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Business Bulletin No. 30/2002

Friday 15 February 2002

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New Bills introduced or reprinted on 14 February 2002

Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill—The Bill was reprinted as passed. (SP Bill 10B) (Member's Bill)

Water Industry (Scotland) Bill—The Bill was reprinted as passed. (SP Bill 35B) (Executive Bill)

Proposals for Members’ Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters’ names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14.

Mr John McAllion: Proposed Child Witness Prevention of Delays (Scotland) Bill—Proposal for a Bill requiring that any criminal trial in which a child is to be cited as a witness must commence within a timescale equivalent to the maximum period of time in which an accused person could be detained in custody.

(lodged 6 February 2002)

Supported by: Mr Gil Paterson, Alex Neil, Margaret Jamieson, Scott Barrie, Janis Hughes, George Lyon, Mr Mike Rumbles, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Mr Adam Ingram, Michael Matheson, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Jamie Stone, Tommy Sheridan, Donald Gorrie, Elaine Smith*

Mr Brian Monteith: Proposed Home Education in Scotland Bill—Proposal for a Bill to allow parents to withdraw a child from school by providing written notification to the relevant local authority indicating they will be providing an education for them suitable to their age, ability and aptitude by other means. (lodged 8 February 2002)

Supported by: Murdo Fraser, Mary Scanlon, Phil Gallie, Bill Aitken, Alex Fergusson, Alex Johnstone, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Mr David Davidson, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr Keith Harding, John Young, Donald Gorrie*