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Business Bulletin No. 96/2002

Wednesday 12 June 2002

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


European Committee

18 June 2002

9th Meeting, 2002

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 1

1. Item in private: The Committee will discuss whether to take items 9, 10 and 11 in private.

2. Promotion of the Future of Europe debate in Scotland: The Committee will discuss with Jim Wallace MSP, Deputy First Minister, proposals for the promotion of the Future of Europe debate in Scotland.

3. Discussion paper on the Future of Europe debate: The Committee will discuss a short follow-up paper to its 9th Report 2001 on the Future of Europe.

4. Scottish Parliamentary Convention on the Future of Europe: The Committee will discuss its plans for this event in the autumn of 2002.

5. Inquiry into Scotland's Representation in the EU: The Committee will discuss draft terms of reference proposed by its reporter, Ben Wallace MSP.

6. Convener's Report: The Convener will update the Committee on the—

Letter received from the Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs regarding the implentation of Regulation (EC) No 2037/2000 of the European Parliament and of the Council on substances that deplete the ozone layer (disposal of fridges)

Paper produced by SPICe on the contribution by schoolchildren during Europe Day

Paper produced by SPICe analysing initial plans and priorities of the Danish Presidency of the EU

Briefing paper on proposals to establish a pan-European network of 'European Affairs Committees' in regional/sub-Member State parliaments

Letter from Maureen Macmillan MSP on the EC's Scientific Council's report on animal welfare during sea transit.

7. Pre- and Post-European Council, Council of the EU, Joint Ministerial Committee and MINECOR Scrutiny: The Committee will consider the following agendas and briefings submitted by the Scottish Executive—

Education and Youth Council, 30 May 2002

General Affairs Council, 10 May 2002

Employment and Social Affairs Council, 3 June 2002

Industry and Energy Council, 6 June 2002

Fisheries Council, 11 June 2002

Joint Ministerial Committee on Europe (JMCE), 11 June 2002

Justice and Home Affairs Council, 13 June 2002

Telecommunications Council, 18 June 2002

MINECOR, 19 June 2002

Environment Council, 24 June 2002

Agriculture Council, 27 June 2002.

8. Remit (external relations): The Committee will discuss a paper on the extension of its remit.

9. Inquiry into the Future of Cohesion Policy and Structural Funds post 2006: The Committee will discuss its draft Committee Report.

10. Europe's Employment Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility: an Inquiry into the Scottish Model: The Committee will discuss proposals for the appointment of an adviser.

11. Committee Annual Report: The Committee will discuss a draft of its Annual Report.