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Business Bulletin No. 98 / 2003

Thursday 26th June 2003



Business Bulletins during the Summer Recess

The final Business Bulletin before the summer recess will be published on Friday 27 June 2003. Members may wish to note that during the summer recess Business Bulletins will usually be published once a week on each Monday, commencing Monday 7 July until Monday 1 September when the normal publication schedule will resume.

Chamber Desk Arrangements during Recess

Members will wish to note that during the recess the Chamber Desk will be open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday for the lodging of parliamentary questions, motions and amendments. Oral questions for Question Time on Thursday 4 September should be lodged by 2.00 pm on Wednesday 27 August and for First Minister’s Question Time on that day by 2.00 pm on Monday 1 September.