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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (<>).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S2M-4141 Sarah Boyack: A Strategy for Older Volunteering—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of The Hidden Resource: A Strategy for Older Volunteering in Scotland by the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme of Community Service Volunteers; notes that this initiative follows months of research into the benefits of volunteering by people aged 50 and over both to society as a whole and to the volunteers themselves and that it complements the Volunteering Strategy of the Scottish Executive; further notes the valuable contribution already made by older citizens in supporting local community organisations and individuals throughout Scotland, enriching the lives of people of all ages, and believes that Scotland’s ageing population provides great opportunities as well as challenges.

*S2M-4140 Christine May: Proposed Demutualisation of Standard Life—That the Parliament is concerned to note the proposed demutualisation of Standard Life, in light of the recent report of the Cross Party Group at Westminster which found, in line with previous research by the Building Societies Association, that demutualisation "had a largely negative impact on customer choice and financial services provision in the UK", that mutuals had "largely out-performed their plc rivals" in value for savers or borrowers and that the best way of "ensuring that inter-generational equity created over the last 180 years in this successful company is available in the years to come to benefit the greater community of Scotland" is for Standard Life to retain its mutual status.

*S2M-4139 Shiona Baird: Scottish Marine Energy Industry on the ROCs?—That the Parliament notes with concern the warning from the fledgling Scottish marine renewables industry that the Renewables Obligation Scotland, the market mechanism that could drive the expansion of the marine renewable energy industry, must be urgently amended if Scotland is to maintain its leading position in this field;  congratulates Ocean Power Delivery (OPD) on the export of its Pelamis wave power device to Portugal in a deal worth £50 million, but shares OPD’s regret that its first commercial contract to generate electricity was not in Scotland; acknowledges the World Energy Council’s estimate that the global wave energy market is worth £500 billion and therefore finds it difficult to reconcile the Scottish Executive’s failure to support adequately the marine renewables industry with the Executive’s claim that its top priority is growing the Scottish economy, and calls on the Executive to recognise the dangers faced by the Scottish marine renewables industry and to take immediate steps to ensure that this golden opportunity is not lost to Scotland.

*S2M-4138 Christine Grahame: The Borders Forest Trust—That the Parliament congratulates The Borders Forest Trust which celebrates 10 years of restoring native woodlands this year; notes that since its establishment in 1996 it has planted over 800,000 native trees and shrubs and currently supports 29 community woodlands, reconnecting people with their local woods and utilising local hardwood timber resources and woodworking talent; further notes that these ideals were merged in 1996 to form the Trust and Woodschool, which itself received double honours in 2005 at the Dynamic Places Awards, winning the Sir Robert Grieve Award for sustainability and being highly commended in the Connected Places category; recognises that the Trust and Woodschool have had a substantial effect on the Borders’ economy and are fine examples of sustainable and sympathetic development, and therefore encourages people of the Borders and beyond to take part in the many events running throughout the year in celebration of this 10th anniversary.

*S2M-4137 Mr Jamie Stone: Street Lighting - Safer Communities, Better Environment—That the Parliament notes the importance of good street lighting in tackling crime and improving public safety; further notes the potential environmental benefits that could result from the replacement of old lighting equipment with new energy efficient bulbs, and calls on the Scottish Executive to work with local authorities to develop a plan to provide Scotland with modern, efficient and effective street lighting.

*S2M-4136 Linda Fabiani: Anniversary of Halabja Massacre—That the Parliament, along with Kurdish communities and other organisations around the world, remembers 16 March 2006 as the 18th anniversary of the attack on Halabja; respects the memories of the thousands who died and recognises the pain of those who survived but suffer long-term health effects; condemns any use of chemical weapons and attacks against civilian populations; reaffirms its opposition to genocide, and supports the call to bring to justice those responsible for the attack, to seek compensation for the victims of the attack, to work to address the environmental problems caused by this attack and others and to help the refugees of these attacks to return to their homelands.

*S2M-4135 Dr Sylvia Jackson: EU Prohibition of Battery Cages for Egg Laying Hens—That the Parliament notes that the EU-wide prohibition of conventional battery cages for egg-laying hens which is due to come into force in 2012 under EU Council Directive 1999/74 is to be reviewed during 2006; firmly believes that the prohibition should remain in place and should not be repealed or postponed; notes that the report of the Scientific Panel for Animal Health and Welfare of the European Food Safety Authority concludes that the inability of battery hens to engage in their natural behaviours poses a particularly severe threat to their welfare, and urges the Scottish Executive to press Her Majesty’s Government to take the lead in persuading our EU partners that the prohibition of conventional battery cages should neither be repealed nor postponed but should come into force in 2012 as enacted by Council Directive 1999/74.

S2M-4134 Mr Mark Ruskell: Wild Animals in Circuses—That the Parliament is concerned for the welfare of wild animals in circuses; commends the Born Free Foundation for its investigation into this issue and notes the findings of the scientifically based report by the Born Free Foundation and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; recognises that, due to their dependency on regular travel, circuses cannot provide sizeable and complex living conditions for wild animals; further recognises that, under such circumstances, satisfactory standards of welfare cannot be provided, and therefore supports the introduction of measures to end the use of wild animals in circuses.

S2M-4133 Pauline McNeill: Unions Work: Rebuilding Scotland’s Trade Union Movement—That the Parliament joins with the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in welcoming the rise in trade union membership levels in Scotland; acknowledges that statistics show that 2005 saw a rise of over 4,000 in the membership of STUC-affiliated trade unions, giving a membership density of some 33.7 per cent; believes that the increase in the number of women members is particular proof that Scotland’s unions are organising better, campaigning better and recruiting better around the issues that concern Scottish workers; believes that membership of a trade union remains the best way for individual workers to achieve better workplaces and a better Scotland; congratulates the STUC and its affiliates on the success of the "Unions Work" campaign, and declares that modern, growing trade unions are an important, indeed vital, part of both Scottish society and of the viability and future success of Scotland’s economy.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White

S2M-4132 Stewart Stevenson: E85 Biofuel—That the Parliament notes the pilot introduction in Somerset, England, of E85 fuel, which is largely ethyl alcohol distilled from renewable resources and hence is nearly carbon neutral, and calls on the Scottish Executive to promote a pilot in Scotland which will have the benefits of raising awareness, moving local production of ethyl alcohol for fuel closer to being commercially attractive and giving Scottish farmers a new cash crop by growing a range of raw materials which may feed the distillation process.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Andrew Welsh, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Mike Pringle, Fergus Ewing, Jim Mather, Ms Sandra White, Brian Adam, Christine Grahame, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mr David Davidson*, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-4131 Lord James Douglas-Hamilton: Hand of Friendship and Fellowship Across Scotland—That the Parliament, recalling that King Robert I sent out his supporters after his enthronement in March 1306 to extend the hand of friendship and fellowship across Scotland, sends its greetings and best wishes to the descendants of those courageous and patriotic men and women as they gather from across the globe at Scone on 26 March 2006 to mark the 700th anniversary of the accession of Scotland’s Hero King.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*, Rob Gibson*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Robin Harper*, Shiona Baird*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Alex Johnstone*, Brian Adam*, Stewart Stevenson*, Mr Ted Brocklebank*, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-4130 Jackie Baillie on behalf of the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill Committee: 1st Report 2006 (Session 2) of the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill Committee, Appropriate Assessment on the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area—That the Parliament notes the 1st Report 2006 (Session 2) of the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill Committee, Appropriate Assessment on the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area (SP Paper 486), and agrees that the works proposed in the Bill will not adversely affect the integrity of the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area.

S2M-4129 Jackie Baillie on behalf of the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill Committee: Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill be passed.

S2M-4127 Alex Neil: Extension of Winter Fuel Payments to the Severely Disabled—That the Parliament believes that Her Majesty’s Government should extend the eligibility for receipt of winter fuel payments to include severely disabled people under the age of 60 who are presently in receipt of the middle rate or higher rate of the care component of the Disability Living Allowance and on the higher rate of the mobility component and commends the newspaper, Disability Now, funded by the organisation, Scope, for its campaign to achieve this aim.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White

S2M-4126 Karen Gillon: Congratulations to Scottish Swimmers—That the Parliament congratulates Scottish swimmers, Caitlin McClatchey and David Carry, on their stunning gold medal wins on first day of the Commonwealth Games and hopes that these early successes will be an inspiration to others as the games progress.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford, Murray Tosh

S2M-4125 Dennis Canavan: Congratulations to Caitlin McClatchey and David Carry—That the Parliament congratulates Caitlin McClatchey and David Carry on winning gold medals for swimming at the Commonwealth Games and wishes every success to all of Scotland’s participants.

Supported by: Mr John Swinney, Mrs Margaret Ewing, John Swinburne, Bill Butler, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Michael Matheson, Nora Radcliffe, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Adam Ingram, Richard Lochhead, Alex Johnstone, Rob Gibson, Rosie Kane, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Brian Adam, Eleanor Scott, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Bruce McFee, Mrs Nanette Milne, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Fergus Ewing, Roseanna Cunningham, Carolyn Leckie, Dr Elaine Murray, Jackie Baillie, Frances Curran, Christine Grahame, Campbell Martin, Karen Gillon, Mr Mark Ruskell, Ms Sandra White, Trish Godman, Shiona Baird, Murdo Fraser, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Susan Deacon*, Fiona Hyslop*, Robin Harper*, Mr David Davidson*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*

S2M-4124 Murdo Fraser: Tourette Scotland—That the Parliament commends the work carried out by Tourette Scotland, Scotland’s national organisation that provides advice and support for children and adults with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and for everyone involved in their lives; congratulates Tourette Scotland for organising a series of "Activity Days" for people with TS and their families so they can learn more about the disorder in a friendly and understanding environment; believes that the majority of people throughout Scotland do not fully understand TS, including the general public, health professionals and teachers; notes that many children who suffer from TS or associated disorders are not diagnosed at an early stage and that this can lead to the child being victimised and excluded from school as their disorder is mistaken for misbehaving; further notes that services for diagnosis and treatment for people with TS vary significantly across Scotland, and believes that the Scottish Executive should do more to ensure that people with TS get the appropriate level of care required and that health professionals and teachers are given the correct training to recognise TS and associated disorders.

Supported by: Rosie Kane, Eleanor Scott, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mrs Nanette Milne, Derek Brownlee, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Mr Adam Ingram, Alex Fergusson, Alex Johnstone, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Bruce Crawford, Frances Curran, Christine Grahame, Carolyn Leckie, Bill Aitken, Mary Scanlon, Tommy Sheridan, Tricia Marwick, Roseanna Cunningham, Shiona Baird, Ms Sandra White, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mr David Davidson*, Robin Harper*, Mr Brian Monteith*, Mr Ted Brocklebank*

S2M-4123 Donald Gorrie: Excessive Paperwork—That the Parliament believes that many aspects of Scottish life suffer from an excess of regulation and paperwork, which is created and imposed by the European Union, Whitehall, the Scottish Executive, councils and health and other authorities, and suggests that, to help reduce this burden and to free the energies and initiative of those burdened, relevant Parliamentary committees should each set up a reduction of bureaucracy sub-group which would work with the initiators of, and sufferers from, excessive regulation and paperwork with the aim of significantly reducing its volume.

S2M-4122 Donald Gorrie: Artists’ Rates of Pay—That the Parliament believes that public bodies, such as the Scottish Executive, councils and health, enterprise and education authorities, should pay agreed professional rates to artists working in any of the arts in projects funded by public bodies.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White

S2M-4121 Carolyn Leckie: Support the Strike for Pension Rights on 28 March 2006—That the Parliament notes the overwhelming mandate from local government workers to strike in defence of their contractual pension rights on 28 March 2006; regrets that the actions of the Westminster Government and the Scottish Executive in pressing for the abolition of the Rule of 85 have directly caused this trade union revolt; believes that there is no justification for this erosion of the pension rights of local government workers, most of whom are low-paid and women who already suffer pay discrimination; wholeheartedly supports the trade unions in their campaign, and calls on the Executive to stick up for workers in their jurisdiction by declaring their support for the retention of the Rule of 85 and, by so doing, to exert pressure on the Westminster Government to draw back from the biggest confrontation with workers since 1926.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Campbell Martin, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Rosie Kane*

S2M-4120 Chris Ballance: Outreach Services—That the Parliament congratulates the staff of its Outreach Services on their work in the provision of the "MSPs in Schools" programme by facilitating sessions in schools to enable children and young people to gain a greater understanding of the work of the Parliament and participate directly in bringing real issues, through a variety of innovative methods, to the attention of their MSPs; believes that this programme has enabled children and young people to become directly involved with the political process and encourages political awareness in voters of the future, and congratulates the Outreach Services team for providing a valuable service in active citizenship complementary to the sessions offered to schools within the Parliament.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White

S2M-4119 Colin Fox: Lothian Buses Fares Increases—That the Parliament expresses its deep disappointment at the decision by Lothian Buses to increase its fares by up to 25%; believes that the increases will act as a further disincentive to people to use public transport in the region at a time when the city faces significant congestion problems and car exhaust emissions; notes that the company blames the rise on the fuel prices over the past year, yet in recent months these costs have in fact been falling; calls on Lothian Buses to reconsider its decision and recognise that the costs of short bus journeys in the city of Edinburgh are now among the most expensive in Scotland, and believes that Lothian Buses’ decision is both economically short-sighted and detrimental to strategies for encouraging greater public transport and countering environmental pollution.

Supported by: Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Rosie Kane, Tommy Sheridan, Margaret Smith, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-4118 Carolyn Leckie: Unbearable Cruelty—That the Parliament supports PETA’s campaign to stop the Ministry of Defence from using bear pelts to make headpieces for the five Guards’ regiments and start having the hats fashioned from faux fur instead; considers that the use of real bear fur causes unneccessary cruelty to bears; notes that one bear in seven is not killed immediately when shot, that some escape wounded, possibly dying later from blood loss or starvation, and that others are ensnared for days in cruel traps; considers the slaughter of animals for their fur to be totally unneccessary and shameful, and urges the UK Government to set a compassionate example and switch to a humane and progressive alternative material for soldiers’ headwear.

Supported by: Rosie Kane, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran, Mark Ballard, Patrick Harvie, Ms Sandra White, Chris Ballance*, Robin Harper*

S2M-4117 Frances Curran: Mehmet Tarhan is Free—That the Parliament sends solidarity greetings to Mehmet Tarhan, the gay Kurdish conscientious objector who was released from military prison in Turkey on 9 March 2006; notes that the "crime" for which he has been imprisoned since 9 April 2005 was refusing to kill, as he is a conscientious objector and refused to be drafted into the Turkish army; is appalled that he suffered torture and solitary confinement while in prison and twice went on hunger strike to win equal treatment with other prisoners; considers that his release is a victory for his determination to refuse the army’s offer of avoiding the draft by allowing himself to be classified as "ill" because he is gay; considers it abhorrent that the Turkish army and police, and even teachers, are allowed to perform "virginity tests", involving forced anal and vaginal penetration of men and women, which are a pretext to perpetrate rape and other sexual violence and notes that Mehmet Tarhan refused to submit to this abuse; further notes that the court which freed Mehmet has ruled that such "tests" are a violation of human rights and considers that this precedent will help in women’s struggle against this form of legalised abuse in Turkey; is concerned that, despite his release from prison, the army could still try to force Mehmet to serve against his will; congratulates the Payday and Wages Due Lesbians organisations for their work in highlighting Mehmet’s case, campaigning for his release and for exposing the persecution of conscientious objectors in Turkey, and demands that Turkey be forced to adhere to the European Court of Human Rights’ guidance and other international rulings recognising the right to conscientious objection and to abolish from its military regulations the definition of homosexuality as an illness.

Supported by: Rosie Kane, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Richard Lochhead, Carolyn Leckie, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Sandra White, Chris Ballance*

S2M-4116 Jeremy Purvis: Standard Life Demutualisation—That the Parliament notes the recently prepared economic impact assessment of Standard Life; recognises the financial, social and employment record of this mutually owned company, particularly in Edinburgh and Scotland; acknowledges that Standard Life is the last large mutual insurance company preparing to demutualise during the summer of 2006 and that, in spite of well-intentioned aims, there can be no absolute guarantees as to its ownership, headquarters, operation and employment policies; notes that the company directors have announced that, in the event of a successful demutualisation exercise, it is intended that unclaimed shares be placed in a charitable foundation, as has been the case in all demutualisations in the United Kingdom; whilst approving of this proposal, calls on the company to enhance the aim of creating a long-lasting charitable foundation by ensuring that present-day members can contribute some, or all, of their allocation of shares, and encourages generosity by members, with the directors giving a lead with their own allocation, indicating that the charitable foundation will be the future recipient of "orphan assets" at the appropriate time, be they unclaimed shares, policies or dividends, thus ensuring that a part of inter-generational equity created over the last 180 years in this successful company is available in the years to come to benefit the greater community of Scotland.

S2M-4114 Mr Mark Ruskell: Global CO2 Concentrations—That the Parliament notes that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has now reached 381 parts per million, the highest level for at least one million years; further notes that concentrations have risen by 2.6 parts per million over the past year, one of the largest annual increases on record; believes that urgent action is vital if we have any chance to stabilise atmospheric carbon levels; notes the confirmed closure of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology unit at Banchory which will weaken Scottish-based research into climate change and its effects, and calls on the Scottish Executive to consider legislative moves similar to those in Westminster where Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative politicians have joined forces to propose legislation on micro-renewable power and the setting of annual reduction targets for CO2 emissions.

S2M-4113 Richard Lochhead: Closure of Centre for Ecology and Hydrology—That the Parliament condemns the decision by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to close the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Banchory, along with three other centres in England; recognises the groundbreaking research into climate change for which the centre had a deservedly high reputation; considers the closures to be tantamount to environmental vandalism, and urges the Scottish Executive to fight tooth and nail to resist these closures and to lobby the UK Government and the NERC to rethink this decision.

Supported by: Mr Kenny MacAskill, Christine Grahame, Robin Harper, Mark Ballard, Brian Adam, Rob Gibson, Shiona Baird, Chris Ballance, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Jamie Stone, Michael Matheson, Roseanna Cunningham, Eleanor Scott, Mr Adam Ingram, Ms Sandra White, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Alex Neil, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-4112 Mr Brian Monteith: The Non-Domestic Rate (Scotland) Order 2006—That the Local Government and Transport Committee recommends that nothing further be done under the Non-Domestic Rate (Scotland) Order 2006 (SSI 2006/92).

S2M-4111 Bristow Muldoon: Congratulations to West Lothian Council—That the Parliament congratulates West Lothian Council on the award of the title "UK Council of the Year" by the Local Government Chronicle; notes that West Lothian Council is the first Scottish council to win this prestigious award, and recognises that this has been achieved as a result of sustained excellence in service delivery, through the commitment of the staff of the council and the highly effective political leadership, and that this award follows on from the Accounts Commission report last year which praised the council’s good practices and strong commitment to improvement.

Supported by: Michael McMahon, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Des McNulty, Robin Harper, Helen Eadie, Jackie Baillie, Scott Barrie, Mr Frank McAveety, Cathy Peattie, Trish Godman, Maureen Macmillan, Mr Jamie Stone, Sarah Boyack

S2M-4104 Kate Maclean: Tesco—That the Parliament condemns the decision of Tesco to relocate its Scottish depot away from the Dundee West constituency with the loss of 432 jobs; deeply regrets the fact that Tesco is prepared to break its long-term commitment to Dundee, and urges Tesco to put the decision on hold until it has met local politicians, trade unions and the Chamber of Commerce to fully explore all options for retaining the jobs in Dundee.

Supported by: Shona Robison, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Maureen Macmillan, Pauline McNeill, Christine May, Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham, Marlyn Glen, Ms Sandra White, Rosie Kane, Dr Jean Turner, Mr Frank McAveety, Richard Baker, Mr John Swinney, Tommy Sheridan, Karen Gillon

S2M-4103# Margaret Mitchell: Strathaven Academy—That the Parliament congratulates Strathaven Academy on its selection to represent central Scotland at the Youth Forum to be held at the Scottish Parliament on 7 and 8 May 2006; recognises the excellent extra-curricular activities currently offered at Strathaven Academy; expresses concern that these activities will be curtailed during the proposed decant of the school to Crosshouse Campus in East Kilbride whilst a new school is built on the existing Strathaven Academy site; expresses further concern at reports of asbestos being present on the Crosshouse Campus; notes that no consultation has been held regarding the possibility of locating Strathaven Academy on a new site, and considers that South Lanarkshire Council should enter into a consultation, which should include the option to consider locating the school on an alternative site which would enable the Scottish Executive’s target of two hours of physical education per pupil per week by 2008 to be met.

Supported by: Alex Johnstone, Derek Brownlee, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Carolyn Leckie, Murdo Fraser, Donald Gorrie, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr David Davidson, Bill Aitken, Mrs Nanette Milne, Ms Rosemary Byrne

S2M-4102 Euan Robson: Meet the Patients—That the Parliament congratulates the British Lung Foundation Scotland, Asthma UK Scotland, Chest Heart Stroke Scotland and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on organising the "Meet the Patients" event on 1 March 2006; welcomes the opportunity to meet people living with respiratory disease from across the country and discuss issues of concern to them; regrets that one person in every five in Scotland is affected by lung disease; further regrets that people living in the most deprived areas are four times more likely to die of respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and urges the Scottish Executive to improve treatment and care services for all people living with respiratory disease in Scotland.

Supported by: Mr Adam Ingram, Jeremy Purvis

S2M-4101# Richard Lochhead: Post Office Card Accounts—That the Parliament notes the recent announcement that Post Office Card Accounts are to be phased out by 2010; notes that this news has come as a shock to pension and benefits claimants in north-east Scotland, many of whom rely on the service especially where there are no local bank branches, as well as to Post Office staff who view the scheme as a vital service; believes that the phasing out of this service could put the future of some rural post offices in severe jeopardy and lead to many of these lifeline services being lost to communities already being stripped of other vital services; supports the National Federation of SubPostmasters’ campaign to have Post Office Card Accounts retained, and considers that the Scottish Government should make appropriate representations to the UK Government on behalf of Post Office Card Account users in Scotland.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Mr Jamie Stone, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Ms Sandra White, Fiona Hyslop, Brian Adam, Shiona Baird, Christine Grahame, Robin Harper, Jim Mather, Michael Matheson, Mr Adam Ingram, Alex Neil, Stewart Stevenson, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Andrew Welsh, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran

S2M-4100 Colin Fox: NHS Prescription Charges—That the Parliament opposes the decision to increase NHS prescription charges to £6.65 per item; believes that the increase will mean that even more patients will be forced to go without the medicines that they need because they simply cannot afford to buy them; notes that more than 200,000 Scots on Disability Living Allowance and 300,000 on Incapacity Benefit, for example, do not qualify for free prescriptions and have to pay in full; recognises that the charges are soon to be abolished altogether in Wales, and calls on the Scottish Executive to halt the rise here while its own consultation on prescription charges is ongoing and calls on all interested parties to reply to that consultation by the 30 April 2006 deadline.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Mr Adam Ingram, Ms Sandra White, Tommy Sheridan, Eleanor Scott, Chris Ballance, Mr Bruce McFee, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran, Rosie Kane

S2M-4099 Michael McMahon: Jimmy Johnstone: A True Legend—That the Parliament notes the untimely death of former Celtic FC player Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone following his courageous fight against motor neurone disease; notes that he was a member of the famous "Lisbon Lions" team which brought the European Cup to Britain for the first time; acknowledges that Jimmy was voted the greatest Celtic player of all time by supporters of the club, and recognises that he was a true legend of both Celtic FC and Scottish football.

Supported by: Dr Elaine Murray, Brian Adam, Mr Charlie Gordon, Kate Maclean, Fergus Ewing, Mr David Davidson, Janis Hughes, Mr Alasdair Morrison, Bruce Crawford, Christine Grahame, Bill Butler, Mr Frank McAveety, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Christine May, Campbell Martin, Mr Jamie Stone, Des McNulty, Scott Barrie, Fiona Hyslop, Sarah Boyack, Jackie Baillie, Susan Deacon, Alex Fergusson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Margaret Jamieson, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Mr Adam Ingram, Trish Godman, Robin Harper, Nora Radcliffe, John Scott, Mike Pringle, Karen Gillon, Carolyn Leckie, Maureen Macmillan, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Michael Matheson, Colin Fox, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Tommy Sheridan, Mark Ballard, Mr Brian Monteith, Marilyn Livingstone, Eleanor Scott, Mr Bruce McFee, Pauline McNeill, Bristow Muldoon, Mr Jim Wallace, Cathie Craigie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Rosie Kane, Ms Sandra White

S2M-4098 Mrs Margaret Ewing: Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone—That the Parliament notes the sad passing of Celtic and Scotland legend, Jimmy Johnstone, whose footballing skill and trickery entertained and amazed thousands of football fans worldwide; further notes that Johnstone was a cornerstone of the first British team to win the European Cup and that Celtic fans bestowed on him the honour of being named Celtic’s greatest-ever player; notes that Johnstone also became a strong campaigner for raising awareness of motor neurone disease, and hopes that his campaign will continue to tackle this crippling disease.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Campbell Martin, Bruce Crawford, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Des McNulty, Rob Gibson, Roseanna Cunningham, Brian Adam, Fiona Hyslop, Jackie Baillie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Christine Grahame, Margaret Mitchell, Robin Harper, Mike Pringle, Jim Mather, Karen Gillon, Carolyn Leckie, Michael Matheson, Phil Gallie, Colin Fox, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Tommy Sheridan, Richard Lochhead, Mark Ballard, Alex Neil, Mr Brian Monteith, Marilyn Livingstone, Eleanor Scott, Mr Bruce McFee, Pauline McNeill, Rosie Kane, Ms Sandra White

S2M-4056.1 Jeremy Purvis: Abbotsford House - Home of Sir Walter Scott—As an amendment to motion (S2M-4056) in the name of Christine Grahame, leave out from "calls on" to end and insert "notes that we can look to Sir Walter Scott for the most apt description of those list MSPs seeking to be seen as constituency MSPs in "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!" (Sir Walter Scott, Marmion), and notes that the MSP for Abbotsford and Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale has already met, and will continue to work with, Scottish Borders Council, the Scottish Executive, national cultural bodies and local literary figures to discuss the future potential of this remarkable asset to the Borders and to Scotland."

S2M-4049.1 Mr Bruce McFee: Removal of Tolls from the Erskine Bridge—As an amendment to motion (S2M-4049) in the name of Jackie Baillie, leave out from "congratulates" to end and insert "notes that the bridge tolls were re-introduced under emergency legislation on 6 September 2001 by the Labour/Liberal Democrat Scottish government and backed by their unionist partners, the Scottish Tories; further notes that this emergency legislation was backed by elected members representing West of Scotland constituencies, Jackie Baillie MSP, Trish Godman MSP, Wendy Alexander MSP, Hugh Henry MSP, Duncan McNeil MSP, Ross Finnie MSP, Annabel Goldie MSP and Murray Tosh MSP, and calls on these members to apologise publicly for extending the Erskine Bridge toll tax for a further four and a half years."

Supported by: Brian Adam, Ms Sandra White, Christine Grahame*

S2M-3944# Carolyn Leckie: Lanarkshire United Health for All—That the Parliament notes NHS Lanarkshire’s consultation, A Picture of Health; is concerned that the board has written off the status quo as "unsustainable" without giving the public the opportunity to make that judgement about their health service; believes that to consult on options which exclude the possibility of a community retaining emergency and planned services at their local hospital is no choice at all; questions the rationale and evidence that the consultation is predicated on, such as whether planned capacity will be sufficient; is concerned that health inequalities will not be addressed and may indeed be perpetuated; recognises the growing anger of communities throughout Lanarkshire, and believes that the board and politicians alike have a duty to explore all options and strategies required to meet the needs of Lanarkshire’s citizens and unite with them to secure full and equal health services for all.

Supported by: Frances Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Colin Fox, Alex Neil, Donald Gorrie

S2M-3921# Euan Robson: Proposed Closure of Coldstream and Jedburgh Hospitals—That the Parliament notes the contents of NHS Borders’ consultation document, Getting Fit for the Future; believes that the preferred options for the closure of Coldstream and Jedburgh cottage hospitals manifestly do not command the confidence of the respective local communities; further believes that NHS Borders must take advantage of opportunities to redevelop both hospitals in conjunction with other statutory bodies, private providers and voluntary organisations in the spirit of Professor Kerr’s report, Building a Health Service Fit for the Future, and the Scottish Executive’s response to the report; congratulates the local action groups on their constructive approach to these issues, and believes that the Executive should reject closure and require redesign of the proposals to redevelop these locally delivered NHS services.

Supported by: Christine Grahame, Jeremy Purvis, Murray Tosh, Phil Gallie, Donald Gorrie, Derek Brownlee

S2M-3838 Bill Aitken on behalf of the Edinburgh Tram (Line Two) Bill Committee: Edinburgh Tram (Line Two) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Edinburgh Tram (Line Two) Bill be passed.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S2M-4092 Give Cyclists Room (lodged on 9 March 2006) Miss Annabel Goldie*

S2M-4059 Stop the Traffik (lodged on 3 March 2006) Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mr David Davidson*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Robin Harper*, Chris Ballance*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S2M-3845 The Local Government Pension Scheme and Abolition of Rule of 85 (lodged on 18 January 2006) Campbell Martin*

S2M-3812 Equal Treatment for Local Government Pension Scheme Members (lodged on 12 January 2006) Campbell Martin*

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