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Business Bulletin No. 176/2001

Thursday 29 November 2001



Election of Deputy Presiding Officer

The Presiding Officer wishes to confirm the arrangements for today’s election of a deputy Presiding Officer.

Nomination forms are available from the clerks in room 5.16, PHQ and should be lodged with the clerks in the Presiding Officer’s outer room in the Assembly Hall. A nomination form will be valid only if it is seconded by another Member. The period for lodging nominations is between 12 noon and 12.15pm.

The voting period will begin at 12.30 pm and will be by secret ballot. Members should collect a ballot paper from the clerks at the rear of the chamber when invited to do so by the Presiding Officer. Polling booths will be situated at the east and west sides of the chamber and the ballot box will be placed in the well. Members may vote only once in any round of voting.

Each candidate may appoint a scrutineer on his or her behalf to monitor the counting of votes by the clerks. Where there is only one candidate, a member may vote for or against that candidate or to abstain. Where there is more than one candidate, a Member may vote for one of those candidates or to abstain.

Where there are no more 2 candidates, one will be elected if he or she obtains a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, no candidate will be elected and a new round of voting will be held.

Where there are more than 2 candidates and where the votes for one candidate exceed the total number of votes for all the other candidates, that candidate shall be elected. Where no candidate obtains an overall majority, the candidate or candidates with the smallest number of votes will be eliminated and further rounds of voting will be held until a winning candidate is determined.

Sexual Offences (Procedure and Evidence) (Scotland) Bill

Amendments for Stage 2 of the Sexual Offences (Procedure and Evidence) (Scotland) Bill may be lodged with the clerks to the Justice 2 Committee, Gillian Baxendine, (Room 3.09 Committee Chambers, extn. 85054), Claire Menzies (Room 3.10, extn. 85320) or Fiona Groves (Room 3.10, extn. 85220). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments.

The first day of Stage 2 proceedings will be Wednesday 12 December and therefore the last day for lodging amendments for the 1st Marshalled List will be Monday 10 December. Amendments may be lodged until 4.30 pm on any sitting day, except on the last day when amendments may be lodged, when the deadline is 2.00 pm (Rule 9.10.2).