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Business Bulletin No. 111 / 2003

Thursday 4th September 2003

Section H : New Documents


Subordinate Legislation

Negative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the Parliament on 3 September 2003 and are subject to annulment—

The Gaming Act (Variation of Fees) (Scotland) Order 2003 (SSI 2003/403)

laid under section 51 of the Gaming Act 1968

The Collagen and Gelatine (Intra-Community Trade) (Scotland) Amendment (No.2) Regulations 2003 (SSI 2003/405)

laid under paragraph 2(2) of schedule 2 to the European Communities Act 1972

Other Documents

The following document was laid before the Parliament on 3 September 2003 and is not subject to any Parliamentary procedure

Scottish Further Education Funding Council: Performance management of the further education sector in Scotland – A report and summary report to the Scottish Parliament by the Auditor General for Scotland (AGS/2003/7)

Committee Reports

The following report is being published on 4 September 2003

Enterprise and Culture Committee, 1st Report 2003 (Session 2): Report on Subordinate Legislation (SP Paper 10)


European Documents

Members wishing to see a list of EC/EU documents and legislative proposals received in the Parliament should contact the clerk to the European Committee ( Members are reminded that a complete set of all documents received is held by SPICe and copies can be made available on request. Additionally, SPICe holds a set of Briefing Papers produced primarily for MEPs covering the views of the UK Government on proposals for EC/EU legislation. Finally, the Parliament now receives copies of agendas in advance of each Council of the EU meeting (formerly known as the Council of Ministers) and post-Council reports. These and the Briefing Papers are available to all MSPs and parliamentary staff.