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Business Bulletin No. 81 / 2004

Thursday 13th May 2004

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


Subordinate Legislation Committee

17 May 2004

17th Meeting, 2004

The Committee will meet at 2.30 pm in Committee Room 3

1. Delegated powers scrutiny: The Committee will consider the delegated powers provisions in the following Bill-

the School Education (Ministerial Powers and Independent Schools) (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1.

2. Executive responses: The Committee will consider the response from the Scottish Executive to points raised on the following-

the Feeding Stuffs (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/208).

3. Instruments subject to annulment: The Committee will consider the following-

the Sea Fishing (Enforcement of Community Quota and Third Country Fishing Measures) (Scotland) Order 2004, (SSI 2004/209);

the Food (Emergency Control) (Scotland) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/210);

the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Specialist Tobacconists) (Scotland) Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/211); and

the Primary Medical Services (Consequential and Ancillary Amendments) (Scotland) Order 2004, (SSI 2004/212).