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Business Bulletin No. 132/2004

Friday 17 September 2004

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New Bills introduced or reprinted on 16 September 2004

Tenements (Scotland) Bill—The Bill was reprinted as passed (SP Bill 19B) (Executive Bill).


Objections to Private Bills

The following have lodged objections to the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Bill under Rule 9A.6.1:

  1. Mr Alan Werninck

  1. Judith J H Pearson

  1. Scottish Natural Heritage

  1. Eric D Innes

  2. Mr and Dr Gossip

  3. CHAG

  4. Historic Scotland

The following have lodged objections to the Edinburgh Tram (Line Two) Bill under Rule 9A.6.1:

88. Mr Leslie Stevenson

  1. O2 UK Ltd

  2. Historic Scotland

Members wishing to view the objections received should contact the Private Bills Unit ( Members are reminded that a complete set of all documents received is held by the Reference Centre in CG.01 and copies can be made available on request.




New amendments to Bills lodged on 16 September 2004

Tenements (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3


Note: The amendment below was lodged as a manuscript amendment under Rule 9.10.6. The Presiding Officer agreed under that Rule that it could be moved at the meeting of the Parliament on 16 September 2004.


Section 12

Mrs Mary Mulligan

81 In section 12, page 7, line 39, leave out <2003 (asp 9)> and insert <2004 (asp 00)>