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Business Bulletin No. 7/2003

Tuesday 14 January 2003

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New amendments to Bills lodged on 13 January 2003

Homelessness etc. (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

After section 3

Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh

33 After section 3, insert—

<Support for homeless persons

Support for persons who are homeless or threatened with homelessness (No. 2)

In section 31 (duties to persons found to be homeless) of the 1987 Act—

(a) in subsection (2)—

(i) after the word "connection)" insert "(a)",

(ii) at the end insert—

"(b) assess what support the applicant requires to enable him to sustain his occupancy of such accommodation and, if they are satisfied that such occupancy will not be sustained without such support, make reasonable efforts to secure the provision of such support.",

(b) after subsection (2), insert—

"(2A) The Scottish Ministers may issue guidance to local authorities, either generally or to a particular authority, as to what type of support, and the sources from which such support, should be provided under subsection (2)(b) above; and local authorities shall have regard to any such guidance.">

Section 5

Karen Whitefield

34 In substitution for amendment 26—

In section 5, page 4, line 25, leave out <him with> and insert <, or ensure the provision of,>

Section 8

Jackie Baillie

35 In section 8, page 7, line 8, leave out from <32(8)> to <children),> in line 9 and insert <32 of the 1987 Act (duties to persons found to be threatened with homelessness)—

(a) in subsection (5)—

(i) the word "or" immediately preceding paragraph (c) is repealed,

(ii) after paragraph (c), insert "or

"(d) that is provided, where the applicant falls within section 25(1)(b), in the form of bed and breakfast accommodation.",

(b) after that subsection, insert—

"(5A) For the purposes of subsection (5)(d) above, "bed and breakfast accommodation" means accommodation of such description as may from time to time be prescribed.",

(c) in subsection (8),>


Land Reform (Scotland) Bill - Stage 3

Section 66

Mr Jamie McGrigor

58 In section 66, page 44, line 1, at end insert-

<( ) Where such an application is to buy eligible croft land which consists of salmon fishings, the application shall exclude any netting rights which have not been exercised during the five years preceding the date of the application.>

Section 71

Mr Jamie McGrigor

59 In section 71, page 50, line 5, at end insert-

<( ) For the purposes of subsection (1)(la) above, "existing employees" means those persons who, at the time an application the subjects of which are salmon fishings is made, are employed by the owner of the salmon fishings and whose work wholly or mainly relates to those salmon fishings.>

Mr Jamie McGrigor

60 In section 71, page 50, line 5, at end insert-

<(3) Ministers shall not consent to an application under section 70 above the subjects of which are salmon fishings unless a panel under subsection (4) below decides that the fishings are not, at the time the application is made, being exploited on a sustainable basis.

(4) A panel under this subsection is a panel appointed by Ministers consisting of-

(a) one person with qualification in a relevant scientific discipline;

(b) one person who is a member of a district salmon fishery board in the area to which the application relates; and

(c) one other person.>


Mental Health (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

Section 35

Mrs Mary Mulligan

288 In substitution for amendment 137—

In section 35, page 20, line 28, leave out from first <the> to end of line and insert—

<(i) if, immediately before the certificate is granted, the patient is not in hospital, the beginning of the day on which admission under authority of the certificate of the patient to hospital takes place;

(ii) if, immediately before the certificate is granted, the patient is in hospital, the beginning of the day on which the certificate is granted>