed and tightened to ensure far greater clarity and accountability, and believes that such financial "sleaze" which did untold damage to the Tories in the past shows New Labour to be no different now.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S2M-4141 A Strategy for Older Volunteering (lodged on 17 March 2006) Margaret Jamieson*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Maureen Macmillan*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Mike Pringle*, Fergus Ewing*, Bruce Crawford*, Bristow Muldoon*

S2M-4138 The Borders Forest Trust (lodged on 17 March 2006) Chris Ballance*

S2M-4136 Anniversary of Halabja Massacre (lodged on 17 March 2006) Colin Fox*

S2M-4134 Wild Animals in Circuses (lodged on 16 March 2006) Mark Ballard*, Patrick Harvie*

S2M-4133 Unions Work: Rebuilding Scotland’s Trade Union Movement (lodged on 16 March 2006) Chris Ballance*, Colin Fox*, Brian Adam*, Patrick Harvie*, Christine May*, Des McNulty*, Marlyn Glen*

S2M-4132 E85 Biofuel (lodged on 16 March 2006) Chris Ballance*

S2M-4131 Hand of Friendship and Fellowship Across Scotland (lodged on 16 March 2006) Murdo Fraser*, Phil Gallie*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Margaret Mitchell*, Euan Robson*, Alex Fergusson*, Mr David Davidson*, Mary Scanlon*, Mr Brian Monteith*

S2M-4127 Extension of Winter Fuel Payments to the Severely Disabled (lodged on 16 March 2006) Brian Adam*, Chris Ballance*, Rob Gibson*, Fiona Hyslop*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Robin Harper*, Shiona Baird*, Patrick Harvie*

S2M-4125 Congratulations to Caitlin McClatchey and David Carry (lodged on 16 March 2006) Chris Ballance*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S2M-4124 Tourette Scotland (lodged on 15 March 2006) Chris Ballance*

S2M-4122 Artists’ Rates of Pay (lodged on 15 March 2006) Chris Ballance*, Rob Gibson*

S2M-4121 Support the Strike for Pension Rights on 28 March 2006 (lodged on 15 March 2006) Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-4119 Lothian Buses Fares Increases (lodged on 15 March 2006) Mike Pringle*

S2M-4118 Unbearable Cruelty (lodged on 15 March 2006) Colin Fox*

S2M-4117 Mehmet Tarhan is Free (lodged on 15 March 2006) Colin Fox*

S2M-4116 Standard Life Demutualisation (lodged on 15 March 2006) Mike Pringle*

S2M-4111 Congratulations to West Lothian Council (lodged on 14 March 2006) Bill Butler*, Fiona Hyslop*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Mr Alasdair Morrison*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Mr Jim Wallace*, Karen Gillon*, Janis Hughes*

S2M-4104 Tesco (lodged on 14 March 2006) Janis Hughes*

S2M-4102 Meet the Patients (lodged on 13 March 2006) Chris Ballance*

S2M-4093 Prescription Charge Exemption for Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers (lodged on 9 March 2006) Brian Adam*, Rob Gibson*, Fiona Hyslop*, Murray Tosh*, Robin Harper*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-4068 50th Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (lodged on 7 March 2006) Janis Hughes*, Cathie Craigie*

S2M-4049.1 Removal of Tolls from the Erskine Bridge (lodged on 15 March 2006) Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-4019 Ingrid Betancourt and Other International Hostages (lodged on 27 February 2006) Mark Ballard*, Brian Adam*, Patrick Harvie*, Rob Gibson*

S2M-3960 40th Birthday of Scottish Marriage Care (lodged on 15 February 2006) Mr Kenneth Macintosh*

S2M-3921# Proposed Closure of Coldstream and Jedburgh Hospitals (lodged on 6 February 2006) Chris Ballance*

S2M-3739 Home Education (lodged on 14 December 2005) Fiona Hyslop*

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