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Business Bulletin No. 27/2002

Tuesday 12 February 2002

Section J: Parliamentary Bureau: Note of Decisions




Presiding Officer - Sir David Steel (in the chair)

Deputy Presiding Officer - George Reid

Deputy Presiding Officer - Murray Tosh

Labour Party Business Manager – Patricia Ferguson

Scottish National Party Business Manager – Fiona Hyslop

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Business Manager – Alex Johnstone

Liberal Democrat Party Business Manager – Euan Robson

  • Future Business Programme
  • It was agreed to recommend to the Parliament future business including designations of lead committees as detailed in motions S1M-2705 to S1M-2708 (for text of motions see Sections A and F of the Business Bulletin for 6 February).

  • Referral of Bills
  • It was agreed to refer the Scottish Qualifications Authority Bill to the Education, Culture and Sport Committee as lead committee. The Bill was also referred to the Subordinate Legislation Committee under Rule 9.6.2.

  • Land Reform (Scotland) Bill
  • It was agreed that the deadline for completion of Stage 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill would be extended by one week from 15 to 22 March 2002.

  • Removal of Motions from the Business Bulletin
  • The removal of motions over six weeks old was approved, subject to retention of the following: S1M-2363, S1M-2371, S1M-2374, S1M-2403, S1M-2427, S1M-2498, S1M-2516, S1M-2533.

  • October Recess Dates
  • It was agreed to propose to the Parliament a change to the Autumn 2002 recess dates from 7-18 October to 14-25 October, in line with the holiday dates now set for most schools in Scotland.

  • Transport and the Environment Committee: Request to Meet in Shetland
  • The Committee’s request to hold a meeting in Shetland on Monday 17 June 2002 was approved.

  • European Committee: Requests to Visit Brussels, Florence and Madrid
  • The Committee’s requests to visit Brussels, Florence and Madrid in March and May 2002 were approved.

  • Rural Development Committee: Request to Meet in Dalry and Lochaber
  • The Committee’s request to hold meetings in Dalry and Lochaber in March 2002 were approved.

  • Transport and the Environment Committee: Request to Meet in Oban
  • The Committee’s request to hold a meeting in Oban on Monday 25 March 2002 was approved.

  • Transport and the Environment Committee: Request to Appoint an Adviser
  • The Committee’s request to appoint an adviser to assist with the budget process for 2003-04 was approved.

    Lee Bridges

    Clerk to the Parliamentary Bureau

    5 February 2002