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Tuesday 21 November 2000

Section F - Motions and Amendments



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)


*S1M-1376 Mr Mike Rumbles on behalf of the Standards Committee: Recommendations of the Standards Committee, 4th Report 2000—That the Parliament agrees the recommendations of the Standards Committee, as set out in its 4th Report 2000, on the investigation of complaints, the appointment of a Standards Commissioner and other matters.

*S1M-1375 Karen Whitefield: Airdrieonians FC—That the Parliament congratulates Airdrieonians Football Club on its recent success in winning the Bells Challenge Cup Final, recognises the important role that Airdrieonians FC and other community based clubs play in sustaining and developing community spirit and, in light of its recent financial difficulties, wishes Airdrieonians FC and its fans continued success.

*S1M-1374 Irene McGugan: Children's Rights—That the Parliament notes the publication by the Scottish Alliance on Children’s Rights of the report All Children, All Ages which highlights that, although Her Majesty's Government signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991, many of the 54 separate international standards are not being complied with, that children’s basic human rights are being consistently disregarded and that many of the problems highlighted in the report are caused by poverty and social deprivation, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to give serious consideration to the findings and recommendations within the report, principally that a Children’s Commissioner for Scotland should be appointed to ensure that children’s rights are a central consideration in any new legislation, that children themselves should have a voice in policy making, that serious consideration be given to a ban on physical punishment and that there be specific and immediate actions to alleviate poverty as well as long- term targets.

*S1M-1373 Angus MacKay: Renewing Local Government Finance—That the Parliament welcomes the improvements in the local government finance system proposed by the Executive and agrees that this will provide greater stability and improve accountability and will contribute to the Executive’s aims of revitalising government and ensuring better local services and tax stability for the citizens of Scotland.

Supported by: Peter Peacock*

*S1M-1372 Angus MacKay: Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Bill - Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Bill, agrees to any increase attributable to that Act in the sums payable out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund by or under any other Act.

*S1M-1371 Dorothy-Grace Elder: Tribute to the Reverend Adrian Rennie—That the Parliament pays tribute to the outstanding, devoted and passionate work for Scottish causes carried out by the late Reverend Adrian Rennie of Drylaw Parish Church who has died at the age of 37, having lavished his time and energy upon work for the people of Scotland, ignoring courageously his lifelong heart condition; wishes his family to know how deeply he touched the lives of many, whether from his devoted service to the Iona Community, his church work in the East End of Glasgow, his burning concern for world peace, his chairmanship of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament or his invaluable aid in setting up the Parliament’s Cross Party Anti-Nuclear Group, and wishes to record that in his brief lifespan he achieved more in the fight for social justice than many spared for decades more and proved by his blithe spirit and sparkling humour that human goodness such as his does not equate with dullness.

S1M-1368# Drug Assisted Sexual Assualt (lodged on 17 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Brian Adam*

S1M-1366# "Couping" of Clydesdale Horses (lodged on 16 November 2000) Mr Murray Tosh*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1365# Cosmetic Shoeing on Clydesdale Horses (lodged on 16 November 2000) Mr Murray Tosh*, Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1363# Let's Keep It Safe (lodged on 15 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1362# Dangerous and Careless Driving (lodged on 15 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1360 Inverkeithing's Park-and-Ride Facility (lodged on 15 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1349# Prisoners Of War - Too Little, Too Late (lodged on 14 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Brian Adam*

S1M-1348# Neurology Services (lodged on 14 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1347# Access to NHS Dental Services in Grampian (lodged on 14 November 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-1344 Ayr United Planning Application (lodged on 13 November 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-1341# Energy Review (lodged on 10 November 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-1330 Support for Rome Declaration (lodged on 9 November 2000) Mr Murray Tosh*

S1M-1319# Mesothelioma (lodged on 6 November 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-1270 Dere Street (lodged on 23 October 2000) Mr Murray Tosh*

S1M-1263# Caledonian MacBrayne (lodged on 16 October 2000) Mr Murray Tosh*

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