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Business Bulletin No. 145/2001

Friday 5 October 2001

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


Amendments to Bills lodged on 4 October 2001

Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2

Section 1

Mr Mike Rumbles

1 In section 1, page 1, line 4, after <dog> insert <in the immediate pursuit of sport.

( ) For the purposes of subsection (1), a person acts in the pursuit of sport if that person acts solely or primarily in order to gain, or provide for others, pleasure or enjoyment from the activity>

After section 1

Mr Mike Rumbles

2 After section 1, insert-

<Exception: specified sports

A person does not contravene section 1(1) if that person-

(a) is participating in the sport of shooting or falconry, or

(b) is employed as a gamekeeper and is acting in the course of employment to protect game birds in relation to one of those sports.>

Section 2

Mr Mike Rumbles

3 Leave out section 2

Section 3

Mr Mike Rumbles

4 Leave out section 3

New Bills introduced or reprinted on 4 October 2001

Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Bill-The Bill was reprinted as passed. (SP Bill 30B) (Committee Bill)

Scottish Local Government (Elections) Bill-A Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament to provide for the synchronisation of the polls at local government elections with the polls at elections to the Scottish Parliament; to make some minor rectifications in enactments relating to the timing of elections; and to make provision in relation to the casting and counting of votes at, and the sending of election communications in connection with, local government elections. (SP Bill 38) (Executive Bill)

Introduced by: Angus MacKay

Explanatory Notes (and other accompanying documents) (SP Bill 38-EN) and a Policy Memorandum (SP Bill 38-PM) were printed to accompany the Bill.