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Business Bulletin No. 110 / 2004

Friday 25th June 2004

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-1540 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Scottish Equestrian Performance Centre-That the Parliament notes the excellent work of Oatridge College, Broxburn, in its endeavours to establish a Scottish Equestrian Performance Centre; supports its bids for funding allocations, and calls on the Scottish Executive to undertake a review of the equine industry in Scotland with a view to initiating a support strategy for the industry.

*S2M-1539 Mike Pringle: Death Sentences Imposed on Medical Staff in Libya-That the Parliament expresses great sympathy and support for the children affected by the tragic HIV infection at al-Fateh Children's Hospital, Benghazi, Libya; urges the Libyan authorities to recognize the evidence and address the possibility that the children were infected with HIV because of poor health care resources and practices at the above hospital and not by intentional transmission by the accused Bulgarian and Palestinian health workers; notes that the Benghazi Criminal Court ignored testimonies of expert witnesses such as Professor Luc Montagnier, who stated that the epidemic was caused by the poor hygiene at the hospital and had begun before any of the accused had started work there; further notes the deeply disturbing reports that the health workers were tortured into false confessions, and condemns the death sentences imposed on the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor.

*S2M-1538 Richard Baker: Byron Square Shop Shutters Regeneration Project-That the Parliament commends the Byron Square Shop Shutters Regeneration Project in Aberdeen; congratulates the young people involved for the excellent and innovative artwork on the shutters; notes the invaluable contribution of those responsible for running the project in making it a success, and further notes the importance of projects such as this that involve young people more fully in their communities.

*S2M-1537# Mr David Davidson: Physiotherapy Week 2004-That the Parliament commends the work of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy; welcomes this year's Physiotherapy Week 2004 from 5 to 9 July; recognises the important work done by physiotherapists across Scotland in the treatment of a wide range of injuries and medical conditions, as well as in promoting healthy living, restoring function movement and independence and prevention of injury and illness through activity, information and advice, and further recognises the important role of physiotherapists in communities and in assisting many to be able to continue to live normal and active lives.

*S2M-1536# Mr John Home Robertson: Better Access to Small Claims and Summary Cause Procedures-That the Parliament notes the significant cross-party support previously expressed for an increase to the threshold for access to small claims and summary cause proceedings; believes that the case for updating the limits has been made and that limits of 5,000 and 15,000 for small claims and summary cause respectively should be urgently considered; further notes that as a consequence the privative limit should be increased to 5,000, and considers that such changes are required to improve affordable access to justice.

*S2M-1535 Mr Brian Monteith: New Ownership of the Telegraph Group-That the Parliament congratulates Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay on their acquisition of the Telegraph group; celebrates their success as another example of Scottish entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the United Kingdom, and looks forward to continued journalistic excellence in the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph and the Spectator and Apollo magazines.

*S2M-1534 Colin Fox: Edinburgh People's Festival-That the Parliament welcomes the 3rd annual Edinburgh People's Festival and its programme for 2004; notes that the aim of the People's Festival is to include those communities not normally involved in celebrating the world's greatest arts festival; notes that this year's Edinburgh People's Festival celebration runs from 7 to 14 August 2004 and will take place in Craigmillar, Leith, Newcraighall, Saughton, Wester Hailes, Gorgie, Gilmerton, Inch and Portobello and will present a wide range of attractions including rock, folk and classical music, comedy, theatre, debates, puppet shows, visual arts, storytelling and special surprise events, and wishes the artists, organisers and participants in the Edinburgh People's Festival every continued success.

*S2M-1533 Mr Stewart Maxwell: Stop the Unfair Taxing of Our Troops-That the Parliament deplores the fact that Scottish troops are still required to pay council tax whilst serving abroad in places such as Iraq; considers it unfair that persons in prison, diplomats and members of visiting defence organisations, among others, are exempt from paying council tax within Scotland but members of our own armed forces when serving abroad are not, and further considers that members should support immediate legislation to ensure that our troops are no longer forced to pay this tax while not even domiciled within Scotland.

*S2M-1532# Johann Lamont: National Respect for Shopworkers Week-That the Parliament welcomes National Respect for Shopworkers Week, 5 to 11 July 2004, as part of the Freedom from Fear campaign that seeks to highlight the unacceptable level of abuse and violence suffered by shopworkers; congratulates the shopworkers' union, USDAW, on its campaign to promote respect for shopworkers and improve workplace safety; notes the report from the Co-operative Group last year, which showed a 39% increase in violent crime against staff in Co-op convenience stores and which highlighted the scale of the problem; recognises the importance of a close partnership between police, retailers, shopworkers and communities, and believes that the Scottish Executive, local authorities, retailers and other relevant agencies should work together to secure safer workplaces in safer communities.

Supported by: Bill Butler*

S2M-1530# Argyll and Clyde Clinical Review (lodged on 23 June 2004) Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Rosie Kane*

S2M-1527 Public Involvement in Planning (lodged on 22 June 2004) Robin Harper*

S2M-1511 The Crisis in Darfur (lodged on 21 June 2004) Bill Butler*

S2M-1507 Glasgow Metropolitan College (lodged on 21 June 2004) Karen Gillon*

S2M-1506 Senior Citizens' Views of Pension Credit (lodged on 21 June 2004) Margo MacDonald*, Ms Sandra White*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1504 Bear Necessities (lodged on 18 June 2004) Richard Lochhead*

S2M-1496 Support for the Minn Family (lodged on 17 June 2004) Tricia Marwick*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1487 Internet Dialler Fraud (lodged on 16 June 2004) Mr Keith Raffan*

S2M-1486 Congratulations to the British Pipe Band Championships Held at Turriff (lodged on 16 June 2004) Carolyn Leckie*

S2M-1481# Urgent Need to Tackle Hepatitis C, Public Health Crisis (lodged on 15 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1480# Aberdeen Alcohol Support (lodged on 15 June 2004) Bill Aitken*, Mr David Davidson*

S2M-1475 The Future of Forth Corinthian Yacht Club (lodged on 15 June 2004) Mr Keith Raffan*

S2M-1289 Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital - Centre for Integrative Care (lodged on 7 May 2004) Bill Butler*