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Thursday 17 May 2001




Decision Time

Members should be aware that this afternoon's Stage 1 debate on the Scottish Local Authorities (Tendering) Bill may conclude earlier than the currently scheduled time of 5 pm. Should this prove to be the case, a Parliamentary Bureau motion without notice will be taken to seek Parliament's approval to bring forward Decision Time.

Convention Rights (Compliance) (Scotland) Bill

A Business Motion (S1M-1939) has been lodged (see Section F) to take Stage 3 of the Convention Rights (Compliance) (Scotland) Bill on Wednesday 30 May. If that motion is agreed to by the Parliament, and given that the Office of the Clerk is closed on Friday 25 and Monday 28 May, the deadline for lodging amendments (under Rule 9.10.2A) will be 4.30 pm on Wednesday 23 May.

Amendments for Stage 3 should be lodged with the clerks to the Justice 1 Committee, Lynn Tullis (3.9 CC, x 85246), Alison Taylor (3.11 CC, x 85195) and Jenny Goldsmith (3.11 CC, x 85227). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments. Members should refer to Rule 17.4 for instructions on how amendments may be lodged.


The Parliamentary corporation has made the following determination under Rule 9A of the Standing Orders dealing with Private Bills. The determination is reproduced below. The Guidance on Private Bills, incorporating the text of this determination in draft form, was published on 18 April 2001. Copies are available from the Document Supply Centre.


The Parliamentary corporation has determined under Rules 9A.1.8 and 9A.6.5(e) the fees payable by promoters and objectors to a Private Bill. In addition the Parliamentary corporation has determined under Rule 9A.2.3(d)(vi) those matters for which promoters will require to give an undertaking to reimburse costs incurred by the Parliamentary corporation during the passage of the Private Bill.

Fees payable by a Promoter of a Private Bill

On introduction-

(a) if the Private Bill

(i) relates to charitable, religious, educational, literary or scientific
purposes whereby no private profit or advantage is derived, or

(ii) is promoted by a person other than a local authority; and is one from
which the Promoters appear unlikely to derive substantial personal
or corporate gain     

(b) in the case of any Private Bill not falling within paragraph (a) above

or corporate gain     

Fees payable by objectors

On lodging an objection 20

Matters for which Promoters will require to give an undertaking to pay costs incurred by the Parliamentary corporation:

  • printing and publication of Bill, accompanying documents and Private Bill Committee reports;
  • production, printing and publication of the Official Report of meetings of Private Bill Committees;
  • costs of hiring suitable venue for Private Bill Committee where the Committee meets outside the Parliament estate;
  • broadcasting of Private Bill Committee meeting
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