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Business Bulletin No. 155 / 2003

Monday 17th November 2003

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


Objections to Private Bills

The following have lodged objections to the Waverley Railway (Scotland) Bill under Rule 9A.6.1 and Rule 9A.6.5:

  1. Mr & Mrs Street

  2. J S Dun & Partners

  3. Mr & Mrs Rae

  4. Mr & Mrs Sandie

  1. Stow Community Council

  2. Stow Station Supporters

  1. Mr & Mrs Wilson

  2. Symon of Edinburgh

  3. J Pendlebury

  4. Mr & Mrs Davies

  5. Mr & Mrs Baxter

  6. Mr & Mrs Banks

  7. Lesley Inglis

  8. Sheila Campbell

  9. Nigel Miller

  10. Mr & Mrs Allison

  11. Helen Foster

  12. Mr R Bull & Ms M MacPhee

  13. D E W Kibble & Sons

  14. Scott Murray

  15. James Muir

  16. Lionel Lofthouse

  17. James Barr

  18. Mr L G Litchfield

  19. Mr & Mrs Thompson

  20. Mrs S Symon

  21. James Kirkness and Others

  22. James Kirkness

  23. Mrs I Myles

  1. Mr & Mrs Dunn

  2. J Walker

  3. Mr & Mrs Paterson

  4. Mr & Mrs Joshi

  5. Mr & Mrs Macdonald

  6. Mr & Mrs Dalgetty

  7. Mr & Mrs Jackson

  8. Mr & Mrs Cairns

  9. Mr D McGlashan

  10. Mr & Mrs Docherty

  11. Mrs Hood

  12. Andrew Reid

  13. Mr & Mrs Spinks

  14. Mr B Mayberry

  15. Mr & Mrs Dodds

  16. Mr & Mrs Forrester

  17. Mr D Brown

  18. Miss J Mitscavitch

  19. Mr & Mrs Scaife

  20. Ms C Bracher

  21. Mr & Mrs Maitland

  22. Mr & Mrs Wightman

  23. Mrs A Rooney

  24. Mr & Mrs McDonald

  25. Mr & Mrs Ewing

  26. Mr & Mrs More

  27. Mr & Mrs Chalmers

  28. Residents of Victoria Gardens, Newtongrange

  29. Lesley Deans

  30. Peter and Margaret Dubickas

  31. Angus and Carol Pretswell

  32. Mr & Mrs Wightman

  33. Charles Callander

  34. Michael Radford

  35. Residents of Harvieston Villas

  36. Mr & Mrs Paterson

  37. Mr F Wood

  38. David Cowan

  39. Lord Borthwick

  40. Mr & Mrs Barnett

  41. Andrew Peter Caunt

  42. Gordon Richardson and Fjordhus Ltd

  43. Messrs S & I Thomson

  44. Beechbank Place Proprietors Association

  45. Rev John Creanor

  46. Andrew Brown

  47. Sustrans

  1. K & I Ltd

  2. Drs Wylie and Mr & Mrs Combe

  3. Mr & Mrs Martin

  4. Mr & Mrs Lamb

  5. Mr S Lyon & Miss L Jackson

  6. Grange Estates (Newbattle) Ltd

  7. Grange Estates (Newbattle) Ltd

  8. Trustees of Newbattle Trust

  9. Mr & Mrs McCloskey

  10. Residents of New Star Bank, Newtongrange

  11. CPL Distribution

  12. Youngace Limited

  13. Dr & Mrs Alexander

  14. Millers Oils Ltd

  15. Mr & Mrs Douglas

  16. Tony Stovin

  17. David and Lynn Swift

  18. Scottish Mining Museum Trust

  19. Bridie Thompson

  20. Kenneth Scollan

  21. Mr & Mrs Silvagni

  22. Andrew and Dawn Smith

  23. Mr & Mrs Kew

  24. Heriot Community Council

  25. Mr & Mrs Scott

  26. Messrs G H Stirling & Sons

  27. R Wilson

  28. DSG Retail Ltd

  29. Gala Fish Farming Ltd

  30. Torwoodlee & Buckholm Estates Co

  31. Liberty Galashiels Ltd

  32. Eildon Housing Association Ltd

  33. Ostle Tyres

  34. Glenfield Residents Association

  35. Borders NHS Board

  36. Royal Mail Group plc and Post Office Ltd

  37. BRB (Residuary) Ltd

  38. Scottish Power

  39. Network Rail

  40. Transco plc

  41. Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh

  42. Railway Paths Ltd

Members wishing to view the objections should contact the Private Bills Unit ( Members are reminded that a complete set of all documents received is held by the Reference Centre in G9, PHQ.


Proposals for Members' Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters' names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member's Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14 of the Standing Orders.

Mike Pringle: Proposed Environmental Levy Bill-Proposal for a Bill to enable local authorities to impose an environmental levy on specified plastic bags, payable by the consumer at the point of sale. (lodged 27 October 2003)

Supported by: Nora Radcliffe, Margaret Smith, Mr Keith Raffan, Jeremy Purvis, Mike Rumbles, John Farquhar Munro, George Lyon, Mr Jamie Stone, Robert Brown, Donald Gorrie, Margo MacDonald, Christine May, Roseanna Cunningham, Eleanor Scott, Chris Ballance, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Ms Sandra White, Mark Ballard, Robin Harper, Richard Lochhead, Patrick Harvie, Shiona Baird, Mark Ruskell

Nicola Sturgeon: Proposed EU Constitution Referendum Bill-Proposal for a Bill to require the Scottish Executive to conduct a referendum on the proposed EU Constitution prior to its ratification by the UK Government. (lodged 27 October 2003)

Supported by: Mr Kenny MacAskill, Stewart Stevenson, Brian Adam, Fergus Ewing, Bruce Crawford, Linda Fabiani, Christine Grahame, Mr Rob Gibson, Margo MacDonald, Chris Ballance, Jim Mather, Michael Matheson, Mr Bruce McFee, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Alex Neil, Richard Lochhead, Ms Sandra White, Carolyn Leckie, Shona Robison, Mr Adam Ingram, Frances Curran, Tricia Marwick, Mark Ballard, Eleanor Scott

Tommy Sheridan: Proposed Scottish Railway Company Bill-Proposal for a Bill to establish a publicly owned Scottish Railway Company responsible for all aspects of the rail network, both passenger and freight, in Scotland. (lodged 4 November 2003)

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Mr Mark Ruskell, Robin Harper, Rosie Kane, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Carolyn Leckie, Campbell Martin, Colin Fox, Mark Ballard, Shiona Baird, Chris Balance, John Swinburne*