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Business Bulletin No. 22/2003

Tuesday 4 February 2003

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New amendments to Bills lodged on 3 February 2003

Mental Health (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2

Section 205

Mrs Mary Mulligan

832 In section 205, page 137, line 5, leave out from <in> to <reside> in line 7 and insert <and, where the patient liable to be taken into custody is subject to a compulsory treatment order a condition of which requires the patient to reside in an establishment the address of which is specified in the order, a member of staff of that establishment>

Section 206

Mrs Mary Mulligan

833 In section 206, page 138, line 6, leave out from <absence> to end of line 11 and insert <unauthorised absence does not affect the continuity or measurement of any period of time fixed by, under or relative to any provision of this Act or requirement imposed by virtue of it, of which that absence is a breach.>