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Business Bulletin No. 160/2001

Wednesday 7 November 2001

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


Transport and the Environment Committee

9 November 2001

27th Meeting, 2001

The Committee will meet at 10.30 am in the Council Chamber, Aberdeen Town House, Aberdeen

1. Lines of Questioning (in private): The Committee will consider possible lines of questioning for the witnesses on the Water Industry (Scotland) Bill.

Not before 10.40 am

2. Item in Private: The Committee will consider whether to take item 6 in private.

3. Integrated Transport Issues in Aberdeen Area: The Committee will take evidence on integrated transport issues in Aberdeen and the surrounding area, and on Petition PE357 by Aberdeen City Council, from—

Councillor Len Ironside, Leader, Aberdeen City Council

Councillor Alison McInnes, Chair, Infrastructure Services Committee, Aberdeenshire Council

Ed Gillespie, Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise Grampian

Amanda Harvie, Chief Executive, Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

4. Subordinate Legislation: The Committee will consider the following negative instruments—

The Fossil Fuel Levy (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2001, (SSI 2001/335)

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2001, (SSI 2001/337).

5. Aquaculture Inquiry: The Committee will receive an interim report from the reporters on the Committee’s inquiry into aquaculture.

6. Aquaculture Inquiry: The Committee will consider possible witnesses on its inquiry into aquaculture.

Not before 12.45pm

7. Water Industry (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will take evidence at Stage 1 on the general principles of the Water Industry (Scotland) Bill from—

Alan Sutherland, Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland

Tim Hooton, Colin McLaren, and Dr Donald Reid, Scottish Executive Drinking Water Regulation Team

Patricia Henton (Chief Executive) and Tom Inglis (Head of Policy Co-ordination (Water)), Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Dr Jon Hargreaves (Chief Executive) and Councillor Robert Cairns (Chairman), East of Scotland Water Authority

Katharine Bryan (Chief Executive), Colin Rennie (Chairman), and Doug Sutherland (Director of Finance), North of Scotland Water Authority

Charlie Cornish (Chief Executive), West of Scotland Water Authority.