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Tuesday 20 March 2001




Education (Graduate Endowment and Student Support) (Scotland) (No.2) Bill - Stage 3

On 14 March, the Parliament agreed a motion to take Stage 3 of the Education (Graduate Endowment and Student Support) (Scotland) (No.2) Bill on Thursday 29 March. The last day for lodging amendments for Stage 3 will therefore be 5.30 pm on Tuesday 27 March.

Amendments should be lodged with the Clerk to the Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee, Simon Watkins (Room 2.7 Committee Chambers, extn. 85207) or Linda Orton, Assistant Clerk (Room 2.7 extn. 85230). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments. Members should refer to Rule 17.4 for instructions on how amendments may be lodged


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