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Section G – Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 5 December 2005

Family Law (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Section 2

Cathy Jamieson

1 In section 2, page 1, line 27, leave out <gave> and insert <purported to give>

Cathy Jamieson

2 In section 2, page 2, line 5, leave out <gave> and insert <purported to give>

Section 21

Marlyn Glen

3 In section 21, page 14, line 36, at end insert <; or

( ) a child who is being or has been carried by one of the cohabitants as a result, in pursuance of a joint decision by them, of the placing in her of an embryo or of sperm and eggs or of her artificial insemination;>

Schedule 1

Marlyn Glen

4 In schedule 1, page 27, line 37, leave out <of the family or a child in the> and insert <in the permanent or temporary>

Cathy Jamieson

5 In schedule 1, page 28, line 21, leave out <gave> and insert <purported to give>

Contents An A B C D E F G H I J