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Business Bulletin No. 132/2002

Thursday 19 September 2002

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


Public Petitions Committee

24 September 2002

14th Meeting, 2002

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 1

1. New petitions: The Committee will consider the following new petitions-

PE531: Alcohol and drug abuse - support and treatment. Mr Ian and Mrs Joan Robinson will give a presentation in support of this petition.

PE540: Implementation of recommendations contained in 'A Fresh Start for Gaelic'. Ms Cathy Mary MacMillan (Stri nan Oileanach) will give a presentation in support of this petition.

PE541: Development of landfill sites. Dr James S Buchanan (Roslin Community Action Group) will give a presentation in support of this petition.

PE543: Development of landfill sites.

PE528: Access to public roads at Scottish airports.

PE529: Reform and unification of the civil law enforcement system.

PE532: Amendments to Part 2 of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Bill.

PE533: Implementation of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Bill.

2. Current Petitions: The Committee will further consider the following current petitions-

PE412: Commissioner for bullying in Scotland.

PE425: Siting of telecommunications masts.

PE437: Creation of a Gaelic Language Act.

PE446: Licensing of food premises.

PE493: Wind farm development.

PE498 & PE499: Future delivery of NHS services in Fife/Fire safety in hospitals.

PE502: Provision of digital hearing aids.

PE504: Publication of criminal memoirs for profit.

PE516: Educational provision for deaf children.

PE519: Creation of a register of interests of the Scottish judiciary.

3. Inadmissible Petitions: The Committee will be invited to agree the recommendations contained in a paper on inadmissible petitions.

4. Convener's Report.