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Business Bulletin No. 153/2001

Monday 29 October 2001

Section I : Petitions lodged on 26 October 2001


PE412 Petition by Ms Elizabeth and Jane Allison Edmund calling for the Scottish Parliament to take the necessary steps to introduce the position of a Commissioner for Bullying in Scotland with powers to: (a) produce guidelines for the police and local authorities regarding bullying of and by children, (b) intervene in cases where the police and local authorities will take no action or where any action taken is not effective, (c) provide support and assistance to those affected by bullying and (d) investigate intimidation of those affected by bullying by local government, authorities and agencies and by the police.

PE413 by Mr George McAulay on behalf of UK Men's Movement calling for the Scottish Parliament to (a) recognise Parental Alienation Syndrome as a cruel and serious form of child and domestic abuse and to develop intervention strategies to prevent it (b) ensure that agencies coming into contact with children are given training in early diagnosis and prevention and in true gender neutrality; and (c) request that the Scottish Executive commission a study by a respected and neutral academic of PAS.

PE414 Petition by Mr S Philips calling for the Scottish Parliament to review the current planning system with the view to establishing a more effective and inexpensive system for individual citizens wishing to appeal against planning decisions.