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Business Bulletin No. 79/2003

Friday 30 May 2003



Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm (Navigation and Fishing) (Scotland) Bill

Amendments for Final Stage of the Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm (Navigation and Fishing) (Scotland) Bill may now be lodged with the clerks of the Non-Executive Bills Unit, David Cullum (G11 Committee Chambers, extn. 85951), Alison Campbell (G10, extn. 85277) and Zoé Dean (G11, extn. 85417). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments.

Final Stage amendments may be lodged until 4.30 pm on any sitting day. Final Stage of the Bill will take place on Wednesday 11 June 2003. The deadline for lodging amendments is therefore 4.30 pm on Friday 6 June 2003. Members are advised to lodge amendments in good time before the beginning of the Stage, and as early as possible during the day.