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Business Bulletin No. 111 / 2003

Thursday 4th September 2003



Today's Business

Members may wish to note that Business Motion S2M-298 will be taken this afternoon before Decision Time instead of 12.30pm.

Changes to Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament

Following the Parliament's agreement yesterday to make the changes to standing orders set out in Annex A to the Procedures Committee's 1st Report, 2003 (Session 2), First Minister's Question Time and minor standing order changes (SP Paper 9), a second edition of the standing orders is being prepared. The revised standing orders are in force from today. Hard copies of the new edition will be distributed to all MSPs (at their PHQ office address) and relevant Parliamentary staff on Monday 8 September. In the meantime, the updated version will be available on the Parliament's website (under Documents) and on the intranet (under Procedures and Guidance)