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Business Bulletin No. 10/2004

Friday 16 January 2004

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-795# John Swinburne: Council Tax Arrears-That the Parliament notes with concern that Scotland's council tax arrears have now topped £0.5 billion, proving how inefficient local authorities are in collecting the tax; further notes with disbelief the Minister for Finance and Public Services' view that the figures are "encouraging"; considers that the level of arrears is the reason why some council tax payers will have to pay their council tax one month earlier, starting in April this year instead of May; believes that council tax payers, particularly senior citizens, should not be disadvantaged in this manner just because councils have failed to collect their tax timeously, which will result in council tax payments in the month of April where there were none before to come out of some pensioners' meagre budgets, and therefore believes that the Scottish Executive should allocate the extra £48 million given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK pre-budget speech in December 2003, which was ring-fenced for council tax, to alleviate this situation.

*S2M-794 Shona Robison: Grove Academy Debating Success-That the Parliament congratulates Grove Academy pupils Kenny Nicoll and Netan Dogra for winning the Scottish heats of the Oxford Union Schools Competition; pays tribute to the hard work of their teachers in developing their debating skills, and wishes Grove Academy success when representing Scotland at the Oxford finals during the summer.

*S2M-793# Fiona Hyslop: Public Consultation on Private Prisons-That the Parliament notes the concerns of many of its members and amongst the wider public about the proposals for private prisons in Scotland; notes that applications for two new prisons have now been lodged in Addiewell and Low Moss but that as yet the public have not been informed if either or both are intended to operate as private prisons, and expresses the view that the public should be entitled to know what kind of operation is being planned for their local communities as part of any consultation and decision-making process.

Supported by: Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Stewart Stevenson*, Michael Matheson*, Mark Ballard*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Colin Fox*, Tommy Sheridan*, Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-792# Recognition of Kinship Care (lodged on 14 January 2004) Tommy Sheridan*, Murray Tosh*, Scott Barrie*, Ms Sandra White*, Shona Robison*, Brian Adam*, Richard Lochhead*

S2M-791 Potential Job Losses in Edinburgh's Financial Sector (lodged on 14 January 2004) Stewart Stevenson* R, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-790# Development of Carlisle Airport (lodged on 14 January 2004) Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*, Mary Scanlon*, Phil Gallie*, Mr David Davidson*

S2M-789# Scots Poet Laureate as National Burns Tribute (lodged on 14 January 2004) Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-785 Celtic Connections (lodged on 14 January 2004) Stewart Stevenson*, Rob Gibson*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Ms Sandra White*, Jim Mather*, Bruce Crawford*, Brian Adam*, Richard Lochhead*, Campbell Martin*, Michael Matheson*, Tommy Sheridan*, Nicola Sturgeon*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Linda Fabiani*, Scott Barrie*, Mr Bruce McFee*

S2M-782 Religious Dress (lodged on 13 January 2004) Shona Robison*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Linda Fabiani*, Chris Ballance*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-776 The Success of Michelle McManus (lodged on 12 January 2004) Ms Sandra White*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-775# Class Actions (lodged on 12 January 2004) Chris Ballance*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-773 Parthenon Marbles (lodged on 9 January 2004) Linda Fabiani*, Alex Neil*

S2M-772# Access at Haymarket Railway Station (lodged on 9 January 2004) Trish Godman*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-770 Sewage Dumping (lodged on 9 January 2004) Ms Sandra White*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-767 Fair Trade Status for Hamilton (lodged on 8 January 2004) Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-766# Workers' Educational Association (lodged on 8 January 2004) Fiona Hyslop*, Roseanna Cunningham*

S2M-765# Organ Donation Opt-out System (lodged on 7 January 2004) Scott Barrie*

S2M-764# Business Rate Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs (lodged on 7 January 2004) Fiona Hyslop*, Tommy Sheridan*, Scott Barrie*

S2M-758# Achievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland Project (lodged on 6 January 2004) Fiona Hyslop*, Scott Barrie*

S2M-755 Pregnant and Productive: An Investigation into Pregnancy Discrimination (lodged on 5 January 2004) Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-754# National Celebrations on St Andrew's Day (lodged on 5 January 2004) Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-746# Maternity Services in Caithness (lodged on 17 December 2003) Shona Robison*, Bruce Crawford*, Brian Adam*

S2M-693# Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (lodged on 2 December 2003) Marlyn Glen*

S2M-628 Small Business, Energy and the Environment (lodged on 18 November 2003) Marlyn Glen*

S2M-570# Abuse of Older People (lodged on 6 November 2003) Marlyn Glen*

S2M-563# Sustainable Development in Education (lodged on 5 November 2003) Marlyn Glen*

S2M-557 Compulsory Daytime Use of Headlights (lodged on 4 November 2003) Marlyn Glen*