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Monday 26 February 2001

Section I - Petitions lodged on 22 February 2001



The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament between 16 and 23 February 2001

PE341 Petition by Mr Martin Barnet on behalf of the Student Representative Council of Craigmount High School, Edinburgh, calling for the Scottish Parliament to abolish mandatory unit assessments in Scottish schools.

PE342 Petition by Mr Neil Kay calling for the Scottish Parliament to (a) consider framing national guidelines for school closures that are at least as fair and comprehensive as those adopted in England, and (b) ask councils to consider deferring decisions on any school closures until these new guidelines have been established.

PE343 Petition by Mrs Thea Rae calling for the Scottish Parliament to review and amend the existing law pertaining to contracts between building companies and their clients.

PE344 Petition by Ms Thelma McCaffery on behalf of the Highland Movement Against Water Fluoridation calling for the Scottish Parliament to institute a research programme into the effects of fluoride in water supplies on the human body.

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